Sword Among Us

Chapter 1169: Murderous Intention, Sand Rises

Chapter 1169: Murderous Intention, Sand Rises

The eighth elite in the dao of heaven had a slender figure, but was built. His black armor covered his entire body, and his cloak danced behind him. With that intimidating fanged mask over his face, he gave off a mysterious air, and at the same time, he released an astonishingly aloof and domineering presence. He was like a demon who had descended in the mortal world, and naturally, he attracted everyone’s attention.

Osaya, Martial Paragon Bi Xuan, and the other elites in the dao of heaven also started sizing up this unwelcomed guest who did not seem like someone who was to be easily provoked. They scowled.

What surprised Happy was that when the black sandstorm arrived, no one else had approached the ruins when all of them were still above it. How on earth did this person manage to get in?


The demonic man had a fierce and wild gaze. All those who met his gaze felt as if they were burned, and aside from the elites in the dao of heaven, once they met his gaze, they immediately lowered their heads or looked away. Their gazes were filled with shock.

Of course, there were exceptions.

Happy, who had shocking spirit sense, did not need to use his eyes to look at the man at all. Still, he could sense the incredibly chilly and fierce presence from him. It was as if what was under the black armor was not a human, but a fierce beast. In fact, it was a fierce beast one hundred times more dangerous than the Black Sandstorm Scorpions!

As if the mysterious elite sensed someone observing him from the crowd, he looked over with an indifferent gaze and found Happy in the crowd.

Happy was stunned, and his heart thundered.

‘He’s very observant!’

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Even the elites in the dao of heaven in the area had never caused Happy to be shocked or wary, but this cold gaze from the mysterious gaze had caused Happy to feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave.


Before he could retrieve the spirit sense he placed on the person, the person under the fanged mask let out a faint puff of white breath and a cold huff. A mental pressure that seemingly possessed substance formed a fierce creature in the air, and it looked as if it had physical form. It opened its mouth and let out a thunderous growl. With an agitated and ruthless presence, it charged over.

“Master, be careful!”

Thousand-faced Human Fox was the closest to Happy, and he was the first to notice the mysterious elite targeting Happy.

Before he could react, someone moved even faster to appear in front of Happy and the mysterious elite. With a swing of her arm, the substantial mental pressure that had practically made the dimension freeze instantly fell apart, and the fierce beast scattered in front of Osaya.


During the fight between these two elites in the dao of heaven, the mysterious elite just released a normal mental pressure, but the atmosphere between the two elites in the dao of heaven suddenly became tense, and it attracted everyone’s attention.


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The mysterious elite seemed to be sizing up Happy again. He cast a faint look at Osaya, who was also in the dao of heaven, and he did not say anything. On his own volition, he stopped attacking and closed his eyes, as if everything that had happened just now was not of his doing.

Happy stood behind Osaya. His gaze never left the mysterious elite’s eyes. At that moment, he could clearly see a hint of surprise and derision from the person’s eyes.

The surprise was naturally because Osaya, who was in the dao of heaven, would actually personally help him block the attack.

As for the derision, it was naturally targeted at Happy.

Happy could already guess what was going on.

This person was a peerless elite who allowed no disrespect toward him and was conceited as well as wild. He killed without showing mercy, which was why he managed to get such a ruthless and domineering presence.

Just now, when he was examining him, he had been discovered, and the person had instinctively delivered a mental pressure charge to attack him. It was done nonchalantly, as if he had a fly harassing him by the side, and in his impatience, he wanted to kill him with one smack.

He looked down on human lives like they were ants.


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Happy might have the experience of defeating one elite in the dao of heaven, but this mysterious person brought him pressure that was even greater than Jian Ao!

In fact, the pressure he gave Happy was even greater than Martial Paragon Bi Xuan, who was the one who had entered the dao of heaven for the longest among the others.

This was also why Martial Paragon Bi Xuan had not said a single word to the mysterious elite, whose name he did not know.

He was wary.

The mighty martial paragon was threatened and felt pressure from the mysterious elite as well.

Even if Happy had a ball of anger burning in him and was just waiting to burst out of him, at that moment, before he got a clear idea of the mysterious elite’s identity and strength, he had to suppress the anger in his heart.

Right now, if he fought against the mysterious elite, not only would he reveal all his trump cards, Osaya might be injured as well.

This time, Happy came to the desert palace with the intention to watch the powerful ones fight while he reaped the benefits by the side. He did not want to give others the chance to reap the benefits.

“Don’t sink to his level. Let’s go.”

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He moved his lips a little to send a private message to Osaya. Happy also tugged her while she still stood in front of her with a frown on her face.

But she quickly answered, and there was an anguished tone in her voice. “There are plenty of people here, but why did he attack you alone? This person is even harder to deal with than Martial Paragon Bi Xuan. I might not be his opponent.”

“I think it’s because of you.”

Naturally, Happy would not tell Osaya that he had been observing him. His tone changed. “Right now, I’m the only one bringing a beautiful lady in the palace. He might have gone through an unhappy marriage, which is why he finds me an eyesore.”

“Did you actually think I would believe in you?”

“I can’t do anything if you don’t believe me. You saw it too… I didn’t provoke him.” Happy spread his arms and shrugged in resignation, making himself look very innocent, and he tossed the question back to Osaya.

But after the fight just now, the people in the area gained a new understanding toward the mysterious elite, and they knew that he was a temperamental person. He was not someone easy to befriend, and hence, many people did not dare to provoke him.

“This place has been completely sealed, and there is no exit either. How are we supposed to go out?”

The torches that had connected with each other into a single line in the area illuminated the hall until everything was shown clearly. The walls around the hall were made of metal, and they were incredibly smooth. They could not see any mechanisms or any exits.

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“Right now, everyone is in the same boat. What are your thoughts, everyone?”

The elites in the dao of heaven could not help but gather together. They intended to gather everyone’s intelligence to solve the problem before their eyes.

The old, mysterious zither player was the first to nod his head in agreement.

“The black sandstorm will not last for long. If we stay in this place for too long, we’ll never be able to leave. I agree that we should gather everyone’s strength to break out of this place.”

“This place is definitely one spot of the desert palace. Aside from the forces of power from the royal family, no one has the money or power to create such a large palace in the middle of the desert.”

“There are definitely mechanisms in the palace that will bring us out of this place.”

“It’s a pity that the formation masters I brought here died in the tunnel, or else, they might be of help.”

Aside from Dongfang Bubai and the mysterious man in the fanged mask, the others spoke of their thoughts and suggestions.

“Let’s do this. Everyone, we’ll split up to search everywhere. We’ll see if there are any traps on the walls around us. Have some people stay back with me so that we can check just what’s going on with the flowing sand pits.” Martial Paragon Bi Xuan was, no matter what, the leader of the plains. Naturally, he placed himself at a position above the others, and he started giving out instructions.

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If this were any other time, the elites in the dao of heaven would ignore the martial paragon, because they were lords of their own territories. But now, they were in a hurry to leave, and Martial Paragon Bi Xuan’s suggestion was reasonable. A few of the elites in the dao of heaven sent their subordinates to search for mechanisms on the wall. The remaining elites in the dao of heaven, Happy, Thousand-faced Human Fox, Wan Wan, and Hou Xibai stayed to check the flowing sand pits around the area.


Evil King discreetly beckoned the Womanizer over, and there was a frown on his face. “Go and check whether there’s any profound secret hidden in the sand pits.”

“Understood, Master.”

Hou Xibai was the youngest man aside from Happy in the crowd. He was elegant and gave off a carefree air. When he heard this, he shut his fan, bowed, and carried out his instructions.

Happy stood by the side quietly and watched.

The diameter of the flowing sand pits was more than thirty feet long. It would be a difficult thing to search for the secret behind them.

“Wan Wan, go and help him.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

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Wan Wan had always been obedient and smart before Empress Yin. She nodded and arrived next to Hou Xibai. Both of them arrived in front of a flowing sand pit.

They looked at each other, and Wan Wan activated Great Sky Demon Art.

Her Sky Demon Aura was activated, and a suction force as great as a whirlwind appeared out of nowhere.

At the same time, the sand in the pit was affected for a period of time, and they started to roll about slowly.

As Sky Demon Aura was fully activated, the sand in the pit started flowing faster. It was like a whirlpool in the deep sea, and it was very threatening.

“It’s time…”

Hou Xibai kept his eyes trained on the sand whirlpool. He focused and held his breath. Then, he raised his hand to deliver a fierce punch into the sand.


Since he delivered his punch quickly, the sand whirlpool exploded like powerful explosives.

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A great power exploded from the sand whirlpool.

A loud sound rose, and a sand waterfall that was hundreds of feet tall rose into the air. It was so magnificent that it attracted everyone’s attention in the hall.

However, the elites in the dao of heaven who were near the pit were not shocked by the sand waterfall. They ignored the sand that filled the air and stared at the pit that had lost most of its sand without blinking.

When Hou Xibai and Wan Wan attacked the pit together, most of the sand in the pit had spilled out. Immediately, the pit became much more empty, and they could instantly see what was inside clearly.

But what surprised them was that when the sand filled the air and the pit became once more, no sand fell from above them to fill up the pit.

There were no signs of any traps in the pit either.

When they saw this, the elites in the dao of heaven frowned, as if they could not quite accept this fact.

The sand spread out into a large area and fell back. Empress Yin, who stood near the pit, swung her arm.

A whirlwind was formed.

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The large sand waterfall quickly turned into a huge whirlpool as Empress Yin executed her Great Sky Demon Art. It changed direction, and the sand covered the smooth ground nearby.

It instantly allowed them to avoid the danger of being covered by the sand.

Empress Yin’s attack did not cause anyone to be bothered by it.

Their gazes fell on the sand that filled up the bottom of the pit.

At this moment, someone attacked.

“Get up!”

The mysterious elite seemed to be unable to stand the atmosphere in this place. He placed a hand at the air over the pit and pushed down lightly in the direction of the pit below him.

The sand in the pit seemed to have been squashed down by a huge hand. A huge dent appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone stared at it, and the mysterious elite seized air with a cold, fierce gaze.

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Wind danced madly in the pit. A large amount of sand flew out. The cloak of the person in black armor started fluttering madly. But he stood like a tower and did not move.

Deep in the pit was a sword which was covered in rust. Less than one foot of its body was revealed. It had been a long time since it was buried, and it had already lost its splendor. But as it stood straight in the pit, it gave off a prideful sword will, causing all the people in the area to tremble because of it.

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