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Chapter 276.1: Monster Hunters [Part 1]

High above the skies of the Fourth Island, a Beholder was flying southward, headed toward the Second Island of the Valbarra Archipelago.

Seated on top of its head was a ten-year-old, who had his arms crossed over his chest.

Thirteen had already given Poca a healing potion, and he had also asked Vassago to watch over her as she recovered from her injuries.

Even with Uncle Boo's speed, it would take them half an hour to reach their destination.

Poca had flown as fast as she could, yet she only arrived at the Fourth Island after two hours of flying.

She could have arrived faster, but her injuries were quite serious.

According to her, she did her best to distract the Unicorn to allow Shasha to run away. But Pocopocos weren't really strong when it came to fighting.

Not to mention that she was facing off against a Rank 8 Sovereign.

Giga, Rocky, the Ogres, and Trolls, weren't in the camp when the Unicorn came.

All of them were clearing the monsters on the Second Island to gather Cores and Monster Parts for the Wanderers to use.

Before she left to go to Thirteen, Poca went to find them first.

After informing them of what happened to the base, everyone entered Rocky's Mobile Fortress to pursue the Unicorn and attempt to save their Master's sister from their grasp.

Only then did she start flying toward the Fourth Island, fueled by sheer willpower and determination to inform Thirteen about what had transpired at the Second Island.

"Don't worry. Although that Unicorn is arrogant, he won't hurt the girls," Uncle Boo said through telepathy.

"I know," Thirteen replied calmly.

And yet, his fingers were tapping on his arm as if he was counting the seconds and minutes that it would take for them to arrive at their destination.

Knowing that saying more wouldn't change anything, the Beholder quietly continued to fly in the sky.

Blacky, who was crouched behind Thirteen, was gritting his teeth as if he was raring to bite the Unicorn's body and feast on his flesh and blood.

He didn't know if Giga, Rocky, Hercules, and the rest of his comrades were safe.

During the past three years, the Nightmare Black Hound had formed deep bonds of friendship with the other monsters. The mere thought of them getting seriously injured or, worse, dead because of the Unicorn made him incredibly angry.

Tiona looked at her Master anxiously. Through her connection with Thirteen, she could feel the raw anger that her Master was barely able to restrain with his self control.

The Black Snake couldn't help but wonder if her Master would also feel as angry as he was now if something were to happen to her.

Tiona didn't know, and she didn't want to know.

She would be devastated if someone were to take her away from Thirteen by force. Just this thought alone filled her with dread, let alone what would happen after.

Meanwhile, as Uncle Boo sped toward the Second Island, the teenage girls whom the Unicorn had asked to accompany him were nearing the beach facing the First Island.

"Don't worry," the Unicorn stated. "I will not mistreat any of you. In fact, I will keep all of you safe. Just wait until the Lunar Eclipse, and all of you will be free to enter the Gate of the Moonlight as you please."

Shasha, Mirriam, Phoebe, and the rest of the girls, overall numbering in the twenties, walked behind the Unicorn.

The Monster had threatened that he would kill the boys in the camp if they didn't come with him.

Of course, Taiga and Kane didn't just watch the Unicorn take away the young lady whom they liked.

Both of them attacked the Unicorn at the same time, but all it took to make the two of them lose consciousness was a simple shockwave attack.

Poca was also hit by this shock wave attack because she had timed her attack at the same time that Taiga and Kane executed theirs.

The other Wanderers also wanted to help, but after seeing how strong the opponent was, they became paralyzed on the spot.

In the end, Shasha at the lead stated that they would follow the Unicorn as long as it promised that it would not attack the boys in their camp.

The Unicorn readily agreed because it really didn't care whether the boys lived or died. All it wanted was to gather all the girls so that it could monitor who among them was the possible candidate to become the Moon Princess' vessel.

Once it saw the First Island in the distance, the Unicorn was about to tell the girls that he would use its power to send them to the First Island.

However, before it could do that, the ground under its feet collapsed, making it sink into the ground.

At that exact moment, two Ogres appeared out of thin air with their adamantine spiked clubs, ready to strike.

The Unicorn didn't bat an eye and blinked away, reappearing a few meters away from the Ogres.

"Filthy Ogres, I will send you to your deaths!" the Unicorn shouted through telepathy.

But, just as it was about to attack the Ogres, its eyes widened in shock when it saw the ground under the teenage girls' feet open up, making them fall in a sinkhole.

The Unicorn didn't hesitate and teleported to the location of the hole in order to save the girls. But when it arrived to look down on the hole, there was no one.

All the girls had disappeared as if they all vanished out of thin air, making the Unicorn extend its detection abilities underground in an attempt to locate the girls under its protection.

It was then when it realized that there was something big moving deep underground, making it neigh in anger.

But before it could do anything else, it heard the roars of the two Ogres who were running in its direction with their spiked clubs raised high, ready to strike.

The Unicorn sneered at the two monsters who seemed incapable of understanding the difference between their ranks.

Since it would take time for it to hunt the monster moving underground, it decided to attack the two Ogres first to vent out its frustration.

However, it suddenly sensed the presence of other monsters in its surroundings.

Turning its head to look behind it, the Unicorn saw Trolls, a giant beetle, and a skunk-like monster all growling and glaring at him in anger.

Clearly, they weren't happy that a monster had dared to kidnap their Master's sister when they were away.

A few seconds later, the sound of roars and explosion reverberated in the surroundings as Thirteen's Monster Squad fought against the Unicorn with everything they had.

Chapter 276.1: Monster Hunters [Part 1]
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