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Supreme Magus (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Legion20. 1100 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Missing chapters have been added. Missing sentences in some sections were identified and edited. Repeated chapters are cleared.
Please share your suggestions and complaints with us.
Thanks to all readers.


Derek McCoy was a man that since his youth had to face many adversities. Often forced to settle with surviving rather than living, had finally found his place in the world, until everything was taken from him one last time. After losing his life to avenge his brother, he reincarnates until he finds a world worth living for, a world filled with magic and monsters. Follow him along his journey, from grieving brother to alien soldier. From infant to Supreme Magus.

Tags: Transmigration, Male MC, Western Fantasy
Schedule: 1 chapter per day
Chapter Lenght: 1700 - 2000 words but usually are even longer
Warning: The MC is not an hero nor an anti-hero. He is a broken, cynic and misanthropic person looking only for his own gain. If you are looking for a forgiving, nice, MC that goes around saving people in distress, this is not your cup of tea.
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  • Infernot
    Feb 27, 2021

    Story starts off good, i liked mc's mind at first but it becomes annoying after some point.His madness is the reason i am dropping this. MC got friends, lover and and good family but he is still a idiot that cant enjoy his life. His mindset never changes and it got so annoying i hoped i could beat this stupid MC and told him to look in the present.

    • PrinceOfEdo
      Mar 01, 2021

      The way I look at it, and maybe this might affect your PoV, is that we don't hear about his 2nd life at all but his entire first life was ass. Sure we've seen where MC's reincarnate and want something better but they were usually the result of a decent upbringing or some accompishment. Take TBATE for example or Slime, they've all had accomplishments but this MC had little and more failure and heartache. Its awesome that he's finally trying to get his shit after 20+ years which is damn long but his compared life isn't the same as others.

    • Xorion
      Feb 27, 2021

      This is where I have to ask how far you got. While it is slow, the character progression is definitely there. He doesn't stay caught up in his past, and he grows out of the toxic mindset he has at the beginning.

  • motaqaf
    Feb 25, 2021

    it says 1090ch but it's actually 1084 thanks for your work btw

    • Xorion
      Feb 25, 2021

      That's only bc of the glossary and prologue chapters at the beginning

  • Zyru
    Feb 18, 2021

    There is a lot of people saying that it's just too long, but I read overgeared, so I'm gonna give it a try 😂😂😂

  • soukka
    Feb 18, 2021

    What type of romance does this have? Harem or normal or non at all?

    • Xorion
      Feb 20, 2021

      The romance in the story is normal. Lith only has 2 girlfriends throughout the story, and while there are other girls around him, none are really love interests.

      • soukka
        Feb 21, 2021

        That's good then, since i like both normal and harem, but if it's a normal romance and the author gives too many love interest and the mc will only pick one, it lives a bad taste to me. Thanks~

  • DodgyReaper
    Feb 08, 2021

    Lith and Kamilia's relationship gives me a wholesome feeling but at the same time a bitter one since Lith still wont open up.

    • lnwUser34077
      Feb 20, 2021

      I think that kamila is just a shittier version of Phloria, and that the author made a massive mistake

      • lnwUser11747
        Feb 22, 2021

        I believe that all girlfriends are actually a way to "cure" the protagonist so that later on she can have a healthy relationship with Solus, I suspect that Kamila will die or they will cut off on good terms

  • MrBrayann
    Feb 03, 2021

    Do you have any romance in the story as a wife / girlfriend or just fight, grow and fight again?

    • lnwUser11747
      Feb 04, 2021

      He has no wives, but he has several girlfriends, the romantic subplot is pretty good to me.

      • lnwUser34077
        Feb 20, 2021

        What, you mean the one where the author completely disregards the best relationship ever and goes with a shitty copy of Phloria?

    • Pheo
      Jan 30, 2021

      Supreme Magus is not the friendly type novel with an mc born with some destiny or sense of Camaraderie. The MC is cold, can be ruthless to himself & even family members, But this makes the novel all the more worthwhile because the plot is so different. Give it a try, The closest novel that somewhat matches its style would be Birth of a demonic sword. So if u like that novel, you're going to love this one as well. Good luck!

    • UsernameUnavailable
      Jan 13, 2021

      Give it a try if you like a mc that only works for himself. Well his family too and well friends sometimes. Theres romance too. The mc starts from weak to become strong. If u want a spoiler regarding his strength just reply to this with "sure lmfao"

  • Aqxa
    Jan 05, 2021

    It’s kinda sad how they said murdering someone was a mistake and just gave him a little punishment:(

  • UsernameUnavailable
    Jan 04, 2021

    I really love this lich Zolgrich. Hes my favourite character in the novel lmao. Hes just hilarious lol

  • lnwUser26384
    Jan 03, 2021

    I dropped this long ago because the story progress really slow. The story is good though that's why I'm giving this another chance, wish me luck.

  • Calm
    Dec 28, 2020

    This novel is slow. Extremely slow. You can skip from chap. 816 to 916 and will not miss anything. The MC is... Well no comment.

  • PrinceOfEdo
    Dec 18, 2020

    Love this novel, hope it gets picked up as a manga. The MC is way too haunted by his past but he's had 2 past lives but he's still caught up on his 1st. Over all everyone is gonna have some issues but it's a great novel! Thank you

  • Parode
    Dec 12, 2020

    Well, good but HELL SLOW character developpement even if MC is kind of an ass. I mean he has his reasons but come on. That's a new life, you have to move on at some point. Nice characters. Nice plots. It's really well done, there are a hell a lot of plots, they don't roll around MC, but sometimes, it happens MC meets the plot. Great novel tho. I wish i knew how to support the author :/

    • lnwUser11747
      Feb 11, 2021

      Having that new life does not mean that you suddenly heal yourself from your traumas, that is how the human mind does not work, he wants to change for the better but his pain is so deeply ingrained that it is difficult

    • lnwUser11747
      Feb 11, 2021

      I do not think it is slow, rather it is realistic, he thinks that the MC has deep-seated psychological trauma, emotional problems and his father was bipolar and violent, the strange thing is that he continues to be "" good ""

  • Alexdono
    Dec 02, 2020

    Is that a one punch man reference in the prologue?

  • Caelum
    Dec 01, 2020

    If you prefer: Harems "Smart" to nigh omnicient MCs MCs with a clearly defined set of morals MCs with a character depth of a kiddie pool Little to no complexity in plot formulas Then keep moving on, this novel ain't for you.

  • UsernameUnavailable
    Nov 28, 2020

    I hope they release the rest of the chapters cuz it says 918 are translated but only 912 are released. God give me patience... But please hurry.

  • Azazel1
    Nov 23, 2020

    Ignore what those ppl say about the story,its a really great read but his paranoia and OCD really get on my nerves somethings. If you can skip does little detail then the story is really hilarious, especially chap 62 were he has the hots for a professor and he was tryna stop the 'Rising of the Spear Hero'

  • CosmosWisp
    Nov 20, 2020

    I can't believe I missed this site from my recommendations glad I found this novel here. It is absolutely great 10/10

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Story starts off good, but Mc's mindset never changes. I understand mc got traumas, but he never changes. For a moment he's starting to be happy, then author writes something and he is back to being sociopath. I'm giving 1 star for all time i lost reading this when I could have read something better. If you too cant stand mc's madness then dont ever start reading this.

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thumb_up 0 comment 1

One of the best constructed stories, in my opinion. At worst it is very good, there are no boring and predictable clichés, there is always something that surprises you to the point of making you nervous and immersed in the plot. The disadvantages of having a history with the slowest MC growth are obvious, but because they are obvious they are also very well constructed. Romance exists and is consistent, no harem

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I was half way though the story and many reviews said he didn't grow as a person or character. That's so not true it may be slow but it's there. This book is long but interesting, so long as it's talking about Lith. When it's not it's, world building or giving side characters development. The power progression is amazing and I fully understand the magic system and every break through feels like it's earned. The pacing is slow but interesting after 1000 chapters i'm still interested and waiting for the next chapter.

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I really enjoy this story, and I think that it's probably the best one that I've read. If I had to summarize it in one word, I'd say that it's real. The characters feel 3 dimensional, even minor characters, the world has set rules with what can and can't happen with magic, and the society isn't medieval like in almost every other story that takes place in another world. Their world has magic, and has developed systems that use magic like we have systems that use electricity. This also means that Lith doesn't have some crazy advantage bc he came from another world, so he can't just go and defeat people who have hundreds of years of experience. On the contrary, he can actively learn from basically anyone in that world, and he can't really progress without help, like it should be. He also earns everything that he has, and doesn't get things bc it needed to happen for plot (with the exception of Solus).
Another part that I like is the character development. Lith isn't some moral Jesus, but is very broken, and it's through his interactions with other people that he's able to grow as a person. On top of that, the story also does a good job at showing how his actions affect other people too.
I do have to admit that the story has a lot of filler, and can take a long time to get to the point. Like, that whole 100 chapter arc where he was a part of the conflict with the plants and the undead had like, zero point. It didn't advance the plot, and it didn't give him any revelations like his other fights.
Regardless, I think it's a really good story, and a breath of fresh air for the isekai genre. Definitely worth a read.

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thumb_up 3 comment 1

At first it's nice but all the development the mc goes through and how the author simply smashed most cliches of the genre is so much worth it that I can't even describe how much I enjoy this.
Also Solus is best girl no doubt about it, but Kamila is such great girlfriend to him ! It really makes me get interested in the romance going on.
Also I love his family and how real they look and behave, like really, the characters in this novels have some of the best characterization I have ever read, it's truly fantastic !
Also the magic system although not that much innovatives have their limitations well draw and the power of the characters actually makes sense, like professors are damn good in what they do. Even the mc being really powerful there's a whole world of people much more powerful than him and it makes sense. And the MC's powers evolve while you see it he don't get some random power up mid fight out of nowhere, to every new challenge he study and makes plans a lot before and best girl Solus also helps a lot in saving his ass.
To end this review I just wanted to say that this novel is really really good and deserves every view and star people give it.

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its gud the mc has an interesting background and the world building is nice and unique but the mc's deveopment is slow af at first i gave them the benefit of the doubt but he just acts like a prick i went from liking him to getting tired of it

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Am gonna be a bit brutal here... have been reading this since.. oh i dont know, early 2019, found this gem and one of the reason why i read LN.. the story at earlier arc is fascinating, the world building is great, it made you feel it even though this is a novel. Its that good actually.. but it goes wayy downhill when entering kamila arc.. dont get me wrong, i dont give a da** whos the mc is dating but i think after kamila arc the author focus is shifted from "making a great story" to "how can i squeeze lots of chapter"
When the story hits chpter 700 i stop reading it and say "am gonna give this novel a room to breathe so it can grow into > 100 chapter so i can binge without getting annoyed on the prolonged chapter" and waited 2 month or so...and when i get back, oh boy it gets more annoying..
Other LN : mc sees a rock, mc picked the rock playing it a bit and throw it...
SM : mc sees a rock, mc looked deeply into the rock, mc sat down while holding the rock and beggining to wander what is the purpose of this rock, mc then picked another rock, and go to point one.. after a few moment mc found another rock, go to point 1 all over again and then mc throw the third rock.. see what i did there? It is too much filler.. you brought out a topic but it is being pilled up on another topic and then.. nothing on the first topic.. i mean come on.. dont get me wrong, i love a back stories compared to instant one.. but there are things that need to be thrown without giving it too much thought..
Its just like...
Chapter 700 : throwing rock part 1, chapter 701 : throwing rock part 2.. hmm how should i make more chapter..? Oh i know chapter 702 : throwing rock part 3

Dont like my long ass writing just for a review? Well get used to it if you want to read SM these days.. but since i have a long history with this LN am gonna give it a little more push and also its free..

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This is the best novel I ever seen it's just an master piece. U HAVE TO READ IT. And the Mc is something out of this world.u have to read it now

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I loved this novel for the first 200 or so chapters. The point of going downhill for me was when xxx lied to our mc about the death of yyyyy and he literally goes from being semi-normal all the way back to being distrustful af at the start of the novel, which ugghh, I just do not like when authors take the reverse on the character arc as it feels like lazy writing.
(btw I said xxxx and yyyy just so new readers wont get spoiled in case they want to try it out)

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thumb_up 2 comment 3

This novel is pretty good.
The romentic plot is also realistic.
And I also like the fact that the author has given the side character attention they neet like in 'naruto'.

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thumb_up 1 comment 0

Its so good especially from the start its like TBATE
But around 500+ its kinda boring
The mc progress is so slow
But I still continue reading it

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thumb_up 2 comment 1

This was a 4.5 was for me, I just cant decide.

On one side, I like almost everything about this novel. Let me start my rant.
The characters are not just some empty inside stepping stones for MC. They have a brain (mostly, some are just supposed to be stupid) and personality, just everybody is a bit too cynical. I would like a bit, just a bit less on that front, but the novel is supposed to be about that so it isn't a big issue. Not every person is there to just fight dumbly with the MC and get rekt. The character interactions are very nicely done.
The world building is very good, it isn't a massive info dump. The author keeps in mind the writer and there is just enough information which you would usually be able to absorb from a single chapter. Other than that the world is very interesting.
The funny moments in between just make everything better, and always manage to get a chuckle out of me. (Manohar best boi)
The MC doesn't just get OP altogether, he slowly gets more and more powerful. Although he is powerful but it is clearly shown that there are many more powerful creatures.
I don't remember the author making use of any plot armor, there is always a reason why the MC is able to come out on top, or do something that others wouldn't be able to.

Now here are some things I didn't like.
The MC. I liked him at first and yes he has character development, but its just too slow. He has improved a lot, don't get me wrong and I also wouldn't like it if he turns from a cynic to a jolly moron for no reason, not that I want him to just. Just a bit less cynical as I mentioned earlier would be better. I don't mind too much other characters but the MC is just downright annoying at some points. But well, Character Development.
Now, it is a bit slow for my taste. I don't usually mind the pacing that much, but yeah this is a bit slow, especially during fights which I am not a big fan of. But there isn't much I have against the action scenes so I can bear it.
Now the biggest low point for me was when he became a ranger, it was great at first, but it got repetitive and fast. It went on for quite a few chapters, which were actually quite boring than other chapters. The chapters were well written, no doubt about that but, the ranger thing was just getting repetitive. Which is the only reason I had doubts about giving this a 5.

I would suggest you to give it a read and decide for yourself, but I really enjoyed it.

Now, final issue I had. [Spoilers up ahead]

[Massive Spoiler]

[You really don't want to read it]

[Final warning]

They did my boy Yurial bad. I know it was a big point and it may have been necessary but no, he was one of my fav characters. :(

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thumb_up 6 comment 5

Over-hyped. Truly not that great, is too damm slow. Mot fights are so long and boring that you will most likely fall asleep. MC does not grow at all. 2 stars is me being nice because I spend soo much time reading this **** and I can't really say I'm not curious of what will happen. Read it if u like i don't care but I do not recommend it. ¯\_(*u*) _/¯

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thumb_up 2 comment 2

I started reading just a couple weeks ago and have already read 900+ chapter and still hungry for more. This webnovel a no. 1 for me and i can't wait for new chapters.

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The first 400 Chapters are amazing, the story is set up very well however after that point it becomes soo repetitive its painful. go here and oh no something went wrong, spend the next 60+ chapters solving the problem. rinse and repeat for the next 600 chapters

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