The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp

Chapter 88.2: The E-Sports Circle's Toxic Assembly CampChapter 88.2

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Jian Ye didn’t understand.

“This type of qualification where there is a bit of success is still the second team or a substitute. It doesn’t make any difference if he signs to our team directly.” Lin Yan explained patiently. “The only difference is that we don’t have a regular substitute lineup. He doesn’t need to report to the team every day. He can go to school and continue to study normally. He just needs to run over occasionally when we need a substitute. After the university entrance examination is over and he is admitted to university, he can apply for a one or two year suspension from university. Once the time comes, if he wants to stay then he can continue to stay. If he doesn’t want to stay, I can arrange a transfer.”

It had to be said that this was indeed a good result and Jian Ye was stunned. “Coach, is this really okay?”

Lin Yan laughed. “I have the final say on this matter. After all, the team really does need to arrange one or two substitutes in case of emergencies.”

Jian Ning actually knew how difficult it was for Jian Ye to raise himself all the way to his third year of high school. He might be angry but he really couldn’t give up on his brother’s years of hard work.

Now that he heard Lin Yan’s words, it was impossible not to feel moved but his mouth was still stubborn. “There are so many teams to choose from. Who wants to go to your broken team?”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow slightly. “I thought you would be happy to be in a team with your brother?”

Jian Ning snorted. “I don’t want to be on a team with him.”

“Okay, I won’t force it if you don’t want to. Come to think of it, it will be really troublesome if you have such a bad relationship and you become teammates.” Lin Yan didn’t mean to force others at all. “That’s fine. Regard it as me not saying anything. You can decide your family matters yourself.”

Jian Ning hadn’t thought Lin Yan would give up so easily and he was completely stunned. “Hey, this guy…”

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Lin Yan looked over curiously. “What’s the matter? Didn’t you say that you don’t want to be on a team with your brother?”

Jing Yuanzhou saw that the child was about to explode and couldn’t help giving Lin Yan an amused look.

Jian Ning was indeed about to explode. However, he was completely blocked. His face was red and it took him a long time to squeeze out a sentence in a humiliated manner. “In fact… it isn’t unbearable to be on the same team.”

Jian Ye wondered, “So what do you mean?”

Lin Yan clapped his hands together. “Welcome to our new member.”

Jian Ning had a free status and didn’t belong to any club. This meant he didn’t need to wait until the transfer period. After returning to Ningcheng, Luo Mo went to register him as a player.

At present, the minimum requirement for the league was for players to be 13 years or older. Jian Ning’s situation meant he just needed his guardian Jian Ye to sign and he became GH’s sixth member.

As for the Nancheng gangsters who liked to make trouble from time to time, Lin Yan didn’t forget to call Brother Wei and asked him to find a friend to greet them and help take care of the newcomer to their team.

The Burning Hot League released a new player certification message that night and the managers of other teams were completely taken aback when they saw it.

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Not every passerby player had the potential to become a professional player but there was no doubt that Labor and Capital could rely on playing solo to reach the top of the national server. Regardless of how the major teams recruited him, they didn’t get the slightest response from this passerby king. As a result, he turned around and joined the new team, GH directly. The senior managers of the major clubs found it a bit hard to accept.

If everyone hadn’t thought much of GH after the variety show ended, now they suddenly looked back and found that the team had become so strong before they knew it.

Jing Yuanzhou and Bi Yaohua were already absolutely top players. However, looking at the three positions of jungler, mid-laner and support, it could be said that the entire GH team had no obvious weaknesses from top to bottom. They were already difficult to deal with and now there was the strong addition of a passerby king. The phrase ‘world champions’ taken as a joke in the beginning now had a certain taste of potential.

At present, the regular season had been going on for two weeks and there were a total of five teams with complete winning records in the rankings. They were Three, PAY, BK, LDF and GH. The rankings inevitably caused another heated discussion on the Internet.

[So the strength of the GH team can match these giants?]

[Look at the teams that GH met in the past two week. They are just closing their eyes and sending points!]

[I’m laughing to death. Do you remember at the beginning of the autumn competition where some people said that the GH team will be the experience baby of every other team?]

[I have one thing to say. Isn’t SUU a strong team? The GH team won simply and neatly!]

[Forget a foreign aid team like SUU. You have to look at the all-Chinese class.]

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[Nationality doesn’t affect strength thank you.]

[The matches in the first two weeks really have no reference value. The last two weeks are the highlights.]

[That is true. None of the four giants have been met in the first two weeks. They are all left for the back.]

[The third week is about to start and there will be a good show. If I remember correctly, GH’s opponents next week seems to be BK and Three, right?]

[Fans of the Go Home team should wait to be face slapped. Believe it or not, let see how your team goes home after they finish playing this week.]

[Fuck, Titans is playing against BK? Ahhhhh, no! My youth is over!]

However, the Korean division also finished the second week of the league and the professional teams finally started acting. Over the weekend, a group of South Korean players flocked. The already fierce competition in the national server instantly heated up and this attracted online attention away from the autumn competition.

For the South Korean players who came here, the domestic professional teams responded very aggressively. The professional players of each team converged their usual playing around mentality in the rankings. After completing the team training, they spent almost all the time formally investing in the competition for the rankings.

After all, people had come to the door and no one wanted to be hit in the face.

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Lin Yan could never be absent from this type of collective fun gathering. It was just that before joining this smoke-filled battlefield, he had to solve something more important first. As stated on the Internet, the last two weeks of the regular season were the real hell mode.

On the first day of the third week, they would face their next opponent—the BK team. Before this, the two teams had played several training matches and they already had a good understanding of each other’s strengths. Still, a training match was a training match after all. Once on the field, this type of private competition would only have a weak reference point.

Lin Yan held a few tactical meetings and didn’t forget to give the players a temporary ban from the rankings to maintain their state. He didn’t forget to call Jian Ning, their new substitute, to lead their team in the rankings. [@PPA: Jian Ning, your first task after becoming a professional player is here. Have you heard of the Korean players coming to the national server these days? Your brothers here have to prepare the match so you will represent our team first. Oh, by the way, remember to finish your homework before playing the game.]

At this time, Jian Ning should’ve just finished school. The reply came back quickly and the content was as arrogant as ever. [How to do it? Is first in the national server enough?]

Amidst the ‘hahaha’ of the other players, Lin Yan replied: [I’m very satisfied. Try to keep it up. Your brothers will come to play with you after tomorrow’s match. Be good.]

Jian Ning sent an angry expression. [Don’t treat me like a child!]

It was the day of the match.

The BK team was now so familiar with GH that they didn’t forget to come to the lounge before the game. The first thing Ku Tianlu did after walking into the lounge was to look around in a very curious manner. “Haven’t you signed the current passerby king? Where is he?”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at him. “Why are you looking for him?”

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“I’m just curious.” Ku Tianlu remembered the series of news he had heard in the past few days and smiled. “I heard that this friend turned down the invitations of several rich teams before and didn’t even give a reason for the rejection. As a result, he suddenly joined GH. Isn’t it natural to want to take a look?”

“It is understandable,” Jing Yuanzhou replied. “However, it isn’t necessary.”

Ku Tianlu choked and he couldn’t help lamenting. “Captain Jing, you have really changed.”

“Don’t blame me. He is busy and didn’t come today. It’s not that I’m refusing to let you see him.”

Ku Tianlu wondered, “What is he so busy with that he didn’t even come to the match?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s tone had no fluctuations. “He is busy swimming in the ocean of knowledge.”

Ku Tianlu showed an expression of consternation. “He’s actually a student?”

Lin Yan finally couldn’t listen to him any longer and looked up from the phone. “You are the captain of the BK team. The two teams are about to play yet you are walking around our lounge. Isn’t this a bit unsuitable?”

Then he glanced at the corner. “There is still another one over there. This crybaby, stay away from our team’s cutie. If you want to find someone to play with then come back after the match. Can you still retain a bit of a fighting atmosphere?”

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Lan Min was lying on the sofa watching Gu Luo playing Tetris and he couldn’t help muttering, “You aren’t discussing any tactics and we’re just playing a bit. Why so stingy?”

“Who says there is no discussion of tactics?” Lin Yan lazily replied. “How can we discuss it if you don’t go?”

This attitude of driving out guests was too obvious and Ku Tianlu had to helplessly pull Lan Min’s collar to leave.

He had just arrived at the door when he remembered something. “By the way, did you read the news in the group last night? Will your team also participate in the joint fight against South Korea?”

“Of course. If it wasn’t for the need to beat you today, we would’ve gone there passionately last night,” Lin Yan answered quietly. “Isn’t our attitude of fighting on the front line obvious enough? We already have an active player at the top of the national server. Rather than mobilizing us, you should work hard yourselves!”

He didn’t forget to smile at them. “Jiayou.”

Ku Tianlu, “……”

What nonsense about his team member actively working hard and becoming the number one in the national server? Obviously, he took the ready-made first in the national server and made it the team’s player!

Lin Yan saw that Ku Tianlu didn’t move and patiently asked, “Is there anything else?”

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“Nothing!” Ku Tianlu endured the blood rising in his chest and held the door while bidding farewell. “We… see you on the field!”

He walked out of the GH lounge and couldn’t help reminding Lan Min, “Mini, in future matches against GH, you shouldn’t come see your master before the match.”

Lan Min looked blank. “Why?”

Ku Tianlu was a bit envious of such innocence while he became more and more exhausted. “Their coach is too damn good at messing with people’s mentality before the match!”

Lan Min, “?”

Was this the case?

The author has something to say:

The strongest sixth player is in place!

By the way, the origin of the WeChat ID: Labor and Capital= Laozi = Dad = PAPA= the more elegant PPA.

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So now it is Brother Gun and Brother Pa. (Rainbow Turtle: Gun can mean roll/get lost while Pa can mean crawl/climb/get up. So author’s joke is Brother Roll and Brother Crawl/Climb)

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