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Arbuz 5
Chapter n/a 13 days ago

The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich is a unique and entertaining novel that takes the standard reincarnation plot and adds several interesting twists and turns, making it stand out from other similar stories. The characters are diverse and well-developed, and the plot is engaging and thought-provoking. The humour and wit are consistently present throughout the story, making it a fun and enjoyable read. The MC is a complex and dynamic character, who is not afraid to use any means necessary to achieve his goals, while also being able to adapt to the ever-changing political landscape of the world. He is a master manipulator and strategist, who is constantly thinking several steps ahead of his opponents. This makes for an engaging and thrilling read, as the reader is constantly kept on their toes trying to predict the MC's next move. The story is not just about cultivation, but also about politics, power struggles, and survival in a ruthless world. It's a must-read for fans of complex and dynamic characters, and for those who enjoy stories about political intrigue and manipulation.

Karlaloompa 2
Chapter 841 17 days ago

Fun and humour-filled read. I really like Roland as a character and his adventure of avoiding calamity. The first 50 chapters suck, bit of slog to get through but after that it ramps up. The ending wasn’t a conclusion, it’s just a set up for the sequel which I plan on reading in the future. Though the sequel focuses on a different protag so it’ll prob be awhile till we meet the Roland and characters surrounding him again. Near the end of the holy war it was sad to see that all the time spent on making his 4 swords was all for naught after what seems that they were destroyed (also when tf did Roland get the ingredients needed to make the law sword?). This review sucks so if you have any questions about the novel I’ll answer to the best of my ability below.

ObsidianPigman 3
Chapter 479 one month ago

It's a wonderful book, but I don't think I'm ever finishing it. I've read until the end of the hell arc, and I think that it wraps up most story threads well enough until now. It's hella funny, but also a tough read, especially the first 80 chapters or so. With so much going on, and having forgotten so many details needed for the plot going forward (I took a few months break after that tense hell battle arc), I'm happy just pretending that's (sort of) a happy ending for the book, because I'd be hella confused continuing, but I can't go back and read all that info dump again. Best wishes to the community, and my highest comedy recommendation.

PandemonioDC 1
Chapter 841 5 months ago

It's damn funny, and there are some pretty original ideas some story arcs go down a bit, but for better or worse it made me laugh until the final chap. I would say a good 9/10 would have a higher ranking if it hadn't been concluded.

Davebobman 0
Chapter 1 8 months ago

Honestly, it is a really great read but I will readily admit that most people probably won't be interested in going through the whole thing. 800+ chapters is a LOT to get through and unless you like the core concepts as much as I did you probably won't finish. That being said, most people could probably make it through the first major arc (200-300 chapters?) and still have a fairly enjoyable read. A general overview of the story (no major spoilers) is that you have an OP smart, scheming MC that is mostly successful at saving everyone despite absurdly bad luck and numerous self-dug pitfalls. The "harem" that gradually builds up is mostly one-sided - with the MC doing whatever he can to avoid ending up in a relationship. The comedy from those two is top-tier and the serious aspect is also done extremely well. The reason the story goes on for 800+ chapters is probably because the author is a bit of a completionist. Almost all of the plot points receive some sort of resolution. It is honestly surprising how few were left incomplete when you consider how there are thousands of them. On top of that, every character that gets named (even in passing) that doesn't immediately die will inevitably show up in the story. They will probably show up at least 2-3 times and could even be a regularly recurring character for the rest of an arc. I personally enjoyed the way it constantly jumped between the various plots/character and it definitely strengthened the impression of the MC as an omnipresent schemer. The story can certain take leaps at time and is definitely unpredictable but it is at least somewhat grounded. You can generally look back at all the previously revealed information and extrapolate how that resulted in the current predicament but you would probably find it difficult to make many accurate guesses about where the story will head to next.

goodDesign 0
Chapter 1 9 months ago

My favourite WEB novel as of yet. Funny MC without plot armor, sly, cruel and kind within his reasonable human limits. Truly fresh experience, characters felt real and evolving. This is a "serious" novel and not in the sense that's it's heavy, but rather that it's world building, characters and plot are well planned, connected and with some depth. My top novel(unordered): This Sss class suicide hunter The beginning after the end

Patikekfad 1
Chapter 1 one year ago

My favourite novel as of yet. The ending is somehow satisfying, not rushed but felt necessary. The beginning might seem like it some kind of jokster but it is intimately connected to who or what the main character is. Most of the time the MC describes himself als a comedic relief character, but when other characters give their opinion on the MC or the MC becomes serious, It becomes really really cool. Characters are memorable. I do have to warn that there is kind off an info dump at the beginning but honestly after the first 200 chapters the novel really starts taking off. Roland, the MC is the slyest motherfucker in the universe, and it doesn't feel like plot armour at all.

jarrettdudley3044 1
Chapter 1 one year ago

This novel is extraordinarily good at world building, explaining the world and making you get a sense for it. The characters are okay, besides some of the main characters a lot of the others are one dimensional. Overall a really good read if you have the time.

Mako 0
Chapter 1 one year ago

There are some massive issues here. If you dislike shitty porno jokes and retarded characters, don’t read this novel. This novel could be split in two phases. One in which the author really nails what he’s trying to get at, and does a fantastic job displaying the characters and plot, and the other consisting of our MC being abused physically and mentally by the love interests, followed by some lame joke ( most commonly about sex ), ruining the flow of the story. I know the story isn’t meant to be taken all that seriously, but I didn’t find a single joke in the first 100 chapters to be even remotely funny. I’m sorry, but I can’t with this one.

  • IngrainedIntel 1

    Sex joke go brrrrr

NastiarOfShu 0
Chapter 1 2 years ago

Eh, this novel is really fun!! Haha!!! The story itself is absurd, but somehow it keeps me laughing! His own Mc is so shameless, but I really like it when the MC gets serious.