Taming a Munchkin

Taming a Munchkin

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Taming a Munchkin novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Drama, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Milcha. 24 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


She was reborn as the antagonist of a fantasy novel, a child who bears her family’s resentment.

As it stands, her fate is to end up on the guillotine at the hands of the furious villagers!

Kynemeia, for the sake of a comfortable future, plans to gather some Munchkins to govern the fief. However, there’s one problem…

Kynemeia stared blankly at the boy sitting in the underground prison.


“I got caught.”

She’s on the receiving end of an unwanted obsession from a suspicious mage?!

This is the story of the struggles of a Grand Duke’s daughter who wishes to transform her life
and the Munchkin mage who feigns innocence!

*Munchkin: a Korean slang for a character with overpowered skills.

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This novel seems fascinating with fl tht is smart and a cold ml tht only act cute in front of Kynemeia ,it just the translation is kinda off and confusing a little . Overall is ok and cant wait to see Kynemeia and Eian grow up🥺

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THIS IS GOLDDDDDD!!!!! PLEASE READ THIS EVERYONE! the flow of the story is so interesting and you just can't stop reading because the FL is so innocently witty paired with cruel ML that is so sweet with her, it's just soooo cute! I really wish they update fast I can't wait to read more!

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Another good reading experience. Waaahh while reading I always have this fluffy feeling. Jshshshsh young man don't worry the way she treats you will change soon~ hohoho

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Its a refreshing novel. The mc is true to their nature and age not like most of the novels I've read. Its a pretty good pass time. Waiting for updates..

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