The First Order
Chapter 1183: Friend from afar

Qian Weining and Ren Xiaosu quietly walked towards the exit.

Things went better than expected. When a member of the Knights of the Inferno came over to stop them, Qian Weining just pulled back his hood and gave him a glance. Then that knight dismounted from his horse right away and saluted Qian Weining before letting them through.

Ren Xiaosu laughed. "So your face can act as a pass too? Looks like Vice President Qian's standing in the Knights of the Inferno is very high."

Qian Weining was a paladin in the Knights of the Inferno, which was equivalent to a regimental commander or brigade commander in the Central Plains, so how could the rank and file not know him?

However, Qian Weining acted with great respect towards Ren Xiaosu at this moment. He smiled bitterly at Ren Xiaosu and said, "Sir, you don't have to call me Vice President Qian. Just call me Little Qian…."

"Alright then." Ren Xiaosu said with a smile, "Don't worry, someday, you'll realize how correct the decision you made today is. Let's rendezvous with Mel first and then leave the city immediately. As long as we get out of this troublesome place, won't we be free to do whatever we want?"

Initially, Qian Weining felt a little bitter when he referred to himself as Little Qian.

But when he heard Ren Xiaosu calling Melgor "Mel," he immediately felt much better.

This was the strange thing about humans. No matter how miserable your lot was, as long as you realized someone else was going through the same as you, you would instantly feel much better.

And then, you'd just accept whatever your fate.

Meanwhile, Ren Xiaosu's thinking was that with Mel and Little Qian serving him by his side now, one of whom was a member of the Magi while the other was a member of the knights, it felt like the foundations for his team of henchmen had been formed.

Now that Ren Xiaosu was considered a big shot, he'd definitely need some subordinates or something.

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These subordinates might not necessarily be of any substantial help to him, but they could still liven up the atmosphere at critical moments, just like the <anno data-annotation-id="a36740d6-e732-9af5-eb83-0fde31ac5a2a">servants of Great Immortal Zhenyuan</anno>.

The memorial service in front of the Winston Cathedral had been turned into a farce. After the Winston family's patriarch finally stopped crying, he was immediately sent west by the Berkeley family's patriarch to deal with the House of Voss.

The Voss family was a vassal of the House of Tudor. The Knights of Tudor in the north were approaching, and all the various forces were starting to get restless.

In the afternoon, a strange group of people suddenly arrived outside the sealed city gates. The Knights of the Inferno on duty on top of the city walls looked down in surprise. There were large steel monsters parked down there, and their origins were unknown.

Someone reported the matter to the Berkeley family's patriarch to ask for further instructions.

As a result, the Berkeley family's patriarch personally headed out of the city to welcome the guests. He even ordered his men to lay out the red carpet for them.

Only the true core members of the Berkeley family knew this was the friend from afar their patriarch had mentioned, and the steel monsters were the military trucks from the Central Plains.

The other party had taken a huge detour via an unknown route and even went past extremely dangerous areas just so they could deliver these truckloads of weapons to the Kingdom of Sorcerers.

At the back of the military trucks, everything inside was covered with green canvas tarps, so no one knew what was hidden underneath.

There were dozens of trucks lined up in a long convoy outside the city gate.

These weapons were gifts brought by that friend from afar.

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This was not the first time this group of people from the Central Plains had come to the Kingdom of Sorcerers.

The gate of Winston City opened and the Berkeley family's patriarch calmly rode out on a white horse. He smiled at the young man wearing a pair of sunglasses at the front of the convoy and said, "My friend, long time no see!"

The Berkeley family's patriarch dismounted from his horse and gave the young man a welcoming hug.

The young man took off his sunglasses and embraced the Berkeley family's patriarch with a smile. "Your Excellency Lord Michel, I came bearing the gifts that I've promised you. We can head straight to the remote mountains tonight to witness their power. In the face of these weapons, the Knights of Tudor will become a laughingstock in the Kingdom of Sorcerers."

The Berkeley family's patriarch walked to the back of a truck and gently lifted the canvas tarps. A smile appeared on his face when he saw the dark and menacing weapons underneath. Even the lubricants used to maintain these armaments had seemingly become fragrant.

However, the Berkeley family's patriarch, who was wearing silver armor and a red cloak, looked exceptionally out of place with these modern weapons.

The Berkeley family's patriarch did not wait until the evening to test out the armaments. Instead, he ordered his men to bring over 20 prisoners. Then he removed their shackles and made them run for their lives. "Run! Those of you who can escape today, our House of Berkeley will proclaim innocent in the name of God."

After those prisoners ran several hundred meters away, the young man from the Central Plains calmly had someone bring over a heavy machine gun and fixed it to the ground.

Even the machine gun tripod was hammered into the ground with nails.

The young man took out a box of ammo belts and attached one to the machine gun. Then he firmly closed the cover.

The prisoners had already run far. Looking out from the city gate, the prisoners' backs were like tiny leaves in the distance.

But when the young man pressed the trigger at the back of the heavy machine gun, the palm-sized machine gun bullets shot out and left the 20 prisoners riddled with holes from a distance of nearly a 1,000 meters.

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The Knights of the Inferno who followed the Berkeley family's patriarch out of the city looked at one another. In the face of these instant-kill combat weapons, they couldn't escape even if they were riding on warhorses!

In fact, some veterans from 17 years ago had said that extremely powerful weapons had already appeared at Fortress 178. Back then, when the Kingdom of Sorcerers went on an expedition to the east, they had to fill the holes opened by these weapons with the lives of their soldiers.

From that day onward, the Magi no longer mentioned anything about the eastern expedition.

And now the younger generation of knights finally understood how terrifying the supposed Central Plains weapons were.

This was a disaster for their cavalry. Or rather, it would be disastrous for their entire Kingdom of Sorcerers' military if they had to face the firearms and explosives of the Central Plains.

The Berkeley family's patriarch looked at the dead prisoners from afar with a solemn expression. No one knew what he was thinking.

But he quickly started laughing.

"Come on, I'm going to hold a grand banquet for my friend from afar tonight," the Berkeley family's patriarch said in a clear voice. After that, he pulled the young man by his arm and walked towards the city. "Mr. Wang, are the other weapons this powerful as well?"

Wang Wenyan smiled and said, "The rest won't be any worse off than this."

The Berkeley family's patriarch suddenly thought of another matter. "By the way, Mr. Wang, you should be very familiar with the Central Plains. I would like to ask you about something."

Wang Wenyan said, "Patriarch, please ask away."

"Do you know if there's anyone in the Central Plains who can drive a train? Or someone who can instantly wrap himself in heavy armor? Unlike technology, that train seems to appear out of thin air and feels more closely related to our sorcery." After the Berkeley family's patriarch spoke, he realized Wang Wenyan had stopped in his tracks. Furthermore, his expression was extremely solemn.

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The First Order Chapter 1183: Friend from afar
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