Tempest of the Battlefield

Tempest of the Battlefield

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Tempest of the Battlefield novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Harem genres. Written by the Author Skeleton Wizard. 678 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Having a rough life growing up, Wang Tong had numerous dreams of living a better life. However, his alcoholic foster father sells him off as a space settler of the distant planet Norton for some pocket change. Soon after his arrival, the Zergs overran the planet and obliterated its defenses in a matter of minutes. What awaited Tong on Norton was more than just an unbearable environment – its gravity alone was five-times stronger than earth – there were also swarms of bugs, constant hunger, thirst, and desolation.

While he lives a year of total carnage and survival, humanity’s Confederation eventually overcomes the Zergs on Norton and the powerful survivor Wang Tong is given a recommendation to a once famous, but now dying military academy where he begins his life anew.

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This is a bit of a biased review b/c I really like this authors work. I find it legit hilarious that he unironically wrote the same book three times and I don't see anyone calling him out for it. If you like this concept then just go read one of his other books. I think he does it better in those.

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Regret reading this. It all went downhill so fast after the tournament arc. Lack of closure, so many plot points left hanging and the terrible ending

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50 chapters in and I can't even handle the absurdity of the protagonist anymore. He is a lustful idiot who allows himself to be willingly controlled and manipulated if a pretty girl just smiles at him. At one point he was even like 'I know I should say no, but she's too pretty so I said yes'. The story looks like it has a lot of potential and the plot looks good other than the MC's personality, so I'm giving it a 2 star and not a 0. If only he wasn't such a perverted idiot it would be a cool story, kinda disappointed. ONCE AGAIN, I only read 50 chapters and briefly looked at some of his interactions later on, so if it gets better comment please and I will be happy to read it again.

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