The Demon Prince goes to the Academy

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Chapter 240 10 days ago

The best tsundere you can find on this whole website so, yeah it's a masterpiece 😃 also the story is pretty good as well i guess that's worth mentioning

Chapter 240 10 days ago

The story is enjoyable and keeps me wanting more and it's length is pretty average per chapter so you can easily read it in a blink of an eye and feel like you want to know what happens next and knowing that it feels like a week or smth per chapter it makes me feel frustrated but the illustrations are nice tho and makes it easier to visualise

Chapter 204 11 days ago

9/10 very good story with enjoyable character only reason it isn't a 10 is because of the awful translation rate and sometimes it can be a bit cliche with the reincarnation game gui.

Chapter 235 19 days ago

Very enjoyable in my opinion although the translation rate is very slow, certain parts are a bit boring but it's very fun to read most of the time

Chapter n/a one month ago

First of all thanks for writing this you see I recently finding what I would do in my killing time and so it's pick my interest so I began to read it. What I'm trying to say is amazing and interesting. PS. Waiting for fast update, Author

Chapter 229 one month ago

It was good. it had slice of life with wholesome moment, fast paced action, the female leads have personality, the MC has personality too, it has funny moments too. so overral, it was good

SomeoneWhoIsBored (Banned)
Chapter 216 2 months ago

9/10 for me. im glad i started this novel definitely one of the best reads in a while. I definitely recommend giving this novel a go. Even if u dont like the harem tag here the harem is expressed so realistically and the characters are so fleshed out that they truly feel alive. amazing storyline always keeps me hyped up. overall great work author!

Chapter 215 2 months ago

I have really enjoyed reading 'the demon prince. . . ' so far. The characters are fun and not dull, except for maybe Ellen, I just don't understand the emotionless girl trope. Luckily the story isn't unbearably centred on her. The plot and world are very immersive and engaging. The fight scenes are also pretty good but not mind blowing. What the story fails at is the starting 5-10 chapters, where I was contemplating dropping but I am glad that I didn't so. If you manage to get past the initial chapters you will be pleasantly surprised. I definitely recommend this to people who enjoy any of the tags of 'the demon prince' except maybe slice of life cause there is alot of training and action.

Chapter n/a 2 months ago

It is really one of the best novel that I have ever read, when I couldn't wait for the chapter and read the spoiler to the ending, I thought that till later this will become worse but NO, even though I don't like the harem ending, it is still satisfying in the end.

  • Chaolao

    That's quite a spoilers there bud.

Chapter n/a 3 months ago

Honestly, not for everyone I don’t think. The mc has a very strong personality which could lead to being miserable if you don’t like it. But if you do as I do, then there’s really nothing more entertaining then the way the aurthur puts him in different positions and uses his various relationships to advance the plot. Not to mention how satisfying it is to watch him grow as a character. For me, this book is definitely a 10/10