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Chapter 86: Participating with Anonymous Identity

After leaving the restaurant, Felix rode his car and drove back home in irritation over wasting his time with a lost cause.

Prove himself? He scoffed as he drove speedily in the main road, heading towards his house. She honestly thought that she was worthy of having him a primogenitor bloodline user, bow his head to her brother to get his approval for her hand?

He laughed in ridicule at her farfetched fantasy. In his eyes, the only one worthy enough for him to try that hard was a girl that had Asna's beauty and not her shitty personality, as for other females? forget it.

They wouldn't even be able to catch up to him, even if he slowed his bloodline advancement. The moment he chose this path, his destiny to find a human woman compatible with him was already doomed.

His love interest got limited to only a few races that were worthy of being by his side in his long journey. As for others? To put it heartlessly, they were merely burdens.

This was why Felix only searched for a nightstand to ease his desire, but never a full commitment. Plus Felix had literally billions of secrets to hide, so how was he supposed to do so while being in a relationship? He honestly didn't want to lie every day to his woman. Such a toxic relationship he wanted none of.

'Might as well hunt in clubs or bars and stop bothering with those princess' mentality types.' He thought to himself while parking his car in the garage.

A few minutes later, Felix sat in the living room with his leg above the other while clicking on a holographic screen in front of him with a serious expression.

After a while, he finished and called for the queen. "I am done filling in the information form, you can apply for my participation now."

"Sir Felix, are you certain that you want to apply using an anonymous persona?" She asked.

"Yes please, I want all of my private information to be blocked from everyone." He nodded his head and said, "Also, add that I won't accept interviews during the games."

"As you wish, sir Felix."

A few seconds later, she informed him that his application had been successfully approved by the SGA.

"I suggest for you to reread the rules sir if you planned to join the games now." She advised with good intentions.

"Thank you queen, But I am already familiar with them, so there is no need." He smiled.

"Alright Sir, good luck on the games."

Felix nodded his head and opened his profile interface. He kept scrolling down the basic info until he stopped at a ]New Game[ button that was at the very bottom of the page. He pressed it and was transferred to a web page that had a big green button in the middle that said ]Start[.

"Hopefully, my first game is not a puzzle."

A bit nervous, his finger shakily approached the button and clicked on it softly. Immediately after, a colorful wheel with tens of game formats, ranging from battles, puzzles, sports, tournaments, vehicles, lifestyle competitions, and more of such formats written on it, started to span rapidly in front of him.

Focused, Felix crossed his arms while squinting his eyes, trying to spot one format from the blurry multicolored wheel.

Sadly, that was merely wishful thinking. So, he stopped bothering and said with anticipation. "Stop!"

Instantly, the wheel started to slow down its speed gradually.

Ting Ting Ting...

The wheel's needle kept passing one format after the other. Felix leaned closer to the wheel with a hopeful expression. His eyes kept focusing on the needle that was about to stop on battles format.

"Yes! Yes!... Ye. No!! NOO! Stoop! F*ck you!!" Desperate, he screamed at the needle that was about to pass the battle format. Sadly, it didn't stop as he wished for, but it kept going for two more inches before stopping completely.


]Congratulation on picking vehicle format[

"What dog shit luck is this?" He huffed in anger after seeing the format he always prayed to pick in his past life due to his trashy bloodline but rarely obtained.

However now, he hated the mere sight of it, simply because of the many variables that could affect his condition to ace the game. Currently, his strength was adequate to destroy anyone in 1 vs. 1 to even 1 vs. 5.

Hence, he preferred those kinds of combat formats that would highlight his strengths, specifically battles format. Not this kind of game that relied on exterior skills than one owns bloodline abilities.

After a while, he sighed with a gloomy expression and pressed the start button on the next wheel that was displaying hundred of different vehicle games. Some he had knowledge of, while some he had absolutely no idea how to play them.

Hopeful, he prayed with folded hands for a game he knows and stopped the wheel from rolling any further.

Just like before, the wheel slowed down gradually until the needle froze on a game called ]Hover Cars Death Race[

Without doing anything, a long list of the game's details unfolded before Felix automatically.

// Game Format: Vehicle Racing.

Game Name: Hover Cars Death Race

Participants Number: 40 (Still increasing)

Race Laps Number: 3

Vehicles Types: A Standard hovercar (Can be modified within the game interface.)

The integration allowed: From lesser purity to peak stage 1 of replacement.

Ranks allowed: Bronze and Silver.

Race Map: Based on Solaria Planet.

Hidden Addition: Yes.

Prize Pool: High-grade stones, Peak Grade Stones, Beautifying Flower, Instant Recovery Potion.....Purity Fountain Drop.

Rules of the game:

1) Abilities Allowed.

2) Assisting others is allowed/ Killing is allowed.

3) The first to finish 3 laps wins the game.

4) Game Points can be earned by eliminating players. (200 GP each)

5) Vehicle placement within the starting line is random.

6) The game doesn't have a time limit.

For more information please open your SG profile Interface.

Good luck to all participants.//

Felix read the entire list causally until he saw the purity fountain drop. He raised an eyebrow in surprise and said, "They actually added a gold rank and above reward in bronze and silver?! This must be the doing of the surprise addition." Soon, he shrugged his shoulders, "Whatever, no matter what they change or add, I must win this game for my placements."

He was quite pleased by this game, as at least he had the necessary skills to play it. If it was a different vehicle like a spaceship, he honestly would just give up before the game even began.

Good luck was always needed during game choosing. Otherwise, even Felix with nutty bloodline and abilities would be hopeless in lifestyle competitive games. After all, how the f*ck was he supposed to win a cooking match off when he couldn't even boil an egg?

Although it wouldn't be purely cooking competition since this was the SG platform, but cooking would still have a major role into winning that game.

The reason why games were being chosen like some lottery ticket, was to keep everything random and fair. Ultimately, this was the individual games.

if they allowed players to choose their game, they could also bring with them either goons or friends to join forces against their contenders.

It was not like alliances weren't allowed in the games or anything, but those alliances and partnerships were fragile and end mostly every time in betrayal, that was exactly what people wanted to watch. However, allying with real friends was a different matter entirely.

Hence, The SGA rules committee came up with this method of making the format random and the game random in order to block players with friendly relationships to meet up in the same game. But, if it still happened. Well, good for them, their luck must have been godly to do so.

Felix swiped the list to the side and clicked on his personal interface to see how his personal details were filled after deciding to go full anonymous.

He knew that he couldn't risk others finding out that he was in lesser purity but with 2 passives and 2 active abilities, not to mention the primogenitor bloodline he merged with.

No one could handle the chaos that would arise after this information went public. Felix reviewed his interface with satisfaction.

// Picture: ???

Name: Unpaid Landlord_6996

Age: ???

Address: ???

Integration Level: ???

Rank: Unranked (Play the 4 placement games to get ranked, the more you win the higher the rank you will place at)

Unique Titles Collected: 000

MVP Titles Collected: 000

Games Played: 000

Wins: 000

Losses: 000

Win streak: 000

Loss Streak: 000

Eliminations: 000

Game Points Collected: 000//

"Hehehe!" Felix chuckled lightly at the name he picked, as he chose it specifically to make fun of Asna who was living in his consciousness like a tenant.

He then clicked on ]Current Game[ button and the details that were not mentioned before were presented vividly.

Such as, the 5 days preparation duration that's given in each game, the time when the game starts, the streaming revenue he would be earning as a player, the history and images of the solaria planet, and more of such detailed information.

After he finished reading the important stuff, he moved on to the vehicle customization interface.

Immediately after clicking on it, he was greeted by a hologram displaying a standard white smooth hovercar that was rotating slowly above a platform.

Felix pinched the car and enlarged it on his holographic screen. He then clicked on the roof, hood, doors, and replaced them with thick defensive counterparts.

Afterward, he replaced the bumpers with a fierce-looking serpent jaw that had two medium-sized launchers connected with the inside of the car.

Felix rotated the car and scanned it thoroughly. Then he decided to add two more hidden launchers at the back of the car and stopped his exterior modifications.

Next, he clicked on the interior and placed some items that might prove useful later on. But most importantly, he changed the driving operating system to resembles earthling's one that had two pedals. One for acceleration and the other for brakes.

He didn't go full manual by adding the clutch and the stick, simply because he would not just be focusing on driving, but even more so on fighting and defending from others. So, an automatic driving system was more fit for this race.

Afterward, he stopped the modifications, as no matter how much stuff he added, when the game begins his car would be stripped naked until its design gets rebalanced.

Thus, it was better to modify moderately than to lose important parts during the rebalancing period, leaving only useless ones.

Felix clicked save and moved to colors and dyes.

Without further ado, he chose 60% green, 30% purple, and lastly 10% dark, he then pressed the ]mix button[.

A moment later, a random combination of the three colors dyed the standard car, turning it into a badass looking serpent with its frontal jaw wide-open ready to devour anything.

Satisfied with this version, Felix didn't continue mixing the colors anymore, he just pressed save and closed the interface while yawning with a hand covering his mouth.

After getting everything done, he immediately went to sleep.

Tomorrow was a big day for him. He would test drive this car in his training room using a Solaria Planet based environment to practice thoroughly.

After all, That's what those 5 days of preparation were for.

Chapter 86: Participating with Anonymous Identity
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