The Female Lead Has No Cheats

Chapter 166: Molest your ass! Are you a devil? (2)

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As a result, many stars wanted to go on the show no matter what, all so they could use it as a stepping stone. Zhou Yuhuai was very strict when it came to star selection. They had to be physically fit and willing to do hard work. Anyway, there were a lot of requirements. A physical fitness test is also required to participate in his program. If you fail, then you will not be able to participate in the program as a guest.

Li Murou and Zhou Yuhuai had a good relationship and the two shared a great friendship. During the first episode, Zhou Yuhuai tried to invite Lu Murou, but she politely declined so she could plan her restaurant.

Now, not only did she want to go, she wanted Lin Yueqi to go with her as well.

Lin Yueqi currently weighs 75 kilos so she definitely won’t be as photogenic as her. She does food videos online and had a decent fan base. She was also affectionately called a “fairy goddess” by netizens.

And she has also been to many mountains and forests in order to search for the most original ingredients and also had experience in jungles. If she can turn every forest ingredient in the recording into miracles, then the audience will definitely be amazed.

The biggest point of the documentary is to test the ability of the guests to survive in the wild. If any of the guests were lagging behind, they will definitely get scolded. On the other hand, if any guest performed well, even a regular guest can hold their hands around the fans and become popular across half the continent.

Li Murou had the help of a golden finger so she was no afraid of this documentary. In contrast, an ordinary person like Lin Yueqi will probably be crushed into nothing by her.

Of course, Li Murou’s main purpose was not to compare with Lin Yueqi, but so that she could show Lu Ting Lin Yueqi’s bad points, and to show him her good points.

Her “Gourmet Culinary Goddess” system’s greatest counter is the “love” developing between Lin Yueqi and Lu Ting. Whenever there is the slightest, ambiguous hint of love produced between the two, her system will be attacked, and she will also receive varying degrees of punishment from the system.

She guessed, based on the severity of her punishment, that Lin Yueqi had probably taken advantage of her drunken state to pull some sort of bewitching tactic on Lu Ting, leading him to have strange feelings towards her. She could sense that their ambiguous feelings have not achieved a level that she thought it would, so she still had time to stop it.

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Lin Yueqi and Lu Ting are now living under the same roof and were raising a daughter together. Their feelings will start to warm for each other sooner or later. So, she had to take action and find a way to stop Lin Yueqi and Lu Ting’s feelings from developing further.

Even though Lu Ting’s attitude towards her right now was not very good, and he seemed to have some misunderstandings about her, she firmly believes that if she works hard and doesn’t give up, then Lu Ting will one day see her good sides. Sooner or later, he will also finally get a clear look at the true face of that “white lotus” Lin Yueqi.

If the documentary is shot, then Lu Ting will definitely watch it for Lin Yueqi. And, her performance in the documentary will definitely be better than Lin Yueqi’s. Lu Ting will also find her good points and change his impression of her.

Documentaries are different from reality TV shows. Since there will be less editing, you can have a direct look at the strengths and flaws of people. When the documentary airs, then the white lotus Lin Yueqi will have nowhere to hide.

Li Murou immediately contacted Zhou Yuhuai after making these calculations in her mind.

When he received her call, Zhou Yuhuai was surprised. “I heard Lin Yueqi gained 75 kilos for ‘Fat Girl Mama’? With her current shape, I’m afraid she’s not suitable to participate in the show.”

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