System vs Rebirth
Chapter 1087: Spider

"Since when the spiders… No. Is there even a spider in this area?" Anna gasped, not expecting that they would have been surrounded like this. The web didn't seem to be a normal one, considering she could see a huge amount of spiritual energy covering every single strand.

Anna finally understood the enemy's plan. They were waiting for them to go deeper and deeper before sealing off their escape path.

If they had fallen into this trap, they would definitely not have been able to come out of the airport. In fact, Dimitri and the others might get swallowed as well.

There were only several Superior Demons, so this shouldn't be a problem for both of them yet.

As if knowing her thoughts, Noel waved his left hand, shooting out a phoenix.

The spiders noticed the strength of the phoenix and immediately jumped in its way, protecting the webs.


The phoenix exploded, engulfing more than ten spiders. However, that was all. He didn't see the web catching fire.

"Let's go. We have to escape first!" Noel shouted and started running toward the gate. He didn't care if the spiders stood in their way.

Anna nodded with a serious expression. "I will cover the rear. You go directly open our path."

Noel agreed with her as Anna had already started shooting her lightning to the back, stopping the demons for a moment.

Meanwhile, Noel came closer toward the gate and released his phoenix wings, making the opponents think that he could fly over them or pass straight through them.

The first thing he did was flap his wings, activating his Fire Gale technique.

Since this gale was just a gush of hot air, the spiders wouldn't be able to block it.

As if knowing what the Fire Gale was capable of, tall grasses spurted and formed a wall. The grass caught fire due to the intense heat, but the hot gale was blocked.

"!!!" Noel widened his eyes. It seemed that while the Grass Superior Demon didn't have much offensive power, its reach and utility were enough to make it a troublesome opponent.

The spiders had also jumped off their webs, planning to take Noel on. Even though they were weak, they still had numbers. Even just for a few seconds, they had to stop Noel.

Noel tested the spiders by sending another fire phoenix.

However, the annoying grass demon captured the phoenix and formed a sphere to isolate it. Even when the phoenix exploded, it didn't touch a single spider.

'Should we turn around and eliminate all the demons here? No. Their number is too much even for us, especially when there is a commander among them. This grass demon is also annoying. The demon must be planning to neutralize our attacks and exhaust our energy.

'Besides, the way they are waiting for us to be unable to move before attacking… I'm sure that they are trying to kill us while knowing that these demons are not enough to stop us if we want to escape.

'Even the spiders are just a distraction. Is there something else the demons are hiding in this airport? No, if it's in this airport, Anna should have felt it. Now that I think about it, there are other Superior Demons and Peak Level Demons aside from that grass demon.

'Did Anna feel nothing about them? Or… did they come from the outside?' Noel suddenly understood what was going on.

The strong demons actually hid outside. Since Noel and Anna were so focused on everything inside this airport, they didn't notice the demons outside this area.

With the grass demon as their eyes and brain, they will know when to come and ambush them.

When Noel glanced at those Peak Level Demons and Superior Demons, every single one of them was a speed type. In other words, they came here at their fastest speed.

If that was the case, it meant there would be more demons coming at their pace. That was probably why these spiders were so desperate to stop them here.

'To think the demons are this smart already…' Noel bit his lips before shouting, "Anna. Fly!"

"!!!" Anna looked surprised since they first agreed that they would use the rune to fly only in emergencies. It seemed that the situation was much more severe than she thought.

Without hesitation, Anna jumped into the air and activated her rune.

The grass demon spurted again, trying to catch her. However, Noel had seen through their plan.

"Ice Transformation!"

Noel finally activated his transformation. The cold ice mist appeared all around him and was blown in all directions, freezing the ground. Obviously, the mist touched the grasses and froze them, preventing them from catching Anna.

After that, Noel also took off into the sky. Now that both of them had activated their transformations, she thought Noel wanted to kill some of these demons before leaving.

However, Noel stopped for a moment, looking to the north as if he had noticed something.



All of a sudden, the ground started to tremble. There was a huge cloud of dust rising from outside the airport, causing Noel and Anna to squint their eyes. As Noel expected, they were the Peak Level Demons and Superior Demons that were supposed to be in the airport. There were about five Superior Demons.

However, when the dust was blown away by the wind and cleared their field of vision, both of them were dumbstruck by the sight of a shadow on the horizon.

Anna's face turned pale. Even though it was not clear yet, her instinct was crying out loud, telling her to get out of there as quickly as possible.

The shadow they saw was that of a spider. But it was no ordinary spider. It was hard to determine the size of this spider from so far away, but Noel could clearly see that the spider's height was at least forty if not fifty meters.

It could easily place one leg on the side of the airport and the other leg on the other side.

Big might be an understatement as they had never seen a demon this humongous.

Even though the size of the feet looked small, Noel knew that if the spider was standing here, it was still as big as a tower in this airport.

Every single step that this spider took caused the ground to tremble.

"What is that?" Noel couldn't believe what he saw. The biggest demon he had ever seen was probably the Ancient Demon Tree in the past.

"Don't tell me." Because of that memory, Noel couldn't help but realize the situation they were in. "That's… an Ancient Demon!"

"!!!" Anna's heart skipped a beat.


Chapter 1087: Spider
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