The Academy’s Weapon Replicator
Chapter 65.2: Level Up Part 2

Enfer closed his eyes briefly then opened them and said,

"That's right."


Malia called his name. It was a form of warning.

If Frondier didn't make it into the top 10 overall this semester, he would be expelled. Malia was aware of this too.

However, she considered it to be merely a motivation to improve Frondier's performance. She didn't take it seriously.

After all, what kind of father wishes for his son's expulsion?

"I understand that the final exams are coming up."

"That's right."

"I hope it will be a proper test this time."

Frondier's high ranking was merely because the test was easy. It was just Frondier's luck. There was no other reason.

Seeing Enfer so certain, Malia felt her temper flare for the first time in a while.

"Even if it's some kind of test, Frondier will fulfill the conditions. If the test is difficult, it would be difficult for all students."


It was then that Enfer finally noticed Malia.

Their gazes, too hostile to be that of a married couple, met.

"Has the standard of Constel fallen to the ground?"


"Even if Frondier manages to get good grades, making it into the top 10."

Malia's expression hardened, knowing what Enfer was about to say. Enfer was calm, without a flicker in his eyes.

"The expulsion of Frondier is decided."

* * *

[Analysis Complete]

[Target, Skill ‘Weaving’]

[Available for Viewing]

Returning to the mansion and freshening up, I was greeted by a welcome notification.

The analysis that had been ongoing for days was finally complete.

I opened my smartwatch to check the analyzed content of Weaving.


- The unique skill of Frondier de Roach.

- Possesses the functions of ‘Workshop’, ‘Duplication’, ‘Modification’, ‘Restoration’. Currently, the ‘Restoration’ function is locked. Level-up required.

- Currently, the skill's applicable targets are limited to ‘objects’. Level-up required.

- To level up, attempt more instances of simultaneous weaving or Weaving higher-grade targets.


- Currently, the unrelated trigger ‘Thanatos's Descent’ is attached as an option.

- When weaving affects reality for the first time, the trigger is activated.

- When weaving inflicts damage on ‘Outsider Beasts’, the trigger is activated.

- When weaving inflicts damage on a god, the trigger is activated.


While only a single line used to appear from Neil's short sword, this time, a considerable amount of data was output.

It's a good thing, but there's too much information coming in, and it's confusing.

"Wait, wait a minute. For now."

Let's check them one by one, carefully.

First, something newly discovered.

Weaving also has a function of 'Restoration.'

It involves putting the image and information of an object into the workshop, and in addition to replicating it, it's also possible to recover some objects.

I don't know why, but currently, this function is locked. It needs leveling up.

And second.

The fact that the current skill application is limited to objects means, in truth, weaving is possible in a broader scope, not just with objects.

...And third.

This skill has a 'descent' trigger embedded in it, unrelated to the original skill. Probably the work of a god.

Thanatos, the first god I encountered. When I made Gram using the Obsidian, he appeared before me. Because I triggered it.

If the weaving grows more, and I wound a monster outside.

Had I not known this trigger, I would have been dead without being able to move. The 'analysis' skill saved me.

"I need to remove the trigger."

At least before facing the monsters outside.

I have a 'modification' skill obtained by leveling up my weaving.

Since the trigger is just an option added to weaving, I can remove it by 'option removal.'

...But, for now, weaving targets only objects.

So, what I need to do now is to level up my weaving to expand its targets not just to objects but to skills as well, and then remove the trigger in the weaving through 'modification.'

And for leveling up, I need the repetition of simultaneous weaving and high-grade weaving.

In the end, my task remains the same. I just keep doing what I've always done.

However, knowing clearly what I will gain holds its value.

For now, it's simultaneous weaving.

The weapons I've put in the workshop are enough. Including the weapons from the Imperial armory, Neil's forge, I've swallowed all sorts of weapons by now.

That should be enough to Weaving all of this simultaneously.

Chapter 65.2: Level Up Part 2
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