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Chapter 410 yesterday

One of my all time favorites. The world building is truly something to behold, and the story never disappoints. I just wish more chapters could be released sooner!

Chapter 241 2 days ago

I really like the novel overall the characters are good and the feelings you get throughout the entire novel and I like the transition it makes from a happy wholesome kind of story to a dark fantasy it makes sense and doesn’t feel forced.

Chapter n/a 2 days ago

Amazing mc and characters. The emotional scenes just hit you like a truck. The development is very realistic. One of my top 5 works of fiction.

Chapter 410 6 days ago

Very entertaining, at first I thought it was just another one of those mushoku tensei rip offs because of the first few chapters, but after giving some chance I became addicted to the point where I would always wait for Saturdays, MORE CHAPTERS TO COME PLEEEASSSEEEE UwU

Chapter 409 7 days ago

Best series . . We can see Author's hardwork really And not like some half assed story Good to be alive Sometimes it also works as comfortzone for me

Chapter 409 7 days ago

This is a work of art inso many ways. The character development is amazing and has kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time as the characters have changed so much. The world itself is very well thought out and I quite like how everything works. The magic just makes sense how everything develops is amazing. Like how Art gets certain powers just makes sense especially with the puzzles. I love this story beyond all else keep up the great work.

Chapter 409 8 days ago

I love how the story progresses, and everything is a plot twist at some point of the story. Like for example how arthur thinks about his old world and how he was a king and now he is called regend of dicathen.

Chapter 409 10 days ago

if I would explain this novel in a single word it would be "proofed" not "theoretical". The reason for this would be that there are no loopholes, as many of the magical elements are properly kind of explained so it's kinda feels real and not magical anymore

Chapter 406 11 days ago

Man just the thing I wanna read. Though a bit rough around the edges and a bit cliche its one the best out there along with many well renouned titles I just wish it goes on for a long time with regular updates and end with something i can say `yup not many comparing this shit`.

  • Mr_Sleepy
    Reader KP:115

    Seeing how you mention this novel as being a 'bit cliche', then that must mean you've actually discovered a novel with 0% cliche in it. May u recommend some (0% cliche)?

    3 days ago Reply
Chapter 398 12 days ago

This is awesome way too I have never seen anyone like it Though at the beginning I thought it was a copy of another manga I soon realize that this here is way too awesome I hope one-day I when I have a lot of cash help make it into an anime because the lessons are ground breaking