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Chapter n/a 19 days ago

the story is more like a retelling, a summary, and a protocol. There is nothing interesting here. The protagonist does nothing more than hunt, eat, sleep, then again hunt, eat and sleep. It’s good that the protagonist doesn’t shit yet. and then the author, due to the exhaustion of his imagination, goes into fanfic

Chapter 624.2 one month ago

This novel is fairly good. In my opinion, the little inconsistencies or whatever don't really matter much as it doesn't seem like that big a deal. The beginnings good, the arcs after that are good, basically all the stuff is above average for this site(honestly not saying much but eh), and while there's a plot point earlier in the story never brought up again, slight wasted potential from an antagonist, and the ending is abrupt, it's a good novel to read if you don't particularly have any exceptional thing you're reading. 5 stars since I don't dislike it enough for 4

Chapter 648 one month ago

I truly enjoyed the novel. It takes the non-human MC with a human background trope and just makes it so much better. Give it a read and I'm sure it won't disappoint.

Chapter 558.1 one month ago

It was great. The world building, the side characters, and the story telling. It's just that sometimes you feel like there are 4 authors switching and typing them because the theme keeps switching. Sometimes the side characters are excellently portrayed. Then immediately goes to crap. Ang finally the last volume which made me angry to how many plot holes there are. Like Jesus Christ even a side characters will got forgotten then shows up with no warning or how that character got there. No flashback or anything. And lastly the most anticlimactic ending that's so horrible you feel that you're time was wasted. It's so dang bad that it doesn't make up for the time I read all the chapters. The only volume I really like is probably the early chapters.

Chapter 555.2 2 months ago

Really good, tons of interesting elements. I enjoyed the usage of mythology and super advanced technology. I wish it was still updated, but it was an amazing book.

Chapter 648 2 months ago

Great villain protagonist novel. The main character doesn't really get developed. The author thinks that Fang Yun slowly losing emotions is enough. The main goal for a huge part of the novel, which is to return to Earth, is extremely short. In fact, the entirety of the final 100 chapters are all kind of boring. Cultivation is just kinda shoved in there, and the ending is horrible. I do highly recommend it, however.

Chapter n/a 3 months ago

This is an extraordinary novel, good character development, he has his own principle and what impressed more was that he kept his principle until the end, EXCELLENT world building, but the last 50 chapters are disappointing, it never tells us how many bio energy he gets for every thing that he ate, I know that it was change to cultivation which is really weird because the MC always use his system as a preference to measure his power, it's just occurred to me that the author is lazy, it's good but it doesn't left any great memories or feeling such as any other great novels that I've read. 8. 5/10.

Chapter n/a 3 months ago

This novel is overall very amazing for my standards the world building in this novel deserve a medal although the plot is just about him eating and getting stronger and little to no character development the author got a bit lazy at the end pretty sure. The novel end at 649-“1 as in that year” the ending is pretty solid and a very nice throw back. I thought that this novel would just be a time-passer just like any other chinese cultivation novel I read it got me wrong and this is one of the first novels with more than 500 chapter that I read to the end. In the end there will be a very good twist this novel is probably one of my most favourite chinese novel. I would definitely reread this one day.

Chapter 1 5 months ago

Loved the story, it got a bit repetitive at some parts, but it was still very entertaining. Ending was not what I was expecting but was more fulfilling than how I originally thought it was going to end

Chapter 1 5 months ago

Good start, but that's all. It gets really bad when he travels goes into space. The ending and final fight were so bad in my opinion.