The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp
The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp

The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp

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The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Romance, and Sports genres. Written by the Author Green Plum Sauce. 216 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Chief tactician Lin Yan entered an e-sports novel. At this time, there was still a whole year to go before the original plot started.

The big devil who would frighten people in the future was still a thin-skinned little anchor; the disaster who once disturbed the e-sports circle was playing as an accompanying player; the best healer was sitting on the cold bench of a third-rate team; the strongest king at shooting his mouth off offended the media and his black materials were flying all over the place…

They would shine as the plot progressed but unfortunately, their teams weren’t strong enough. In the end, they couldn’t escape the fate of a cannon fodder.

Lin Yan couldn’t bear to see these talents being wasted. The e-sports professional reality show started and he spent money to set up the GH Club, moving from east to west to select his team.

The variety fans: ??? Is this ‘Go Home’ team picking up the junk?

This lasted until all the opponents were coughing up blood at GH’s tactics and could only watch GH get a ticket to the professional league.

The entire e-sports circle knew that apart from their captain Jing Yuanzhou, the entire GH team was a group of barely qualified variety show players not worth paying attention to. As a result, this toxic team swept through the field and reached the top in their first year of the league.

When the media interviewed GH: Captain Jing, why did you agree to Coach Lin and joined GH?

Jing Yuanzhou: He pestered me every day saying ‘I want you’. It was really difficult to turn down such great kindness.

Lin Yan: “???”

Check the salary deduction warning.

The entire Internet went crazy: Parental love is real!!!

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  • AndrezaPatricia 1


  • Okcigens 1

    All i can say is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 10/10

  • lnwUser22707 1

    This is cool, it has like all if not most elements of popular moba novels with bl

  • HotEclipse 1

    Thank you Author, Translator, Proofreader and everyone who contributed to make this masterpiece. I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter and although I rarely post a review, I want to take this chance to say how good this story is. The mind games and the tactical analysis was one of my most favorite ones especially Coach Lin's decision in BP process. To the GH team, you deserve all the love and success you are receiving. Thank you so much for making my days happy.

  • Klimintin 2

    Dayum. The last chapter really got me like a fish squirming in the shore, suffocating from the overloading sweetness of Lin Yan and Jing!!!! AHHH-- 😂😂 It's really a good novel! Recommended! Lin Yan was so witty and cunning too. Jing was a beast but respectful ML 💖💖💖 I had a good read. Thank you!

  • Integerbetween3and4 1

    Go Home... And read this!!! Hahahahahha

  • lnwUser79668 1

    This novel is very good. I like it. It's a horror novel that's fun to read. And like to have comedy inserted. I want to know how will the protagonist and Mr. Ek come to like each other?. Hurry up and continue to update. In conclusion, I like it 😍💕😍💕❤❤❤ Thank you 🙏💕 for bringing this novel.

    • MakanCheese 1

      I think you commented on the wrong thing this has nothing to do with horror but is about gaming and has bl. . . Don't know what your reading!?😂

      • XiuminKim 1

        You got them wrong the person said "like" a horror fun to read.