System vs Rebirth
Chapter 570: Fighting the Fire Bird Demon (3)

There were twenty feathers this time and all of them had been scattered and flew toward him from all directions. If he didn't run away as quickly as possible, he wouldn't be able to do it anymore.

Surprisingly, Noel didn't bother to escape. He glanced at these fire feathers with a serious expression.

Instead of avoiding them, Noel planned to take it down head-on.

Noel raised his left hand, forming a rune. This time, the rune was bigger than he had used in the last few months.

This was the Spiritual Energy Dispersion Rune. Instead of summoning it vertically so that it could disperse the incoming attack, Noel expanded the rune and placed it beneath his feet.

So, the energy from the feathers started to disperse a few meters from him. Ultimately, they disappeared before they could reach him.

Though, utilizing the rune this way ended up dispersing the Spiritual Energy he gathered in his sword earlier.

The effect might be great, but it was certainly a double-edged sword.

'I really need some offensive and defensive runes. Though, I still think my current repertoire is enough to defeat the demon…' Noel thought while observing the feathers. He could see that some of the feathers were stronger than the others and almost hit him.

Knowing that it was unstable, Noel had two options. First, he could gamble that the attack before him was the weakest one. This would cause the demon to be afraid of Noel's boldness. The second option was to maintain a safe distance while trying to suppress the fire from his position.

He remembered Anna's suggestion, so he ended up choosing the second option.

Noel clasped his hand, trying to use the ability he had just acquired not long ago. An ice lotus suddenly appeared on top of him.

The lotus' size was three times his body. It had three petals.

With a single wave of his hand, one of the petals fell down and floated in the air, heading toward the demon.

"!!!" The demon's instinct kicked in again. It sensed the same danger as Noel's Phoenix, so the demon tried to avoid it.

However, Noel had better control over the Ice Lotus than the phoenix. So, the moment the demon moved away, he shifted the petal's direction and chased after the demon.


The petal exploded as soon as it reached its attack range, letting out a huge white cloud.

The cloud could freeze even the water particles in the air. If the demon was hit by this, his flame might be suppressed for a split second and it would have a hard time using its fire afterward.

Still, Noel's attack didn't stop there. There were two more petals that came out from the lotus, attacking the demon from two directions.

"…" The demon looked at both petals before flapping its wings. The hot gale formed a huge ball that somehow lit up and turned into a fireball.

This fireball split into two. Then, the demon sneaked inside and pushed both fireballs toward the petal.



The fireball and the ice petal hit each other, causing a significant thermal explosion.

The shock wave was so big that the demon and Noel ended up getting blown away.

Noel couldn't help but smirk when he saw the power of that ice petal.

'As expected, in terms of the whole power, the Ice Vortex is more powerful. But if I use the petals more efficiently, the Ice Lotus is more useful than the vortex.'

This was a chance to test all his abilities… All, except one. He wanted to use the Flame Scale, but it seemed that he would be harmed by the demon's fire if he used it to block the attack.

So, he didn't bother with this one first. Instead, he raised his sword and poured a lot of Spiritual Energy on its edge.

"Ha…" Noel took a deep breath while slashing downward.

Suddenly, a blue light came out of the sword like the extension of the sword. But this light gradually curved until it formed a circle.

The circle kept rotating at high speed, cutting everything in its path.

"!!!" The demon let out a beam to test this ability. Although it sensed some danger, it wasn't as dangerous as the phoenix and the lotus after all. The demon couldn't be scared of Noel completely, so it tried to resist.

Unfortunately, he underestimated the power of the sword strike. Due to its high speed rotation and the amount of Spiritual Energy used for this ability, the circular sword strike was cutting everything on its path like a saw.

Even a sturdy metal would be cut through, let alone a mere fire.

"!!!" The demon had to stop bursting its fire and started dodging the sword strike if it wanted to stay alive. Unfortunately, a part of its right wing was hit by the Circular Sword Strike.


The battle was observed by Dimitri, who was stunned because of all the new abilities Noel had shown since the beginning.

'What are those abilities?' Dimitri frowned. He had followed Noel for a long time. Although he didn't watch his every movement, it didn't change the fact that he had seen all his abilities.

Yet, there were multiple abilities that he saw for the first time. He couldn't help but wonder how much Noel had been hiding this whole time.

Although he knew that these abilities must come from his 'spirit,' there should be a significant amount of time to practice this ability.

The fact that Noel could just use it right away without practicing was enough to show his talent.

Even Dimitri was speechless since the more powerful the ability, the harder it took to master it.

'It seems that Young Master's talent is still not explored fully. Though, I can see some flaws in his current fighting style. I'll tell him about it after this fight. I hope that you can defeat the demon by yourself, Young Master.'

Dimitri smiled as if he was looking forward to the day he swore his allegiance to Noel.

Chapter 570: Fighting the Fire Bird Demon (3)
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