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Chapter 1 yesterday

Greatest story on the planet (in sci-fi genre). Go read it now. Also, go to the author’s discord and spam “moar chapters”! Oh, you guys can also go to webnovel and spam “moar chapters” there too. Get me more chapters, goddammit!

Chapter 1 3 days ago

Starting a story with "My ass is on fire" was already bad enough, but it gets only worse, use of "scared shitless" is jarring, description of "beauty" is disgusting, "Oh fresh souls to possess? Not Bad" is not how any people talk no matter how old or weird, it's like "interesting" reply used by bad authors when they don't know how their character should react and instead they just say the most stupid thing they can "interesting", especially when it's not interesting at all and pretty much inconsequential, ugh. I had a bad feeling from the first line and it doesn't seem like it'll get any better. I don't know how people can rate it so high. I'll give it another chance and read next chaptert but i'm very doubtful it'll change anything. Author has a urine fetish (2nd chapter) i'm out.

Chapter 1061 5 days ago

One of the best novel i ever read. . . He get Op but well balance. . Get details on how he get op. . How he strangle to get power. . So far so good i don't know how I past 1000ch. . MC is badass but not psychopath who goes killing without a single purpose. . . Give it a try and u won't regret it. . . It have romance a little. . But no harem so far and think he will not have harem. . So if u haven't read yet give it a try. . . Worth ur time

Chapter 587 9 days ago

I just love this novel. The power system is unique and the world building is amazing. The fight scenes are one of my favourites and the side characters are like actual people. The story could get a little bit slow at times but the games are hype af. Just give it a chance and make your own opinion about it rather than asking someone if it's bad or good.

Chapter 1065 11 days ago

One of the greatest novels i´v read, it´s definitly worth reading! The slower pacing in the Games gives them so much deatails und tension. Plus i love it that he later is extremly op in comparision to his peers but still has a long way before him and fights are still interesting.

Chapter 1063 12 days ago

Worth the read. It may start slow put once it picks up you’re in for a ride. This is an amazing novel if you give it the chance. Although here and there the chapters feel long it’ll always be worth it in the end.

Chapter 1062 13 days ago

5/5 For me even after 1000 chapters it's still interesting ya the first 100ish chapters are a bit slow. ( I thought they were fine and interesting my op tho ) But keep pushing on my friends because what awaits you is one of the best novels on this site.

Chapter 1061 14 days ago

Just enjoy the author smartness, good grammar and ofc good storyline. Hope you all enjoy what the author provide us, and make this novel a manga or anime. Hehe

Chapter 1062 14 days ago

It’s a great story. Protagonist is smart, a d the action scenes are great to read. When one of the games ends, there’s so much satisfaction in the way it ends

Chapter 1059 16 days ago

Awesome novel, I can’t get enough of it. The only problem I have is the author choice of vocabulary. He says in a jiffy and some other words way too much. It bothers me and breaks the immersion every time I see it. Another thing is the lack of exploration of other game modes. Like it’s pretty much always puzzle or battle or sport. Also his love with his gf felt a little bit forced at one point and then it smooths over. Good thing about this novel is unique system,