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ClipClop 2
Chapter 983 16 days ago

A little too addicting, Chapters are a little short, Comparatively it would have 200-300 chapters for TBATE I would imagine but the short length doesn't detract from the Story, if anything it drew me in further. Jake is a compelling MC and supporting cast are likeable. Emotional plot however but this is something you need to make your own judgement on. Hasn't gotten stale in any ark just yet, Frustrating at times maybe but I can't say I didn't Genuinely enjoy catching up with it and I'm excited to read more.

LilD3sk 2
Chapter 977 21 days ago

When a book has this many chapters they nearly always get boring at some point or another in the novel it’s inevitable but this one doesn’t seriously not once damn impressive.

Crestkeys 1
Chapter 975 23 days ago

As a former baseball player, I was looking forward to seeing how realistic the action would be, and I was not disappointed. The MC deals with immense trauma so if you are uncomfortable with that, this is not the story for you. Great writing, easy to understand, slight romance but not in every chapter nor does it take over the plot.

Buster69 1
Chapter 973 25 days ago

i have never written a review before, but this has quickly become one of my favourite novels, although it doesn't contain any powers, the emotions this novel made me feel has only happened in a few other novels.

rikimont99 1
Chapter 974 27 days ago

among the new additions I must say that it is the one I liked the most. I don't usually read this genre but it was a good change after all the fantasy stories I've read. I recommend reading.

BigEmperor 1
Chapter 529 one month ago

i have never written a review before but i felt it was necessary to review this novel, one of the best i have ever read that made me feel emotional several times so i basically recommend it to everyone, definitely one of the best novels I've ever read. A masterpiece

Sam0207 10
Chapter n/a one month ago

In a realistic way. There's no supernatural stuff. No miraculous, steel-balled MC, no system, no plot Armor, no rapid transitions of hard times, no loving gf(or a giant harem), no advantage of transmigration/transgression. No, we have nothing of that sort. We got one kid. We have one persistent kid. Who has had a rought start. Who's never got to know what's family like. Who's silently enduring. Who actually knows what's being a foster child like. Who has experienced trauma. Who has experienced pain. Then we have a family. A family that probably never knew that they needed another kid. And a kid who never knew he could deserve a family. It's also story about their life. Their struggles. How they lift each other up, when life gives them those sucker punches to the stomach. And it's about Baseball. How it is everyday in their life. A natural part of their life. It's a story about pain, grief, trauma, yearning, persistence, hope, love, family and baseball. Do read. It's great. (I've read this novel on different site but upto date and am gonna continue here. )

AncestorDuck 5
Chapter 968 one month ago

A refreshing genre for qidian novel, this novel revolved around Jack, an abused kid going for lifetime adventure, meeting foster parents, played awesome baseball, when I say adventure its nothing to do with sword or dragon literally, however compare than facing this types of challenge, Jack story is kind of heartwarming, sad, happy, bewilderedly, and all types of emotion flavours, I kind of love it. I give five star just for Jack braveness and wimpyness. . Guys read it, it will not waste your time.

  • Sam0207 10

    Thanks for the review. Some corrections: Its Jake not Jack. And author is from US so I dunno qidian came from which is the Chinese part of webnovel.

DpRo0212 1
Chapter 952 one month ago

As far as non magical sports novels go This is a Gem. There is no other one like this. Character development is beautiful and we learn about human emotions and how to overcome tough times and much deeper emotional bonds through this work. The baseball parts are well written although can sometimes be very slow paced but in an otherwise fast paced world it brings a breath of fresh air

Stuff1Do 22
Chapter 160 one month ago

Ever since reading "The Greatest of All Time" I've always been looking for more sporting novels similar to the addictive drug that was that fkn novel. This novels put me on a goddamn rehab center and finally got me to start liking "good" novels again and forget about that stuff. What I mean by that is objectively decent novels with appropriate character development, logical plot development, great writing and most of all, an author that doesn't chronically drop characters down to the abyss of obscurity. It's great, I'm telling you, it's awesome reading a good novel. You won't have to worry about mildly interesting characters you knew for 100+ chapters get forgotten by the author, never to appear again with the same amount of chapters you knew him/her of. You also won't have to worry about the constant face slaps, non existing character development, unnecessary sub-plots that brings nothing to the story whatsoever, and also this really interesting glitch that you don't have to worry about here, where the author just forgets he has a novel in the first place, due the obvious lack of affection he has for his work, thus affecting the novel itself. Though nevermind, it's not like I can even criticize that aspect of the author, were all reading this at a pirated site after all. Ignore that. The point is, this is a great novel with great characters and similarly great writing. The plot flows well, easy to follow along with and doesn't get ahead of itself. There's also this weird sense of satisfaction you get watching as Jake slowly overcomes his trauma, with the help of the other significant main characters, side characters and of course, baseball. Oh right there's that as well, as someone who's never so much as watched a baseball game, while reading this novel, I found myself able to understand what the batting count meant, what a strike meant, what a foul is, what innings are, how to steal bases, wtf dugouts are, innings, runs, mercy rule, etc. Its one of the reasons why I love this novel so much. It's so easy to follow, even for someone like me. Maybe it's because Jake himself doesn't really know how to really play the game at the start, the author must've made it like that to cater to audiences outside of people who knew how baseball worked. Whatever though TL;DR: It's awesome. Read it.