"The problem is how to take Jin Ye-Jeong-ssi out."

Horie Yuzuki, who returned shortly after, said so.

She stared at me and took a look at Jin Ye-Seul, who was holding Jin Ye-Jeong in her arms from behind.

With their strangely soft eyes, the two seemed to look very affectionate.

… for some reason, in my eyes, it looked as if Jin Ye-Seul was locking Jin Ye-Jeong up so that she could not escape.

[She is putting her hand on her stomach.]

Svengali muttered quietly.

He said before I even asked what the hell was wrong with that.

[Although it is the preferred part of predators, the place that the prey wants to protect the most is the stomach, that is, the abdomen. Because that is where all the organs necessary for life activities are gathered. That, you know, if you look at animals, don't they show their bellies as a sign of obedience?]

After hearing his words, I looked reflexively, and certainly, Jin Ye-Seul was holding Jin Ye-Jeong tightly with her hand on her stomach.

Jin Ye-Jeong looked uncomfortable, but without saying a word, she was being held by Jin Ye-Seul's arms.

[Well… it is a good thing for you.]

Svengali said so, clicking his tongue.

[Now that there are two targets, the chances will be a little higher. Originally, the prey's main survival strategy is to increase the survival rate by gathering in large numbers.]

What the hell kind of nonsense is this guy talking about since a while ago?

I tried hard to ignore the words of the guy who was making noises as he liked and started talking to Horie Yuzaki.

"It's not good to show her appearance here and there for now… however, Jin Ye-Jeong-ssi's physical condition is not too good for me to take her out by teleportation."

"Certainly, it would be quite a burden for her in her current condition."

"Then I'll carry her out."

Jin Ye-Seul calmly opened her mouth.

"We can roughly wrap her around in a carrier blanket so that she isn't visible and take her out. Even if they look at it strangely, they'll understand moderately because Evangeline, that person has sent those people. As a means of transportation, we can rent one of the cars and move her."

"Well… Then, next is about the follow-up management of Jin Ye-Jeong-ssi."

Horie Yuzuki hesitated here for a moment and slurred her words.

From the looks of it, it seems that she had heard the fact that Jin Ye-Jeong was a homunculus.

"Let's get out of here first, then think about it."

I opened my mouth, looking at the two.

"This facility will no longer be operational because it has been smashed anyway. First of all, Evangeline-ssi... If she's not enough, we'll ask our clan for help too. There is also Lee Myung-Joon-ssi."

Regarding homunculus, the best experts could be called Alice Blesbuck and Cass Lyle.

If the two could be asked, most of Jin Ye-Jeong's problems could be solved.

"Well, then, let's do that for now. Wait a minute…."

Horie Yuzuki called somewhere with those words.

In the meantime, I found a blanket and brought it to Jin Ye-Seul.

"Come on, Sister."

Jin Ye-Seul took the blanket and said to Jin Ye-Jeong with a smile.

"Ye-Seul, in my opinion, I think you can just leave. The people who are coming now are all from our guild, so anyway...."


Jin Ye-Seul was still smiling.

"I'll cover you with the blanket, so tell me if the wound is touched?"

With those words, Jin Ye-Seul began to wrap Jin Ye-Jeong's body around with the blanket.

Jin Ye-Jeong made a face like she wanted to say something, but closed her mouth.

Jin Ye-Jeong, who was rolled up like a gimbap in the blanket, looked up at Jin Ye-Seul said in a still small voice.

"Ye-Seul, this is… I think it's a bit too much. I can't even move on my own. If it's like this."

"I'm going to carry you. Sister, don't tell me you thought you were going to walk on two legs now? With that body?"

Jin Ye-Seul said so and held Jin Ye-Jeong in her arms.

As Jin Ye-Jeong's bare feet, which lifted lightly, slid out of the blanket, Jin Ye-Seul picked up the blanket and carefully covered her up to her toes.

"Too light. If it's this light, it's almost like a middle school student...?"

Jin Ye-Jeong was being hugged by Jin Ye-Seul silently as if she had almost given up.

She was the one who felt terribly guilty toward Jin Ye-Seul.

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That's why she now looked like she would humbly accept even if Jin Ye-Seul slapped her on the cheek and spat on her.

"I'll have to feed her diligently."

Jin Ye-Seul muttered like that.

At that sound, Svengali chuckled and burst out laughing.

[Do you know why people fatten pigs?]

To eat them after they get chubby and fat.

I shot back at Svengali who said so without realizing it.

"Don't talk nonsense."


"No, keuhm. Let's get out of here quickly."

I said in a low voice, but it seemed it was heard.

I began to take the lead, glossing over to Jin Ye-Seul like that.

Before I knew it, Horie Yuzuki nodded, as if she had finished talking.

"We have a vehicle waiting outside, and the members of the Guild Blue Sap are here now. They said they'll clean up as soon as we leave."

"Then, while we're on the subject of requests, may I ask you for a little more, Horie-ssi?"

"What is it?"

"Hunter Lee Myung-Joon, Evangeline-ssi, and the Clan Head of our clan… I'd like to have a three-party meeting with the three like this right now."

"You want me to contact the boss."


She nodded at once.

"Indeed, this isn't a normal matter… I'll do that. From the looks of it, it seems that person is also involved, so I will go grab him by the collar and drag him."

"Good. Then let's move on."

With those words, we walked towards the exit of the facility.

And after walking for a while, I could find the source of the disgusting smell of blood that I smelled at first, and there were corpses of monsters scattered all over the facility.

"I had prepared for intruders."

Jin Ye-Jeong quietly opened her mouth.

She was wrapped in a blanket and held in Jin Ye-Seul's arms.

"I didn't expect them to push their way in ignorantly with this numbers like this, and that too so quickly. Thanks to that, I was beaten before I could even do anything."

"It was a good thing that I asked Horie-ssi. We were almost really late."

"Yes. Once again, thank you, Horie Yuzuki-ssi."

While being held in Jin Ye-Seul's arms, Jin Ye-Jeong bowed politely to Horie Yuzuki.


Horie Yuzuki, who received the thanks, laughed as if she was embarrassed.

After a while, we were able to make our way out to the exit.

At the exit, there were several people who appeared to be members of the Blue Sap.


"Oh, hello."

Perhaps they were acquaintances, Horie Yuzuki and a man wearing a mask greeted each other.

He gave orders to the others to go in and investigate, then pointed to the mid-sized car parked to one side.

"This is the vehicle you requested."

"Thank you. I'll use it carefully and return it well."

He nodded and gave a sideways glance at Jin Ye-Seul.

Then he said his final greetings, saying that he would also go in to investigate, and walked towards the place we had just come out.

"Ye-Seul, do you want to sit in the back seat with Jin Ye-Jeong-ssi?"

"Oh, thank you, Ji-Hyuk."

Jin Ye-Seul opened the door, saying so, and carefully placed Jin Ye-Jeong in the seat.

As I sat in the passenger seat and fastened my seat belt, I heard Svengali muttering as if surprised.

[Shifting it naturally... Ohh. I think I know now a little about how you, who do not even have a little tact, are still alive until now.]

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I felt the need to have a proper conversation with this guy later.

These days, I released him because I thought he would be of some help, but he was slowly getting unpleasant in the ear, starting from saying useless things in this way to openly mock me.

"Ye-Seul. You don't have to bother to do this much...."

When I looked back in the rear-view mirror, Jin Ye-Seul was fastening the seat belt on Jin Ye-Jeong.

The problem was that Jin Ye-Jeong's body was filled with blankets wrapped around her.

In the end, Jin Ye-Jeong was in such a strange shape that someone from the outside might suspect that she was being kidnapped or being escorted as a criminal.

Jin Ye-Jeong tried to wriggle once, then soon closed her mouth with a still uncomfortable expression on her face.

She looked at Jin Ye-Seul's expression once and sighed quietly.


Meanwhile, Jin Ye-Seul, whose eyes met mine, grinned.

"It's nothing. Rather, you must be tired, so why don't you close your eyes?"

"Um… later."

Jin Ye-Seul said so and glanced at Jin Ye-Jeong, who was sitting still.

"I'm not that sleepy right now."

After she finished those words, Jin Ye-Seul turned her head again and stared at me.

She was still smiling.

"Besides, it's a bit too of a waste to just sleep."

* * *

We arrived at one of the branches of the Thunder Lord's Hammer, the guild she was affiliated with.

Even though the situation was urgent, it was not realistically possible for the heads of the three forces to gather immediately, so it was suggested that we talk through communication.

"… okay. You can come in."

At the words of Horie Yuzuki, who was looking around, we quickly moved.

Jin Ye-Jeong was still being hugged by Jin Ye-Seul.

"Wait a minute, please sit down and rest while we prepare for communication. I'm sure they've already contacted other places, so if only we could finish our preparations, we'll be done."

While she was fiddling with something, Jin Ye-Seul carefully sat Jin Ye-Jeong in the chair.

Jin Ye-Jeong, who had been constantly making an uncomfortable expression on her face, soon opened her mouth as if she had decided.



"How long do you plan on doing this?"

Jin Ye-Jeong said in a quiet, calm, but slightly trembling voice.

"My body is fine now. It's just that it's still difficult to deal with mana like before, but there are potions, and Yoo Ji-Hyuk-ssi helped me, so my body condition is almost recovered...."


Jin Ye-Seul quietly sat down next to Jin Ye-Jeong and said.

"Don't tell me you thought I was doing this because I was worried about Sister now?"

"… uh?"

Jin Ye-Jeong gave a blank expression for a moment.

"Sister, how are you so selfish?"

Jin Ye-Jeong looked at Jin Ye-Seul with trembling eyes.

Jin Ye-Seul was still smiling.

"Even though you're someone who can't do anything alone now, even though you're someone who abandoned me and threw me into that abyss."

Why did you think I'd be worried about Sister?

Jin Ye-Seul quietly whispered in her ear.

Every time she whispered, Jin Ye-Jeong made a face as if she were being dug up with a dagger.

"And yet, look, I know when I see it. Sister is still not giving up. I'm sure she's trying to volunteer for a dangerous job again. She doesn't even think about how I feel when I'm left behind."

"Tha, that's… That's n...."

"That's why I'm going to take care of everything now so that Sister doesn't die. If she goes somewhere and dies again, it will hurt my feelings. And just in case, there might be a disadvantage for me. You've lived your whole life being told you're smart like that, but you don't realize any of this?"

"Ah… ugh…."

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I thought it shouldn't go any further.

Just before I opened my mouth to stop her, Jin Ye-Seul grinned and gently stroked Jin Ye-Jeong's cheek.

"Just kidding, Sister."

"… uh?"

"It's just that I haven't yet gotten over my anger at Sister for hiding the fact that she was actually alive from me by lying even to me."

So I played a mischievous joke.

Jin Ye-Seul, who muttered like that, wiped the corners of Jin Ye-Jeong's eyes with her finger, tilting her head.

"Well… I guess it was too much. It's been a long time since I've seen Sister shed tears."

"Ye, Ye-Seul… I…."

"Oh my, Sister…."

Jin-Ye-Seul hugged Jin-Ye-Jeong, who was quietly shaking with guilt.

Then, as if saying, it's okay, she said, patting her on the back carefully.

"Sorry, I was too much. I was thinking too short. It's okay, Sister. I told you... I don't resent Sister now."

"I, am… just, really… sorry to you."

Jin Ye-Jeong barely spat out the words while holding back tears.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Ye-Seul. I'm really, really sorry."

Seeing Jin Ye-Jeong repeating the words I'm sorry like a broken radio, Jin Ye-Seul nodded as if comforting a child.

"Shh… it's okay. I just want Sister to take care of herself more in the future. That's why I did it."

Jin Ye-Seul muttered quietly.

"You'll do that, won't you? Even for my sake."

Jin Ye-Jeong nodded quietly.


Meanwhile, Svengali, who was watching that scene, babbled to himself without getting tired of it again.

[Not even a wolf is enough now, she has become a spider.]

And he muttered in a really worried voice.

[I can not really laugh it off now, though... to put it bluntly, if this guy dies, I am going to die with him....]

"It's all done!"

Before I could say anything to him, I heard Horie Yuzuki's cry.

When I turned my head to look, a huge screen was divided into three soon, and the faces of Lee Myung-Joon, Evangeline Lohengrin, and Lee Ye-Eun appeared, respectively.

[Long time no see. Student Yoo Ji-Hyuk.]


I bowed my head slightly as he greeted me as if pleased.

He looked quite tired after seeing him after a long time.

[… Ye-Jeong.]


Evangeline looked at Jin Ye-Jeong and smiled slightly.

Meanwhile, perhaps finding something, she made a grim expression.

[Did you cry?]


Jin Ye-Jeong waved her hand as if saying, it's nothing.

"I yawned earlier. I'm very sleepy now that the tension is released."

When I peeked, Jin Ye-Seul was grinning and stroking Jin Ye-Jeong's back.

Evangeline nodded with a sour look, then soon found me and bowed slightly.


"Clan Head."

I bowed my head politely toward Lee Ye-Eun.

For now, as it was an official occasion, I was obligated to show respect to her.

"Then, since you are all busy people and time is also pressing, I'll start with the main topic. First, I have some pretty bad news...."

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I began to speak slowly, meeting all three of their gazes.

"The Seven Evil on Five Streets, there is not much left until the seal of that Seven Evil is lifted."

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