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Chapter 636 5 days ago

Started of like the novel's extra but sudden plot twist. There was forshadowing that it wasn't actually as the MC thought it was but the reveil was kind of suprising. MC has too much plot armour for unknown reasons. MC should of gotten killed several times. Some of the writting forshadows events a bit to much like how a person suddenly has a flashback and that clearly is a deathflag. Author says it is finnishing soon.

Chapter 264 8 days ago

With the amazing rating I read up to ch 400 thinking it'll get better. The early chapters reminded me a lot of Demon prince goes to the academy but this got progressively worse. The plot twist was good but it kind of taken the story off the rails and it feels the author is stumbling to put a story together. 400 chapters in and the supporting characters all feel two dimensional. There's so much action in the recent chapters that we don't see much else. There's always foreshadowing but it feels like the author just likes to sprinkle them in an attempt to keep his options open.

Chapter 0 9 days ago

The best novel I read for now, first time I was able to read 600+ chapters of a novel, (I get bored easily, but this one got me stuck on the screen). The story starts really similarly to “Novel’s Extra” another pretty famous novel but then develops differently (In my opinion Author’s POV is better). The start is loaded of info, the author himself admits his faults, so try to endure for at least the first 40+ ch, the writing skills really gets better and better with every chapter. Regarding the mc, he is smart starts weaker than any other major side characters but slowly gets stronger, he isn’t OP but has the potential to become the best with time, he is not a pushover but early in the novel he has to hide his skills (don’t worry he won’t hide it forever the revealing chapters are so satisfying), his character develops a lot during the story and the same goes for the side characters. Another thing is yes it has romance it’s not a lot more like a perfect side dish to a perfect main course and the most important is NO it isn’t harem, honestly i found the romance in it really good, it’s not childish and the female lead is smart too she isn’t annoying or toxic, she loves the mc support him and knows how to respect boundaries. Last thing don’t think to know everything about what is going to happen with the MAIN plot because it has some sick twists and that’s what really impressed me. 10/10 really recommended

Chapter 628 12 days ago

So far the plot has been AMAZING! One of the best light novels I've ever read. Most likely it will become my favourite once the novel finishes :DDD

Chapter 241 12 days ago

This novel is awesome but it get boring wome time like i have haver total 243 chapter and the chapter until 200 were good and mc strength was increasing in a good pace but from the now it stating to get boring so i am taking a break from this novel and i am going to read my left out novel (lord of the mysteries)

  • LightningDragon
    Reader KP:18

    You should continue, it really gets better and better, he continues to grow stronger too

    9 days ago Reply
Chapter 636 14 days ago

Awsm just awsm The world build, character monlogues, plot twists. . . everything is amazing. After ORV this novel is something that throws you off with its plot.

Chapter 636 15 days ago

This novel made me go through so many emotions, it was beautiful, if I can describe this in one word it would be a Masterpiece, It also twisted my mind but that's okay.

Chapter 636 15 days ago

An interesting story that made me enjoy life more so that I behave like Ren If I want to continue, I will say that it was a novel that could make a person draw plans and plans to continue in his life like Ren

Chapter n/a 16 days ago

This is the definition of a good novel. Not only is the language good, it also does an excellent job at helping people picture what happening all while leaving room for your imagination to go wild. The way the author write is amazing from the characters' beginnings passing through their development stages to there current selves and how the became who they are at that moment, the ability to represent such deep emotions with words be it joy, sadness, excitement, despair and even pictures nostalgia and ptsd almost perfect. There is a reason for its rank and that rank is completely deserved and although it's already so good I hope it will not become any less entertaining.

Chapter n/a 16 days ago

The plot twists in this were sick, I've never felt this dumb ever since orv, I don't know who to hate as I grew to love the characters more. Just to be clear I'm not comparing the two as each have their own charms and I may not be that bright and have just recently started reading web novels but I'm honestly hooked. The author's improvement could be felt as the progress of the story goes and became alot more immersive than before. I can't wait to see what author nim has to show in the future chapters. I've read a few couple of novels in this site but this sure succeeded to make up my mind and finally make an account and write a review.