Supreme Emperor of Swords
Chapter 885: Hello

During that process, some Kings of Giant Beasts sent emissaries to form an alliance with the Celestial Tribe, hoping to coexist peacefully.

The Kings of Giant Beasts had long life spans and terrifying strength. They also had the wisdom that was not inferior to human beings. Originally, they didn't take the scattered human tribes seriously. However, in the past half a year, they finally lowered their proud heads and were willing to start a dialogue after realizing how powerful the Celestial Tribe was.

It was an excellent piece of news.

Ding Hao accepted the olive branches offered by those Kings of Giant Beats without hesitation.

Those giant beasts had lived in the Ocean Forest for countless years, knowing the forest better than any tribe. They could be said to be the most indigenous creatures in the forest. It would be of great benefit to the future of the Celestial Tribe if it had a good relationship with these local villains.

Shan Xiong and the marshals of the five areas didn't expect such a good thing to happen.

Previously, when they were still loose tribes, the Kings of Giant Beats in the forest did not even need to take the tribes seriously. When the kings were in a bad mood, they could send the beasts to destroy a tribe easily. Now, however, they were actually taking the initiative to sue for peace. It was something that no one had even dared to imagine in the past.

Indeed, the powerful ones were worshiped.

Now, the Celestial Tribe finally had the right to start the dialogue with the Kings of Giant Beasts.

Naturally, Ding Hao refused to let go of such a good opportunity. After much bargaining, dozens of Kings of Giant Beats agreed to trade with the Celestial Tribe.

The power of giant beasts came from inheritance and bloodline awakening, so they could not refine weapons and elixirs. Therefore, the elixirs and weapons refined by the Human Clan were coveted by many giant beasts, especially the armors tailored for giant beasts, which could greatly enhance their combat capabilities.

All kinds of fighting beasts under the command of those giant beasts were also the companions coveted by physical cultivators of the tribe, especially some flying fierce beasts that could perfectly make up for not being able to fly in the void for a long time due to the lack of Qi cultivation. In the past, many tribes had tried to catch some cubs and raised them as pets, hoping that they could become combat partners when they grew up. However, such experiments could only succeed when the ordinary cubs were involved. Those giant beast cubs with magical bloodlines were very difficult to get. Even if they got them, they would starve to death, disdaining to become human pets at all. What was worse, it would cause a catastrophe when the Kings of Giant Beats got angry.

Now that the trade was underway, there was a chance of exchanges and communications between the two parties.

In the first few negotiations, in order to show their sincerity, both sides made concessions. Ding Tianshuang got a cub of a pure-blooded white tigress, and that cub got Precious Weapons – a set of armor and weapons personally refined by Ding Hao.

"Meow. Hello." Evil Moon, the Fat Cat, looked at the little white tigress and felt that it looked a little familiar. Why did it look like Evil Moon when it was young?

"Howl!" The little white tigress was born with noble blood. Of course, it did not have a good impression of the Fat Cat that was smiling cunningly to it. It roared twice with disdain.

The little fellow was only extremely affectionate and dependent on its little master, Ding Tianshuang.

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"Meow, how dare you ignore me? Let Evil Moon teach you how to be a cat!" Evil Moon showed its sharp claws and tiny canine teeth, looking malicious.

"Howl!" The little white tigress protested angrily. It was a white tigress, a divine beast, not a cat.

"Little cat, you're really annoying. Don't scare my pet!" To protect her pet, Ding Tianshuang grabbed Evil Moon by its tail and threw it out.

"Alas, I'm so pitiful. When the little white tigress wasn't here, you said that I was cute and adorable. Now you abandoned the old for the new and said that I was annoying. My life is really tragic. I don't have the rights of a cat at all…" Evil Moon expressed that its feelings were seriously hurt.

"Howl!" The little white tigress also roared, apparently dissatisfied with the name "pet".

This time, the exchange was a good start.

In the following period of time, there were trades between the Celestial Tribe and more than twenty Kings of Giant Beats. Ding Hao's guard camp of Celestial Master was completely equipped with Wind Beast Mounts. They traveled tens of thousands of miles a day and their mobility was greatly improved.

In addition, there were also Falcon Beasts that were good at reconnaissance, tiny Silver Birds that could fly extremely fast and could send messages, and Illusionary Beasts that were good at setting up illusionary formations…

It was eye-opening for Ding Hao himself.

All sorts of wild beasts were welcomed by the Celestial Tribe. During a period, many experts of the Celestial Tribe were proud to have a divine beast as a companion.

In the Ocean Forest, the barbaric place that various forces had overlooked, an emerging force was developing vigorously. It was simply advancing by leaps and bounds with each passing day.

One day, the great army coming out of the Ocean Forest would make the entire continent tremble with fear.

Another month after the patrol.

Ding Hao calmed down and started another secluded cultivation.

He wanted to achieve the balance between labor and leisure.

He couldn't stop cultivation at any time.

On that day, the place where Ding Hao was focusing on secluded cultivation suddenly burst into boundless radiance. The light was as crystal clear as jade. Strange phenomena emerged between heaven and earth and the faint chanting of gods could be heard in the void. The auspicious Qi all over the sky spread throughout the entire Mountain Gate of Fortune. Shocking force emanated from the place for secluded cultivation like the tide.

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All people of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect were shocked.

"That's… That's where Great Martial Uncle Ding Hao is conducting secluded cultivation!"

"This kind of strange phenomenon is incredible. Great Martial Uncle Ding must have broken through again. What realm has he entered this time?"

"How powerful the force is! In front of it, I feel as weak as an ant in the ocean…"

The disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect discussed with surprise.

"That's… the power of Qi in the Sage Realm…" Wang Juefeng stood at the top of the floating peak and looked in Ding Hao's direction with a look of ecstasy. "Haha, what a freak! The first master in the Sage Realm has finally appeared in our Swordsmanship-seeking Sect! Hahahaha!"

"Has Brother Hao finally reached the Sage Realm? Sure enough, he is still the top master in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect." Li Yiruo, who was standing by the Divine Lake of the Mountain Gate of Fortune, showed a smile on her face.

"Hey, quack!" The little dolphin Adorable wagged its tail and shouted happily in the lake. Now its whole body had turned golden, and fine golden scales had grown on its body. In addition to being adorable and cute, it was more powerful than before.

The dolphin that Li Yiruo had obtained in the Sage Battlefield had a mysterious background, and the bubbles it spat out were extremely terrifying. At the moment, it could even easily trap a superior at the Half-step Sage Realm. After arriving at the Land of Divine Grace, its strength had also been growing rapidly.

At that moment, countless people in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect looked at the place where Ding Hao conducted his secluded cultivation.

Several streams of light streaked across the sky and landed in front of the cave of Ding Hao's secluded cultivation.

They were exactly Li Lan, Li Yiruo, Zhang Xiaofan, Zhong Dajun, and others.

The mists enshrouded everything, making the world a wonderland.

The door of the cave opened with the rumble, and Ding Hao walked out slowly with a smile on his face. His temperament became more otherworldly as if he were an exiled immortal. It seemed that he could ascend and become immortal at any time. His long black hair fluttered in the wind, and each strand of hair was flowing with golden light…

If other people in that space were all in the painting, at this time, Ding Hao gave people the feeling that he had been completely detached from the painting. He seemed to have detached himself from the world and had become aloof!

There was a kind of immortal Qi lingering around Ding Hao's body.

"Congratulations, Senior Brother Ding. Your secluded cultivation is finished! You have finally succeeded!"

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Zhang Xiaofan, Zhong Dajun, and others heartily congratulated him one after the other.

Since arriving at the Land of Divine Grace, the cultivation speed of everyone in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect had improved by leaps and bounds. The speed was as fast as a rocket. Everyone had become a cultivation genius. More than half of the disciples in the sect had broken through the Primordial Realm, and the disciples in the Primordial Realm had also entered the Martial King Realm.

In the whole Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, Li Lan, Wang Juefeng, Ren Xiaoyao, Muying, Li Yiruo, Ximen Qianxue and the others were already experts in the Martial Grand Emperor Realm. Li Yunqi and the other senior experts had also entered the Martial Emperor Realm. The speed of cultivation was simply unprecedented.

Today, Ding Hao took a step forward and finally entered the Sage Realm.

It was the dual meridian Sage Realm.

Going from the Martial Grand Emperor Realm to the Sage Realm was nearly a leap of inner transformation. Although many people in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect could cultivate at a fast speed, their aptitudes were mediocre, and they might never reach the Martial Sage Realm in their lifetime. This realm was a watershed, which determined the greatest degree a martial artist could reach in the future.

Even Li Lan and the others could not guarantee that they would be able to enter the Sage Realm.

However, Ding Hao completed such a leap in strength in less than a year.

Feeling overjoyed, Ding Hao also laughed happily.

If he continued to cultivate at this speed, Ding Hao was completely confident that in another ten years, he would become the Supreme Master in the God Realm. At that time, the combat capability of the dual meridian Supreme Master in the God Realm might reach the peak of the God Realm. Ding Hao might even be able to fight against the Supreme Masters like the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region and the War God of Wood Area.

Along the way, Ding Hao had always been invincible among the masters in the same realm, and he could even completely surpass his present power by a whole realm! No one knew how powerful he would be when he entered the god-level realm.

Ding Hao was also looking forward to it.

The disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect cheered in the mountain gate.

Since the founding of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, there had finally been an expert in the Sage Realm. It had broken the record of the sect and set a new peak, allowing countless people to see the hope of the sect's prosperity.

"Congratulations, Great Martial Uncle Ding!"

Countless disciples screamed and shouted. It was a grand event for the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect.

At that moment, a stream of silver flowing light suddenly flashed. It cut through the void from the silver altar in the center of the Mountain Gate of Fortune and instantly came to Ding Hao's side. It turned into a very delicate and small silver hummingbird, landed by Ding Hao's ear, and chirped.

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Supreme Emperor of Swords Chapter 885: Hello
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