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Lee_On 5
Chapter n/a 19 days ago

The title is misleading, it should be The Great Feminist Chinese General. Aside from knowing what will happen in the future, his past 2 lifetimes didn't help him to be matured. Even a normal 15 years old are more crafty and logical than him. He always set goal and can basically complete it if he ever uses a tiny common sense.

Arbuz 5
Chapter 2467 27 days ago

The story of this novel combines historical events from the Tang Dynasty with elements of Wuxia, including cultivation, martial arts, and supernatural low fantasy. The setting is well-crafted and the world-building is strong, particularly in the depiction of court politics and military bureaucracy. The main character is transported from our world to this semi-fictional world, dies in an apocalypse, and is reincarnated in the past again. While the political intrigue is not as complex as in other novels like "Kingdom's Bloodline, " it is still well done and makes up a significant portion of the story. However, some readers may find the focus on dialogue and political manoeuvring to be a bit tedious.

tundler 7
Chapter 1797 5 months ago

Whew, this is gonna be a weird review. First thing, this is a great war/strategy/cultivation story that steadily builds up strength and progress. That said, it's basically the classic hero's story, except that after a few hundred chapters you begin to realize that you're on the evil empire's side. The author is incredibly racist and every ethnicity except for Han Chinese is described as 'savage and pugnacious' with peace only being entertained under the boot of total military subjugation. Given that despite this being a fantasy land, every single 'evil' nation is one that actually exists around China, parts of it are incredibly awkward to read as the characters rant about "the dangerous and savage Hu" while all "I don't hate the Hu" are portrayed as idiots or traitors. Which, the Hu are literally just all non-Han Chinese. Born and raised in the capitol? Still a foreigner. Then there's an incredibly long arc decrying the peaceful and anti-war tenets of Confucianism, which is argued at approximately the same philosophical level as a 7th grade essay written shortly before class. The author's understanding of diplomatic relations sits at: Preparing for war, actively at war, or subjugated by war. Further, the story picks up and abandons progress types. Initially, the cheat and cultivation are heavily focused on as markers of the MC's advancement. Then it basically turns into an occasional popup with minimal impact and instead shifts to training elite military groups and displaying their impact. Which is then tossed away in favor of bringing out elite groups one by one, smacking them against each other like army dolls to show how they counter each other, before revealing a strategic play that saves the day. So, after complaining so much, why am I recommending it? Because despite all the flaws, the things that it does well, it does really well. The strategy and tactical plans are generally handled in ways that genuinely make it feel like the MC is brilliant little schemer, and even when it gets a little flamboyant to play up how 'bad' things are before flipping the table, it's still a fun experience. Even when wincing at a bit of casual genocide as "deterrent", the progress and stabilization of the nation is satisfying. Even when you realize that some major benefit or plot thread has just kind of disappeared into the void, or an incredibly obvious solution was overlooked by the author, the overall world-building remains deeply fleshed out. There are arcs and sections that drag, especially toward the end where I couldn't resist skimming a handful of chapters, but overall, it's a fun story. Just be prepared to squint past fundamental racism, Chinese nationalism, and a bit of subtle sexism (women begin as equivalently strong cultivators, and then just, completely disappear from the story). Were it completely overhauled, it would be absolutely amazing. As it is, there are great parts and terrible sections, eventually coming out to something reasonably decent. Assuming you can ignore the bad. Despite the content of my review, I read the whole thing, so take that as you will.

PrinceCilin 0
Chapter 1 6 months ago

Good novel. A little lackluster towards end but I like it. MC is portrayed as too much of patriotic thing. overall I still would give 5 star though.

Leven 1
Chapter 1 8 months ago

Took me a while to finish this novel but it is an interesting one. Has a good Mc and it is well written with good translation and a lot of fascinating twists. Overall highly recommend it

EverywhereYouSee 1
Chapter 1 10 months ago

It’s been a while since I’ve finished this and overall, it’s a great novel with the heavy world building and how each characters contribute in the war and plot. However, I did stop for a month or so during the Confucianism part because it was too much and the wars tend to drag on for a long time. The ending is not the best because people died but I understand that’s how war is. The strategies Wang Chong use and think of are brilliant and unique. I love how he lured in his teammates, created his team, and how he always plans ahead with his knowledge and such. I don’t like his cousin and how the girls and princesses are always bullying him. But like, in the end, he’s the emperor.

Xuers 0
Chapter 1 one year ago

If you like strategy, military and buisness; you had to read this novel. In my opinion this is one of the greatest novel.

The MC is very good and deep, but some of side characters are weak.

WinterReader 0
Chapter 1 one year ago

The start and before chapter 600 was great but after a thousand chapter, the story is quite built up and not amusing/interesting anymore and looks like the ideas are made out of nowhere just to prolong the story, I'll be honest I've been skipping a lot of chapters and I feel that I already know what will happen in that chapter, the MC is quite OP, but disappointing in a way the enemy will also be OP then MC will always find additional help to defeat the enemy then repeat then repeat Until I quit to look for another good novel to read

lnwUser36268 0
Chapter 1 one year ago


jkjs 0
Chapter 1 2 years ago

I say this novel is pretty good, if you like novels with a lot of war and strategy then this is for you. This novel is too big brain for me but overall i enjoy it, the only problem i have is that all the characters seem overhyped, but somehow are also retarded like for example, the protagonist says a plan so great that the whole room is silent because of shock but then come to understand how that plan will work, like bro how can y'all not think of that. And why do they get surprised so much? LOL