The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 350.1: Superior Potential

Alex, who had lost his consciousness, was suddenly overwhelmed by a bright light which enveloped his whole body.

A subtle pain started to encroach on him and the assault of the pain started to become greater and greater.

He felt his body start to heat as if he was thrown in boiling oil.

A painful groan escaped from his lips and he opened his eyes to see the familiar ceiling of his room.

Alex blinked due to the influx of light and as he tried to get up, he was stopped by two pairs of soft hands which were followed by two loud shrieks.


"Are you alright?"

"What happened to you? Did your injury resurface again?"

"Did that man attack you to feed you poison?"

Alex was greeted by the anxious expression of Riya and Yvonne. Both of them looked to be crying with a pair of red eyes.

Their hair had been dishevelled and both of them had dark circles under their eyes. It was clear that both of them were under great stress and worry.

"Relax!Relax!I am safe and sound. See, I am in one piece and there is no wound on me anywhere."

"There is also no soul injury."

"I remember going to meet that old man and after the meeting, I seemed to have been knocked out."

"Was I unconscious for days?" Alex asked.

Riya nodded and spoke anxiously"You have been unconscious for five days."

"But that's not the problem. Your body has been as hot as fire and you were twitching uncontrollably for the first two days." Yvonne spoke with tears.

"We tried to use elixirs and herbs and even called the priests and renowned doctors but there was no effect and your condition had been getting worse."

"I thought The Emperor poisoned you so I directly slammed on the gates and marched inside. He assured me that there is nothing wrong with your body and you will have a great benefit after you wake up."

"He said to wait for five to six days. If you didn't wake up today, I was going to march inside the castle."

"Athena along with others were already on the way to see you but we stopped them."

Alex swallowed his saliva seeing Yvonne and Riya's angry expressions as if they had decided to fight to the death against their arch-nemesis.

"How are you feeling now?" Riya asked with a softened expression.

Both of them heaved in relief seeing him waking up safely.

"I am…I am feeling quite refreshed...Huh!!" Alex was startled by his own words for a moment.

Both the girls blinked their eyes with baffled looks.

He tried to check his body. There was no sign of any anomaly and he was feeling quite pleasant and wonderful.

"I feel as if I have been reborn..No as if I have achieved Nirvana."

Yvonne squeezed Riya's hand on hearing Alex mumbling and whispered to Riya faintly.

"Riya, should I look for a psychiatrist? I feel Alex's mind had been damaged due to that scum. He must have done something despicable behind the back."

Riya's eyes widened and a deep sense of anxiousness crept in as she stared at Alex's eyes to see whether his eyes were normal or gone back to the previous state when he was an imbecile.

"You know, I can hear both of you."

"I haven't suffered any mental damage so can you please stop being anxious? My heart is tearing up seeing two flowers in such a state."

"Let me check myself a bit."

Alex sat cross-legged and circulated his mana while wondering what was going on.


Alex's jaw almost dropped to the ground as he heard the stuttering voice. The robotic voice which has always been indifferent was now speaking as if it had gotten a shock beyond his wildest dream.

[Host, please look at your status. And a small warning, be prepared before seeing]

'Hmmm! What could have happened? Either I lost stat points or gained huge stat points. Did this surprise you greatly to point to stutter?'

[Host, it's nothing compared to what you are going to see]

Name:Alex Von Leonheart


Rank:Mid Transcendental Rank










Magic:198+50[Additional 50 due to Mana Core]

Stats Points:13

[Stamina and Vitality are low due to the injury he had suffered. And since he couldn't add stat points to vitality before, he had added to others and saved it for later. His stamina had been affected by vitality but he could add stat points to stamina.]

Alex opened his status and his eyes opened as wide as a saucer and his mana flow broke in the middle as he got up from the bed.

Riya and Yvonne flinched back seeing Alex and thought that he had gone mad for real.

"My Potential!"

Alex stared at the signing words on the status screen and wanted to scream but nothing came out as he was too shocked to speak.


Only Alex knew how he was able to squeeze the words from his lips.

He had always felt down seeing his trash potential.

Irrespective of this, he had trained for hundreds or thousands of years to achieve that level in Sanctum and now carries the knowledge and experience which was enough to make him a monster among monsters.

But now, the potential that had been holding him back had been raised to Superior.

'Just how is this possible?'

[Host, I don't know a damn thing. After you met the Emperor, your soul started to tremble and fluctuate violently. It's as if a surge of power has been trapped in it, waiting to escape and the key locking it has been opened.]

[The five days you have suffered were due to your body adjusting to your soul whose potential along with your body was increasing. Since I am bonded to the soul, I had been cut off due to all the changes and had been forced to sleep.]

The system words confused him more.

This can't be a coincidence and his increased potential is surely linked to his father now it comes to how.

Did it mean, his father could increase others' potential? If this is possible, the situation might be quite terrifying and what did he expect by raising his potential.

[Host, I think you are wrong. Did you forget what I said? It seems your potential had been forcefully suppressed by a high-level curse or locked by someone which might suddenly explode due to your growth one day but it seems the Emperor opened it for you.]


Alex stopped his conversation and looked at the crystal.

It was the crystal which could be used to video call others. Alex had brought a hundred of them for his Kingdom and personal use.

"I think it came from Leonheart. They might ask about your condition." Yvonne spoke.

"Pick it up."

Riya clicked on the stone and a projection appeared.


Three voices reverberated in his ears.

He smiled bitterly after seeing their state and waved his hand.

"What's up girls?"

Chapter 350.1: Superior Potential
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