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Dojolink 1
Chapter 556 11 hours ago

I dropped this novel at chapter 556. I only gave it this long because of how highly reviewed it was and how it seems to be the authors first novel. I feel like this novel has potential, but the absurd levels of plot armor and handholding really limit it. I love the idea of what is essentially a deadly universal Olympics, and the human bloodline power system has always been a favorite of mine. But that's about all i can praise, Felix is the most handheld character I've ever read. The author tends to hide the abilities he gets till they are used, rarely telling us the names of them keeping us in suspense till finally they are revealed and kill everyone. From here out is a spoiler that I am warning about: Asna has the power to act as a sort of secondary battery for Felix giving him WAY more energy than he should have (at the cost of energy stones) so of course now that she is being taken away, the Sphinx is NOW deciding to make potions to increase his energy capacity. This is not long after Felix just got a MASSIVE boost in physical strength. Sure there are bets on the line, but why cant the person who can claim to understand 20% of the universe just do it all at once. . . especially since the energy problem needed to be fixed anyways for his new upcoming power (at least to my understanding). Back to Asna though, she is obnoxious (prolly supposed to get better as the author seems to be writing her as a potential love interest) 90% of the time she is just laughing at Felix being in pain, complaining about not having movies to watch, or avoiding genuine questions that would help with world building. The other 10% is during games where she just became useless with Felix getting a memory upgrade. . . She is able to read Felix's memories and all the memories of the greedy schmucks that found where she was imprisoned before she ate their souls. There are other small issues such as the grammatical problems in the first 50-100 chapters that aren't that big of a deal. There are probably other problems that I had that I cant really remember right this moment so they aren't that important.

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Peterweahlight 5
Chapter 138 2 days ago

A very addictive novel , the only flaw it has is grammatical error in the first 50chapters , the author ( God bless him) have immensely improved, my fellow readers I recommend you read this novel it's like a combination of hunger games , swallowed start and solo leveling you won't be disappointed the comedy isn't cliché but very good , what I can say about the novel can't put it in words because it's very large but what I can tell u is to read the first hundred chapters and get your mind blown away

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1nstant 2
Chapter 1455 17 days ago

You have to read this. It's a great novel with interesting and differentiated arcs and a unique world style/build. The MC is likeable, cunning, and most importantly acts like a real person not some goofy fictional character. The Sci fi elements are interesting and unique especially when every other novel I find is set in a boring medieval setting.

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GioGio 7
Chapter 973 20 days ago

Im gonna make my review short. I have read 1000 chapter at the moment, and while lord of the mysteries and reverend insanity might be of better quality and better writing, this is the most fun light novel i have read. If it becomes boring to read give it a few chapters and it will be fun again. This is probably my favorite, simply because of how fun it actually is! đź’Ż Writing: 8/10 Characters: 9. 5/10 Plot: 9. 5/10 Epic moments: 10/10 Personal enjoyment: 11/10

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GriffithXCasca 8
Chapter 168 24 days ago

A very Good novel clearly Surpasses top5, 6, Great Mc, sometimes relatable and sometimes not, Side characters are actually not that bad i'm hoping it improves later on, Plot line is Great, it has so many potentials, the World is Top-notch, the World building is Good, the Pacing is Good, the Fights are Great, Perfect Comedy, i always laugh my *ss loud for me the Writing style is Great, Very unique Story and it's Power system too, Anyways i would have Rate it 4. 8 if i could, Very good Novel🔥

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Marc1 17
Chapter 520 24 days ago

Overall a great novel with very good ideas. The power system and world building is done very well. And the personality of the protagonist is also quite enjoyable. Humor is amazing. Only thing to criticize is that the author could take more time to properly finish one aspect before starting new ones left and right. Sometimes its feels like the author has so many ideas, that he rushes to include them into the story instead of probably finishing one arc/concept and focusing on really optimizing it. So this is missing out on potential, but still very entertaining.

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3COD3R 4
Chapter 1404 29 days ago

It is one of my favorite reads and yes it was a good read. It was a new experience of futuristic cultivation, genetic evolution and virtual galactic battles. I have to accumulate chapters especially now that Felix is ​​in the spirit realm my expectations are high

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Cramtion 2
Chapter n/a 29 days ago

My personal rating for this novel is 3/5 stars. The reason being Felix's insane plot armor/luck. He does 35% of the work, and plot armor does the rest. This is a good novel, and I understand why people like to read it, but it just isn't something I'd personally like as I can't stand the plot armor and I'm saying this after reading 1200 chapters,

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  • Sla2ar 3

    Not to mention he is a whale (3rd generation uber rich overlord on Earth) He is not only lucky, but he get luckier and luckier all for no good reason. He was born in golden spoon and now everything is served in silver platter. Also, he is unlikeable

    • Cramtion 2

      Yeah, like i’m not saying he can’t be arrogant and stuff but he’s had little to know struggle. he also manages to know every single spot where the important treasure is in the game, and it’s all attributed to his past life and asna which is stupid because it was stated he wasn’t that proficient in the supremacy games in his previous life and asna apparently knows everything and that’s mostly explained on her devouring souls and stuff which is stupid because you’re telling me all these important people came to her specifically??

Tranger 3
Chapter 1445 29 days ago

Currently this novel can be broken into 2 parts, the "supremacy games (mega/like 4 arcs combine) arc" and the "Post supremacy games arc"(current arc that's getting written as we speak). If I had the rate the first mega arc it would be easily 5/5, this lasts until like chapter 1378ish, you'll know when once you get there. The start of the novel is a bit weak for the first like 10-20 chapters but easily balloons out of proportion. MC and the majority of the side characters are well written and develop nicely. The world building is extremely solid. There is romance throughout the story but it's not the focal point. The actual "supremacy game" chapters are always a treat to read, the MC is super smart, cunning and the fight scenes are very detailed. Power scaling is very good until the current arc, we'll need to see how the author develops it more. What got me personally super disheartened is the current arc that's going on, I suggest waiting/stacking another 100-200 chapters (as of 1448) before you start reading the new arc (stop reading at chapter 1378). This is of course without spoiling anything major at all, just know the story changes like crazy. Personally, I hate when a story changes a lot without there being anything to read, so if you get disheartened easily like me, I'd just stop at chapter 1378 and wait until another 100-200 chapters are written (around the 1500-1600 range). You of course could just raw-dog it up to whatever the current chapter is too like I did but if I had the knowledge/choice id have waited. Overall the first mega arc is 5/5 easily, the 2nd half is like 4/5 rn with just 80 chapters deep.

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Yukarsh_Teravolt 6
Chapter 644 one month ago

My personal rating for this webnovel is 4 out of 5 stars. I think it is a captivating and original story that keeps me hooked with its suspenseful and unpredictable scenarios. I like the protagonist’s personality and growth, as well as the romance and comedy aspects of the story. I also enjoy the author’s creativity and imagination in creating various formats and games. The only drawback for me is that some chapters are too repetitive and predictable, which can make the story boring at times. However, this is also a matter of personal preference and taste. Overall, I think “Supremacy Games” is a webnovel worth reading for fans of sci-fi, antihero protagonists, and system novels. It is a thrilling and entertaining story that will make you want to read more.

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