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A really great story so far, an interesting concept connected to faith and gods, has a system but doesnt use it as a crutch or as a cheat, from the few chapters this novel has so far, its definitely of a higher class and quality than the majority of novels on the front page of this site, cant wait until more chapters come out


Nothing to complain about in this story. It won't be the best you've ever read but it's very much worth reading. The idea behind the 'sword pilgrims' is new and I have never seen that before. It actually would be a good idea for a game haha. Many novels I read and end up dropping. Why can't they all have minimum quality like this?


The story is good, the fight scenes are good, I didn't understand the development of the character but I've seen worse so I guess I can say it's good, the story progress is good, it makes me wonder but the main character seems a bit lucky, I didn't like it


Pretty good, a bit slow but has a promising start. The main character is 20 [chapter46] . I KEEP FORGETTING THAT. The updates are slow but it's something to look forward to.


the story feels like a dead world where there is no hope and that you either have your soul taken from you and used by the mc or another pilgrim or used by a god high likely it just feels like the mcs "struggle" is pointless as the gods can control souls and turn them into souls then wont the mcs soul be able to be controlled as well? then what's the point? this is my point


Translation is a bit hard to understand and is a bit inconvenient to read because of the layout and choice of wording. But aside from that. Has a captivating story, good world-building and an interesting main character. Would love to see what direction the novel goes to.


So far a very interesting read with good worldbuilding, likeable characters and a unique power system. Spoiler Alert I'm not sure if it'll continue on this way though, there are some signs here and there that it may drift off into the generic "transmigrated into a game world and everyone worships the all knowing MC" troupe so many novels of this genre suffer from. But at least till chapter 43 it is a good book.


I'd recomend this novel to anyone! It's a really good read and the premise of the plot is very interesting the world building is also fantastic. Spoiler AlertThe novel has a lot of intresting ideas like turning corpses in to swords through the power of god which I have never seen before. I truly recomend this novel if you are serching for a good read you won't be disappointed, though its pity that there are very little chapters out so you'll have to wait for new chapters with me


It's an amazing novel with a nice main character and wonderful storyline. I really hope it gets a mass update soon. MC is cool and damn awesome


Good story, at some point it reminds me of the Witcher, and I can't help but seing in this story the same kind of relationship Geralt have with a certain character.