Taking the Mafia to the Magic World
Chapter 728: Advance of the Vampire Forces

With the end of Vicente's planned hunt, his group began their journey towards the headquarters of Nixlas' Shadows, in a neighboring state to the west of the Vinia Empire.

Nixlas' Shadows was in an autonomous area between the Vinia Empire and The Ivory Desert, two areas contrasted by the Congregation of Revelations and the vampire tribes.

This was definitely the most dangerous area on the continent, so they moved on from the Valley of Lightning with caution, not at all arrogant because of Vicente's advances.

He was stronger than ever, but it would only take one superior peak 5th stage vampire to end their journey.

While trying to hide their aura by traveling west, the group would now use Lina's prophetic ability more than ever to predict their encounters with monsters, inferior vampires, or superior vampires.

Their journey to Lauren's sect could take between one and two months, depending on the pace at which they moved, but the group wasn't worried about time.

Having already done almost everything they had to do in this dangerous area of the continent, after completing Lauren's rescue mission, it would be time for them to return south, where they planned to strengthen the resistance to the monsters' advance.


Some more time had passed since the end of Vicente's group's pentagram hunt.

While he and his people headed for Nixlas' Shadows headquarters, Miss Death and her companions were currently in the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn.

After their passage through Seidel Kingdom, the group passed through three other states in the far south of the continent, where they had targets to neutralize on behalf of their dark coalition.

As much as the vampires' plan was to leave some Paragons and young people with the potential to become Paragons in the future alive to one day become a cultivation 'resource' for high-level vampires, that didn't mean they didn't have targets to die for now!

Demien Bloodthorne wouldn't waste his time going hunting in the continent's south. Not only that, he and his high-level subordinates were busy absorbing the powers from the large amount of blood they had got in recent months.

It would take months for them to finish their current seclusion and turn their attention back to the continent. Until then, their allies and underlings were the ones who were careful to neutralize any threats to their plans.

They would not exterminate the continent's magicians, but they were aiming to force the magicians' community, preventing it from having large territories under its control, leading the continent to fall under the majority control of monsters.

For this to happen, some Paragons from the south, such as King Seidel's former bodyguard, had to fall before the hordes of monsters arrived in that region!

Miss Death and her group had taken care of several such individuals in recent months and were now making their way back to their sect's headquarters, having completed all their missions.

Today they were standing by a stream, resting before continuing their journey north.

In another month and a half, two at the most, they would be back in the dark lands of Nixlas' Shadows headquarters. Being peak 4th stage Dark Path magicians, traveling across the continent was currently much easier for them than it had been for Vicente's group.

Not only were they stronger than most of Vicente's companions, they also had the vampires' authorization to move freely through these lands!

While Lauren was meditating in a small tent near that stream, two of her men were talking, sitting on stumps of fallen trees.

Next to them, a woman with a beautiful appearance but a terrible aura was telling them about the current situation in the central part of the continent.

"Our coalition surrounded The Hungry Canyon and The Pure Enclave weeks ago. In a few more days, the Kingdom of Eternal Dawn will fall and our troops will move on to the southern region," said a lamia in front of them, who couldn't help but smile as she spoke about it, imagining the amount of magicians she would devour in the near future.

"The plans are progressing. I thought it would take us two years to take over the continent. But it looks like that will happen sooner," said one man, who was human but looked more monstrous than the lamia in front of them.

"Our next targets are Trevora Kingdom, Andoria Kingdom, and the Gugia Empire. Once these three states fall, dominating the southern region will be as easy as taking candy from a child!" The Lamia commented.

"How many human domains are left in our territory already conquered so far?" The other man asked.

Their aim wasn't to take over everything, but to leave the humans stuck in small places, where they could continue to develop, but without leaving the monsters' control.

"We currently have 32 cities around the northern region and part of the central region where humans are trapped. There must be 5 million humans in these places growing up to be slaughtered in the future." She laughed.

"The south has more cities than the north, so it's possible that we'll have 100 cities and just over 15 million humans by the end of our plans. That's not bad. With those numbers, we'll be able to create several Archmages and a Magus or two." The group's deputy leader said, but he couldn't help smiling and showing his yellowed teeth, letting out a mischievous laugh.


While Lauren's group traveled back north to go into seclusion in their post-mission home, the situation in the south was not at all good, although the worst was yet to come.

Although the monsters were still expanding their domains in the central part of the continent, the magical beings who had come south on account of The Purification had already wreaked havoc in the area.

Not only that, besides these beings who had arrived in the area before the calamity even began, a few monsters were ahead of most of their troops.

Several cities in the south had already fallen, while migratory movements in search of safer places had begun in all the states in the area.

In the Seidel Kingdom, things were getting terrible, with villages around the entire state gradually being abandoned, with citizens of the kingdom mainly seeking the big cities.

Vicente's Metal City had grown a lot in the period of more than a year since his departure, having advanced quite a bit over its area. It now had over 170,000 inhabitants and every day, trains, carriages and wagons brought more people to live, or rather survive, in this place of metal.

But that was only the beginning of the calamity. In the coming months, the entire kingdom would face the actual terror of the vampires' plans!

Chapter 728: Advance of the Vampire Forces
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