The Great Demon System

Chapter 255: All Out War...

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The spell sucked everything out of Moby's body, his sin mode along with that odd black energy around him nowhere to be seen, that along with Avilia's consciousness in his mind as Moby's corpse went back to how it was before, his mind fatigued and drained, rage still in it as he stared at the shalker's glowing bewildered body, unable to move his bloody, completely broken numb body as he mumbled.

"Alex…my dear family member… I'm finished... I did okay…Right?"

His vision was dark and growing hazy as he was suddenly dropped on the ground looking up at the shalker's frantic movements as he tried to scream his heart out to no avail, like his vocal cords had been completely crushed.

It was a feeling unlike he had ever experienced before, even when he tried to type into his translator, it was as if he had forgotten how to write, or his body simply did not allow him to as a piercing pain entered his heart, like a snake or chains around his it.

He picked up Moby's body once again, looking at his pale face and deadly eyes, no words from either side despite the shalker's attempts at his yelling what was on his mind, not even able to hum or let out even a single noise from his mouth.

'What the fuck did you do to me?! Why can't I communicate!? How dare you!? Revert it! Bring me back to normal!'


And, in his manic mental breakdown, a sudden, unexpected sound was heard, seemingly out of nowhere, the sound of lightning struck, the sky suddenly turning cloudy with gray shadows. And in that exact same instant, in the middle of that flash, a man was seen, the look of absolute hatred on his face and a killing intent so deep that it consumed all in its path, enough to kill just from staring into his completely white, glowing eyes as he yelled at the top of his lungs, striking the shalker with such power that he went through the nearest 3 mountains in the area, the aura of purple lightning around him expanding and crackling with the form of an almighty light, his armour infused with its very essence.

Alex's power seemed like a small kitten in comparison to his lion-like roar and aura of absolute might...


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With the grace and wildness of a primal lion, the man immediately disappeared from his spot once more, it was not teleportation at all, his raw speed was such that not even Moby was able to see his full speed with his relatively hazy demon eyes, the spectacle of power in front of him so incredible that he could not even properly react or take in what happened.

Not even a second later, Moby witnessed shadows, tentacles of black enshrouding his body with a cool feeling of calmness as he was lifted up in the air.

"Hey, kid… you did well… fighting that monster for so long is remarkable… Thanks for keeping my daughter safe... And don't worry about Alex... It wasn't your fault, you did your best... Now leave the rest to us and I'll fuck him up so hard that he would have wished he was never even conceived!"

Although Moby wasn't able to fully see his shadowy face, he completely recognized his voice, cold and tender at the same time and with no time to think, he was immediately transported away using shadows, almost like he was being safely thrown.

"Hey! Heal this kid for me! He's a hero!"

Before he even knew it, Moby, in his injured state unable to properly think, was on the lap of a beautiful brown-haired lady in military uniform, her arms glowing green as she healed his wounds, her face not completely clear to him.

"N-Nurse... is that you?"

"Yes my child... I'm here for you... Have no fear..."

Although he could not see it, he felt a tender smile appear on her face.

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I-incredible… How are you still even alive… Most of your bones and organs are messed up, but your heart seems to be intact… Even still, anyone in your situation would have been dead… You're pretty lucky kid…"

Moby simply stared blankly at her face, barely even able to listen to her words as the world spun in his hurting mind.

Suddenly, the sound of another man was heard in his ears, a voice in joyous celebration with a hint of craziness.

"HAHAHA! I knew it! I FUCKING KNEW IT! I told you it was the work of a shalker! And people called me crazy huh!? HUH!? I haven't had good action in years! I'll fucking kill all of you for what you did to my students!! YOU'RE ALL DEAD!"

'General Ryker?'

He turned around only to see Ryker, behind him several troops possessing several abilities, several energy-based vines and plants growing from all around him in the shape of tentacles, the purple flowers on the ground flying all around him in what seemed like a beautiful defensive barrier of purple energy.

"On guard men! Reinforcements are here! Kill them all! Leave the leader alive for questioning, maybe even 1 or 2! Just kill these fuckers! If they want to start another war we'll start another war! We'll show them our human might and how far our strength had increased in the past 5 years! CHARGE!"

As soon as the general finished his speech, Moby's gaze fell up on the small figures falling from the sky, when he looked closer, he recognized them as other shalker reinforcements that had not been there before, crashing on the ground forming massive creators, their armours unlike the usual shalker armour seen on videos.

Moby could not help but lean to his right as he was still being slowly healed, blankly witnessing a full-scale fight of proportions he had never seen before in his life unfold right in front of his regenerating green eyes...

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