The Bored Immortal
Chapter 529: Having No Powers Sucks

"Please don't. You have helped us enough. You don't have to risk your life again," Aelita said, feeling concerned that he might die if he fought without being able to use his odic force.

Or was he really a…

"It's fine. This wouldn't be my first time," Viktor said as he put his fists up, though he knew he was probably going to lose against these Void Force users.

"How futile. Nothing is going to change," Yavet said with a scoff as he and five of his followers charged at Aelita and Viktor.

Aelita still didn't want Viktor to get hurt, so she jumped up into the air as her Void Hammer shone with dark purple light and brought it down right upon Yavet and his followers.

Yavet's eyes widened as he quickly stepped back just as the Void Hammer struck the floor in front of him, giving out powerful shockwaves that pushed him and his followers back.

Aelita was panting already and could see that her attacks weren't as powerful as usual due to how exhausted she was. She hated herself for fighting within the sacred temple, but she knew if she did not defend it, then she would have failed not only her god but also her father.

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Viktor saw one of Yavey's followers getting blasted to the side and seemed to be the most tired of the lot. He quickly grabbed a big rock from the debris Aelita's hammer created and rushed toward the man who was struggling to get up. It seemed like he was the one who took most of the brunt from the shockwaves.

"UNGH!" The man grunted in pain as his head smashed against the floor. He was too disoriented as he tried to get up and wasn't able to sense Viktor coming up from behind him.

"How many times should I hit for you to die?" Viktor asked as he bashed the man's head again and again as blood finally came dripping out.

He kept smashing his head until the man's skull caved in, and his body finally stopped moving.

"Phew…Fighting without powers suck…" Viktor said as he wiped the droplets of sweat that had trickled down his forehead. If these guys were ordinary humans, Viktor wouldn't have had to try so hard. But even an injured Void Force user was definitely multiple times harder to kill with just his human strength.

Yavet was startled to see how Viktor brutally killed one of his followers, like killing some animal. His face became dark as he looked at Aelita and shouted at her, "You blame me for bringing outsiders when a hypocrite like you is taking the help of monsters like him. Tell me how long you have befriended this vampire? What were you planning to do with him?"

"You have no idea what you are talking about. I never asked for anything from him, nor did I know him before today. But he is kind enough to help us out since he knows who is at the right here. The real monster is you turned against our father and…" Aelita's voice became shaky as she was unable to complete her sentence.

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Yavet clenched his jaw as he wiped off the blood trickling down his lips, "Don't be a fool like your father, Aelita. Don't make me kill you. Your struggle is futile," Yavet smirked as he saw Death Queen entering the temple but then grimaced upon seeing what she was dragging behind.

"You…" Umilia, who was watching the entrance, saw her come in just as she expected. But she frowned when she saw Death Queen dragging a huge net behind her, and within that net were trapped Aelita's father and his people. All of them were gravely injured and barely conscious.

"I had to try quite hard to not kill them," Death Queen said as she hurled the trap net towards the side.

"Father!" Aelita's eyes teared up in relief and pain. She was relieved that he and her people were alive but seeing all of them seriously injured, she felt her chest cave in. She wanted to rush toward them and free them but knew that she couldn't do that without defeating Yavet and the others.

"I did say that, but I didn't tell you to bring them here. What is the point of that?!" Yavet said with a frustrated look since he wanted to dishearten Aelita by making her think their father was dead.

Death Queen crossed her arms and said in a chilling cold voice, "You dare to tell me what to do? I didn't kill them because of what you said but because I didn't feel like it. Why kill them now when I can kill them later and let them witness the death of their own people and culture. Killing them at that point would satisfy me more."

"How sadistic and cruel can you be?" Umilia couldn't help but ask as she looked at this woman made out of darkness.

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Death Queen looked at her and raised her chin, "Saintess, you can never judge Death. One day you will understand that."

"You are right. But you are just an evil incarnate of death, and evil like you will be judged by me," Umilia said as she stood before her to stop her from intervening in Aelita and Viktor's battle.

Death Queen coldly scoffed as she said, "Without your sacred light, you wish to pass judgment on me?"

Umilia ignored her words as the two walked towards each other and clashed with just their fists.

"Argh!" Aelita grimaced in pain as Yavet and his followers blasted Aelita away with their Void Force attacks.

She was distracted by her father and her people's condition when Yavet and his followers attacked her.

"Aelita!" Viktor tried to run up to her to help her up, but Yavet clicked his tongue and threw one of his daggers at Viktor, "Just get out of my way!"

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"Fuck!" Viktor tried to dodge the dagger, but it was fast as lightning and groaned in pain as the dagger punctured his waist, making him fall to the ground.

"I got it!" However, to his relief, Taya's voice echoed in the hall as she picked up the Void Ring in her hand, as everybody looked up with a stupefied expressions.

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