The Empress’ Livestream
The Empress’ Livestream

The Empress’ Livestream

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The Empress’ Livestream novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Comedy, and Gender Bender genres. Written by the Author Quick-fried Mushroom. 781 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Jiang Pengji got something called the Court Intrigue Stream System.
System: “Your goal is to become the most prestigious woman in the kingdom (the Queen)!”
Jiang Pengji: “Okay, System. No problem!”
Years later, she met the target by becoming the most prestigious woman (the Empress).
Jiang Pengji: “Well done, no?”

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  • Elluin 1

    is this dropped?

  • nessiesmith2012 1

    I was looking forward to this novel since it was said to have a strong female. At chapter 27 I just can't stomach the amount of pampering this chick gives to any and all pretty girls. Like have a specific type if you are going to throw that much pampering out, not just "she is cute ... I will serve her for life just to see her lips turn upwards just for a second" that is vomit inducing. Rather it be a male or lead female that behavior is over the top and gross. Reason? Because she is a female from an advanced civilization but treats other female like weak loli dolls that must be protected..... Your not respecting females at all with that behavior. In fact its the opposite. It reads slimy misogynistic behavior to me. For if you respect females you don't treat them like fragile china that a breeze would crack. You would treat them like a human not an object. And worse its shallow as well. She isnt favoring these girls because they are special, nope just pretty.

    • Medical 1

      Hi just an aside thats an ancient era you know if women show any abilty to men its likely theyll be single or viewed as cursed or worse.

  • MartialAncestor 1

    OP female lead