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Chapter 41 5 days ago

This story is down right filthy. It is disgusting. The mc can be considered intelligent, but his intelligence plummets occasionally for plot purposes. The world building is decent, the characters are questionable, and the concept is good. But again, I reiterate, this novel is repulsive and I strongly recommend you not read it. . . 5/5

Chapter 41 6 days ago

3. 5/5 stars, (I’ll round up to 4/5). This novel is weird. The writing is good, the plot is alright except for a particular annoying point. The story is smut, except it has some common fantasy novel tropes in it. That said, it’s well written with low grammatical errors (compared to others). I generally dislike smut due to the repetitive nature of its content, but I haven’t burnt out yet. However, I doubt I will finish this when it’s fully released. The worst part of this story is the protagonist’s newfound thirst for revenge that came out of nowhere… I genuinely don’t understand why the author used that as plot advancement… it seems like a less hardcore version of redo of a healer.

Chapter 45.2 17 days ago

So far with the current chapters I think it's worth the read. The MC isn't incredible in any way and more subservient to survive while slowly manipulating the leading 'villain' away from her own death as a way to save himself. I'm with other reviews on the attitude change towards sexual relations becoming more frequent and important in the story though not without reasons that can't be explained without spoilers. Honestly I'd recommend this novel as it makes for a very good light read.

Chapter 40.2 2 months ago

It's good at start shows how good and smart mc is but after so, e chapters he suddenly becomes a sex maniac like all he thinks about is having sex and getting revenge by having sex and rebuilding his so called "FAMILY" Other than that it's good overall

  • dadsarefuny

    It really has gotten out of hand. It's so d*mn annoying cause I was kind of hoping for more schemes but instead we got this raunchy novel with s*x scenes almost every two chapters.

Chapter 39.2 2 months ago

this is really good give it a try and if you think the mc is weak just hang in there a bit trust me. once he gets his special ability im sure hes gonna be op in the future

Chapter n/a 2 months ago

if you read a few chapters you will understand why it is bad, only at the beginning you already see a plot hole or the way the protagonist progresses but other things show the lack of ideas that the author has and the level of poison that is the story throughout the chapters.

Chapter 38.2 2 months ago

What can I say, It's pretty good story but the mc is too submissive maybe becomes the one who may dominate as there are signs of it but still I can't see the 'power' or strength increase from him.

Chapter 38.2 2 months ago

I never expected it to be good, after reading the raws I'm hooked and I can't wait to see more chapters. The plot thickens after every chapter, especially after chapter 40 and above in the raws.

Chapter 37.2 2 months ago

This is my first time seeing a Korean novel a lot of ‘PLOT’, pretty surprising! It’s a good fantasy read for many cultured ones. Just wish they translate it faster since the novels already completed.

Chapter n/a 2 months ago

Looks like some people are having a hard time to understand this is a "weak-to-strong" story It takes around 40-50 chapter fo his growth to start so I suggest you to don't drop this in early chapters But even before that author tries to expand the world and introduces new information to keep the readers excited about the future developments There are even some interesting twists and surprises in the story I also really like the fact that the main character is very rational and understands his situation and the author also tries to make his interactions and developments with other characters realistic in his own way Anyway just like the author's previous work that won an award this one is also very good and has a very satisfying ending. (The MC will become strong and has a true harem)