The Hero Returns

The Hero Returns




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The Hero Returns novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author B.Ain. 306 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


The strongest hero of humanity, Kim Sung Bin.

He threw everything on the line and fought but… He still couldn’t prevent the destruction of the world.

But his legend has just begun as he returns 20 years into the past.

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  • BengalPhoenix

    Is there any romance at all?

    • lukewarm_oj

      there seems to be none. rather, the story seems to focus on found family and friendships. the tags say there's slow romance, but it's ~300 chapters in and there isn't even the slightest love interest (but it doesn't feel tedious that there isn't any- there's a lot going on without a romantic subplot)

  • NamelessShadow


  • Ibis

    This is a damn good novel

  • hhhhhhhhhzv

    This novel is really good, mc is righteous, strong, have good companions, the story is really awesome and the adventures is thrilling it makes you want to continue reading it and it isnt boring, in the tags it said slow romance but as far as i can see there is no romance, the new arc is amazing and im really looking forward for the next chapter. Thank you!! Author

  • Aks_2171

    Is the translation bad? I am at chapter 42 and its ok until now. If its bad going forward, plz do tell so that I don't waste my time. 🙏

    • lnwUser15632

      You should read this. It's really not that bad. This is one of my favorite though. I recommend you to read this.

  • Fearful_Zom

    The translation definitely brings the quality of the story down. This could be a great LN but the translation has terrible wording that makes this feel like a trash LN.

    • omi

      its really not as bad as you’re making it out to be.

  • lnwUser15632

    At first, I didn't know it was ongoing. But I really love this. I love righteous main leads and I love how humble Kim Su-hyeun is. I hope this novel rank up. I recommend this. This is like 'I Alone Level Up' but also not at the same time. I'm surprised it is under rated

  • 17amza

    Big spoiler for all of the chapters!! Believe me, you will see it almost every where.Spoiler AlertOnly

      • 17amza

        You don’t get it? Smh my head (intentional). Well, in every chapter (or at least until where a read so far) there is a glitched word, and that word is *Only*. So, I’m basically telling you something that happens in every chapter

      • NamelessShadow

        Ohh that

  • NamelessShadow

    I love this novel so much and also recently I love sun wukong and the story of the floor 60

  • Ammarsadu

    what chapter is the romantic in? if possible, Heroine spoilers too

    • lnwUser31186

      There's no romance up to the latest chapters and it seems like there isn't going to be any.

      • Purgatory

        Theres still a chance of romance I mean the mc and ji young...I forgot her name

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2 stars. Worse than average. The writing/grammar/wording (idk which one) is harder to understand then it should be. The main character does that dont help him reach his goal. the strength balancing is done poorly.


No questions
It's a very good novel
So I have to fill the rest of this with random things because I need 140 words in order to post it lol and now I can post it


It is a good story, the world building is nice, the MC is interesting, and the overall quality of the writing is good. But as much as I love this story, he does so many things that are not conducive to his goal and it really becomes tiring after 170 chapters (this may not be really all that important depending o how the story ends), he also pisses me off at times because of his high horse attitude but like that may just be me.


Love the story!! Mc is righteous, op, and the story is amazing, love the world-building, the way the characters are written makes u love them, the new arc is interesting, really looking forward for the next chapter


absolutely a fave! mc is definitely the hero prototype, but he's done *well*. he isn't imposing with his morals, and he's righteous but not self-righteous. the author plays the 'hero who's seen the world at its worst and knows it's not kind' card, but doesn't go into the self-deprecating antihero stereotype, and instead, uses it to solidify his already established personality rather than flip it all around. like it makes mc feel rlly responsible- he knows what he got himself into when he plays hero, and isn't going to change his mind. also, the settings he visits are super interesting- there's really never a dull moment imo. AND HIS RELATIONSHIPS! imo, though the development seems small/no change, i truly believe the author's way of developing mc's character is the best. the way mc makes friends and interacts with the rest of the cast makes me go :D


This is absolutely one of my favorite novels I've read so far. I recommend this to you guys. You will absolutely love this. After all, humble protagonist are hard to come by.


I have caught up with the novel and it is splendid. It is actually really fucking amazing, I love it. If you want an OP MC, if you want a great storyline, no stank ass cliches, and none of those other arrogant characters you will love this. Me personally I love how the MC sticks to his goal, and how is progression is fast, yet the world building and character design is there. If you like novels like solo leveling you will absolutely love this novel. It is currently still continuing but I am EAGER for more. So great, please read it, you will enjoy it.


It was so good
I recommend it
At first I like how its less romance but as the story progress and park Ji Yeon/Young appear I start to ship but the story after they eradicate dump guild she become a invisible character she was rarely mention.
Anyway the plot is so good
Especially in the current chap which characters are from Journey to the west Im a fan of that too


I like how the story is focused on action and how the story shows the character's friendship since i, myself, am not a fan of romance, this story is just what im looking for. All in all, its a good story for me.


It's a passable story. Not much detailed though. Like skill lists or trates of mc.. progress details and plots quality are poorly written...