The Bored Immortal
Chapter 530: No Point In All This Struggle

Everybody was surprised when they looked up and saw a human picking up the Void Ring, which was radiating a dark purple light.

Yavet and his followers were the most shocked as they didn't expect a Regular to beat Dark Phoenix to get the ring first. They knew Dark Phoenix couldn't use his abilities, but it just wasn't something they saw coming, especially her intervention.

Before she got the ring, Taya's heart was thumping against her chest in fear that she may not make it in time and let down Viktor.

But when she finally got her hands on this mystical ring, she was glad that she was finally able to be of help to Viktor and not let him down when he needed her help.

Dark Phoenix had only finished climbing as he stood on the knee of the giant statue. He raised his finger at her and said in a deep, cold tone, "Give that ring to me, and I will consider letting you go."

"No...don't....Ungh..." Aelita tried to get up, but she fell down before she could stand and groaned in pain as her body suffered the brunt of Yavet and his follower's constant attacks.

Her body was severely bruised all over as blood trickled down her lips.

The backlash from using her Void Arts for an extended period of time was also burdening her body heavily.

Viktor grimaced as he pulled out the dagger from his waist and slowly got up while putting pressure on his bloody wound. He was worried for Taya since Dark Phoenix was standing right in front of her.

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He couldn't remember the last time he felt so tense and anxious and shouted, "Put that ring on and get him!"

Viktor actually didn't want her to put on the ring since he didn't know if it might have any consequences, considering it was a forbidden magical ring. But of all the scenarios he thought in his mind, the only way to ensure her survival against Dark Phoenix was by putting on the ring.

Taya didn't bother to think much and frantically slid the Void Ring onto her ring finger.

"No!" Dark Phoenix shouted but didn't dare to take a step forward to see what would happen.

Taya squinted her eyes, expecting the worst as she put on the ring. She knew that she was just an ordinary human being and didn't know what would happen to her if she were to put on this ring.

Everybody else also held their breath upon seeing her put on the ring.

Chief Tamo stirred awake along with a few of his people trapped with him. They saw this woman putting on the ring. However, his eyes shook upon seeing his injured daughter, and he feebly called out, "Aelita..."

"Father!" Aelita's attention was drawn away by her father's weak voice, and she crawled toward him to help him out.

"As expected...a Regular can't hope to use such a powerful ring," Death Queen remarked with a shake of her head.

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"No...why..." Viktor mumbled with a crestfallen look since he thought the Void Ring would grant power to Taya to at least save herself. Wasn't that the whole purpose of Void Force Arts? To let those without odic force use it? Or was he mistaken?

Taya's expression fell as she realized that she wasn't feeling any different and wondered if it was because she was just a human.

Dark Phoenix's posture relaxed upon seeing that nothing had happened, and he said in a deep voice, "I told you...It was a waste of time. An ordinary human like you isn't worthy to invoke its true power."

Taya's expression contorted into one of disappointment in herself.

But she hardened her eyes and assumed a fighting stance as she said, "Maybe, but that doesn't mean you are worthy of it. I won't let you wear this ring."

"Shit!" Viktor didn't want her to fight someone like him, and in desperation, he threw the dagger in his hand right at Dark Phoenix.

The speed at which he threw the dagger would make it impossible for an ordinary person to dodge in time.

But Dark Phoenix casually tilted his head forward as the dagger missed its mark and fell down after striking a wall.

"Fuck!" Viktor looked at Aelita to ask for her help, but she was in a worse condition and couldn't even stand. Umilia can't fly or use her powers, just like him. And even if she could, Death Queen was standing right in front of her, and with Yavet and his followers, it only made things seem impossible.

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"Taya..." Umilia was also greatly worried seeing Taya facing that powerful champion. Even without his powers, a champion can't be underestimated.

"Just give the ring to him and come down! It isn't worth it," Viktor finally shouted, even though he felt that someone like Dark Phoenix might still try to kill her after getting the ring.

Aelita felt regretful that she had put their guests in such a situation, especially Taya, whom she had known for a long while.

She swallowed some of her blood as she grabbed her father's hands through the net and mumbled, "Father...I am sorry...I failed us all..." She didn't even have enough strength to break free her father and her people.

Chief Tamo shook his head and held her hands firmly, "You haven't...Don't worry...The Nameless Knight will always protect us no matter how bad things get..." He said with a look of reverence as he raised his head to gaze at the giant statue of his god, making his people cry and press their foreheads against the cold floor as if praying for help.

Taya heard Viktor and sighed as she slowly removed the Void Ring from her finger. She knew even if she knew how to fight, she couldn't defeat beings who had combat experience gained over centuries. She already realized it after sparring with Viktor countless times without him using his abilities.

Drake Phoenix nodded as if in approval, "Wise choice. See how easy this is. There was no point in all this struggle," Saying so, he raised his palm, waiting for her to give the ring to him.

Taya removed the Void Ring and was about to pass it over to him when she suddenly twisted her body around and threw it right towards Viktor, "Viktor, take it!"

"You stupid woman!" Dark Phoenix roared as he pushed her off the statue in a fit of rage.

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"NO!" Viktor shouted as the reflection of the Void Ring and the falling figure of Taya reflected in his eyes.

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