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Getcelwalt 3
Chapter n/a yesterday

Waiting for the novel to end, so that I can finish it. Read upto the part where he goes to the other continent after the war and is traveling. Pretty good and has a convincing war arc

CarterStoller 1
Chapter 427 yesterday

My favorite book I can not even explain how much I love this book it is so interesting and I am always there when new chapter come out even if it’s at 4 in the morning

Amaterasu 1
Chapter 424 yesterday

One of the best manhwa I have ever read in my life. All characters are well thought through and have great character development. Author has really put a great deal of effort in its making, kudos to him.

ShyFR 1
Chapter 427 2 days ago

Sat in my bed the entire winter vacation just reading this and having fun. First book to ever give me chills while reading it. I recommend this to anyone that's bored

gabrielreads 1
Chapter 419 2 days ago

Pros Fights World building Main Character development Side character development Long chapters Good grammar Interesting plot Cons Weekly release Drawn out sometimes

Chapter 427 2 days ago

One of the best wb novel you can read on this site. It is already written in english so you won't need to worry about release dates. Ps. For almost 200 chapters, we can (probably) finally see you back. Welcome home Sylv.

MikoX 1
Chapter 400 3 days ago

I hated reading books etc. But this masterpiece changed everything. This is the best thing that hapend to me since i was a kid. Thanks to it I have a motivation to train so i go to gym like everyday.

Seeker101 2
Chapter 392 3 days ago

Well the MC sacrifice himself too much for his loved ones, it's still heart breaking that even after doing everything he can, its still not enough. I loved it, this MC is exactly like thr hero I highly admire. Give it a good read and I'm sure it's worth your time. 👍

sardeflopr 1
Chapter 410 4 days ago

It’s perfect it gives the mc actual development but the only problems I have with it is all he has is a lot of fems the only male friend close to his age is Elijah/Nico and nico still hate him

lamedude1432 1
Chapter 139 4 days ago

Definitely better then the manhua of it, has great writing and can capture the feelings of characters very well. Great read for anyone into fantasy magic type stuff.