Supremacy Games
Chapter 89: Felix's Victory, Yet at What Cost?

Asna almost spat blood on his face after hearing him disparage her beauty to such a degree. She never expected not in a million years to receive such a lackluster reaction to her beauty that she took pride in. She looked at his slight smug smile and wanted nothing more but to bash his face with her elbow.

However, she suppressed her anger and continued her plan. If he thought that was all she had in her pocket, he would be dead wrong.

She suddenly felt faint and leaned on his body. She laid her head on his chest and started to breathe softly with flushed cheeks.

Felix caught her between his arms and said in irritation, "I know what you are doing Asna, but you can stop now. You won't be able to charm me no matter what."

He looked at her quivering eyelashes with a warm smile and said, "After all, your age is 20 million years old or above."

Asna instantly froze in his arms like an electric shock coursed through her body after hearing him mention her damned age.

But Felix did not stop hitting her where it hurts, as he added with a disheartened tone, "To actually try to seduce a 17 years old kid while you are as old as the universe. You truly make me look down on you Asna." He patted her stiff shoulders gently and promised, "Don't worry; this will not affect our partnership. After all, everyone has flaws."

After seeing that she wasn't responding to anything, neither his words nor his touch, he carried her stiff body and put her in the bed. He pulled the blanket up until only her deadpan face was left in the open.

Afterward, he squatted next to her face and popped her nose affectionately with his finger. "It was good seeing you at last, Asna. Even though I expected an old hag, I have to say." He paused for a bit as he saw a small shimmer was still burning in her eyes. He offered the warmest smile he could muster and said, "My expectations were not off the mark."

Asna's last shimmer died instantly at his brutal remark. She just continued to lay on the bed motionless with her yellowish eyes darkened.

Felix closed her eyelids with two fingers like he was doing it to a corpse. Then, he exited the consciousness with a satisfied smirk on his face.

In this battle, he emerged victorious over Asna. All of his preparations and defense building was for this moment. He wanted to utterly shatter any future attempts by Asna on him.

He didn't want to be teased and harassed each time he visited his consciousness.

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Hell, if he wasn't this heavy-handed on her, the next time he pays her a visit, Asna would probably welcome him wearing sexy lingerie in her bed to seduce him and manipulate him. God knows how long his rationality would last before his primal instinct takes over and force him to do things he would regret.

But now she wouldn't dare do so anymore after being called a grandma who was trying to seduce a kid.

Felix wanted to have a normal conversation with her, but that wouldn't happen if she kept doing those shenanigans.

So, the only solution was to hit her most prized beauty heartlessly until she would question either his manhood or that her perfect beauty was flawed somehow.

Still, mentioning her true age was a salty move he wasn't proud of. Alas, what's done is done. Felix only hoped that it was worth it.


Four days quickly passed by, as Felix spent them wholly on doing only one thing, and that was to practice in his room until he dropped in the ground exhausted.

Meanwhile, Nora always tried to strike a conversation by following him everywhere like a puppy.

But, Felix ignored all of her attempts and even blocked her ID chat after getting spammed with her messages.

Nora's extreme methods to approach Felix began to raise some weird rumors on the floor. The men believed that Felix did her and stopped caring about her. While the girls gossiped that Nora fell for Felix but he was not interested in her.

The only one in the club who had a different opinion about this farce was the giant leader, Nora's brother.

He believed that his dear sister was bullied by Felix and he must break his jewels to set an example for others in the club.

Unfortunately, he never found a good chance to confront Felix without appearing as a bully. After all, he was a peak stage 2 bloodliner, while Felix was assumed to be at peak stage 1 in his opinion.

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Days went by, and he kept watching his sister following Felix everywhere like his maid without being able to do anything about it.

One could only imagine the bolted rage inside of him currently, simply waiting for the day it would explode on Felix without giving a crap about the consequences.

That day was approaching, as the only thing left was the fuse to light up the giant.

Meanwhile, Asna cut off the connection between them completely and never spoke again. Felix expected as much from her.

It would be weird if she didn't throw some kind of tantrum after he brought her to dirt from her high superiority seat.

But, he didn't care currently if she remained offline since he already reached 100% affinity enhancement long ago, while his bloodline integration had reached a dead end after not finding any Jörmungandr essence in the previous bloodlines he purchased.

So, he decided to give her time to cool off until he pays her another visit and see if she was going to have a normal conversation with him or try to charm him again.


Felix stood in front of the mirror while changing his current disguise to another one that would be exclusively used for the games.

He already spent 3 hours, but still was not satisfied with the results.

He was taking this seriously because he knew that it was a totally different matter from having a random face in the UVR.

This face would accompany him through his entire journey in the individual games. And the SGA would pay him hefty sums of SC in each game based on his reputation and popularity within the audience.

Thus, he must choose an image that would bring him the highest amount of revenue while still not releasing any private information about him.

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He wasn't planning on going a full-fledged Idol like the majority of the SG Idol type players. However, he would be a fool to miss such free money coming his way. He knew that in his bloodline path, every coin mattered.

Felix stopped bothering with random creations and decided to search in the VR network engine for a face to replicate slightly.

]Who is handsome to the point it's deadly and addictive?[

He imputed this question in the search bar, and immediately got millions of results. He studied the faces of those handsome men and kept clicking his tongue in wonder at how many potions and treasures they had to eat to appear like this.

But still, he didn't find that X factor that would set him apart from the other players. A factor that only a few people had, such as Asna. Abruptly, his eyes shone with delight after imagining Asna's face and comparing it with those men.

He found out that their beauty, which they spent billions of coins on, looked dog shit compared to Asna's natural face.

Without further ado, he asked out loud in his mind. "Asna mind letting me use your face as a mold for my disguise?"

Yet, he received no response. He expected as much from her.

"If you don't replay back in three seconds I will take it as your approval!"

"Three! Two! Two and a half! One! One and a half, One and quarter! Almost one!"

With a serious voice, he kept counting backward slowly until he reached zero, yet Asna still didn't reply.

Felix began to feel a little bit spooked about her silence. He felt that based on her character she would definitely use this chance to counter-attack his previous claim of saying that he saw a better beauty than her. After all, why bother asking for her face if there were better-looking people than her, right?

But she didn't, which was uncanny to Felix. He checked the time on his AP bracelet and saw that there was still one hour before he gets teleported to the game hall. So, he decided to reenter his consciousness and check on her situation.

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Inside the consciousness lake, in the mist made mansion...

Speechless and bewildered, Felix stared at Asna, who returned to her flame spirit form and was hovering above the bed slightly. He knew that she was going to throw a tantrum, but he never realized it would be this bad.

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