The Book Eating Magician
The Book Eating Magician

The Book Eating Magician

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The Book Eating Magician novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author McEnroe. 400 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


[‘Lightning Magic Primer’ has been consumed. Your understanding is very high.] [The 2nd Circle magic ‘Lightning Bolt’ has been acquired.] The unprecedented magician who will eat all the magic books of the world has appeared !

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  • Spookyeggz

    What is the LN chapter of the manhwa chapter 67?


    [/Red tower Master, Sylvia, Elleona + Friend ship with Blue Dragon]

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  • C0lourless

    I feel you brother

  • Indra21

    Please tell me it doesn't have harem. I am already not liking Sylvia sticking to Theodore like glue Urgggggggh... Ha how i wish the protagonist would like only one person 😔😔

    • InnkO

      I feel like 2 would be good/more than enough, but we got stories goin 7+ fsr.

  • ClottedCreamCookie

    Truly, one of the best light novels. It has a great blend between modern and mythological elements. If I were to rate it out of 100, I would give it a solid 93. ; )

  • Rijadah

    What happened to the mc's elf love interest?

  • tun27

    What can I say about this novel is just amazing. The idea, concept, theme of the novel is original. In the later chapter, the concept of the seven deadly sins as the main villains is great. Each of the sin is not easy to be defeated always hard fought. This show how important the main villain to the story. Although there is something that did not sit well with me like how a strong character like sylvia is less mention and become more pitiful to the end of the story. Even though, she is said to be the genius of the century. She is use in the story to further the story but not as much to thicken the plot like how she is use by lust to get theo gene but her appearance not much in the novel except for the earlier part of the novel. Adellia and aquilo has more appearance than her but she is included in the harem nonetheless.

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    • SathvikG

      The ending is bit sad, I mean his loved ones will all die while he only will be alive to say it hurts to just think that.

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      • MomThisIsMyWork

        Can you please put a spoiler tag on it. Not to be annoying but you could ruin the story for someone.

  • Nightside

    from which chapter should i start reading after the first season of manhwa ended?

  • KyleDustineAlcantara

    Done reading it. Amazing story and the MC

  • Aztecccccc

    Who did the mc end up with?