The Incubus System
The Incubus System

The Incubus System

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The Incubus System novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adult, and Ecchi genres. Written by the Author Nanakawaichan. 451 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


An 18-year-old poor college student tried to apply for a job as a tutor but his life almost ended as demons' meal. In his last breath, a mysterious woman gave him a strange power. When he opened his eyes he had turned into a demon with a system that would turn him into… A pervert.

Now he must lived with his dual identity as a model student named Ethan and an incubus named Damian.

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: 1 comment on Chapter 422: Pain and Gain I

    This is Shonen writing with sm*t. Not worth reading it. Tried it some time ago very bad.

  • MaricoFaroe

    Do Lilieth and miss Clea join his harem?

    • EzPz343

      Dude... Lilieth is his mom... wtf, I mean sure they have s*x, but thats just 'feeding' each other, there isn't any romance there...

    • Leonoff

      dude, you need to treat, recommend going to a psychiatrist asap.

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  • ritz3748

    Where is it’s discord serve link I can’t seem to find it

  • Fregzzzz

    Very enjoyable to read just wish the author uploaded more because this Novel is great and i can’t wait till he gets really strong then returns to the human world

  • Lluciferr

    Can someone pls provide the link for the discord server of this author

  • Abyy

    Can someone tell me if her sister knows that he is her brother when he fks her??

  • Borqster

    Does lilieth still have s*x with people other than Ethan and Damon? Since i saw in the Prequels description that she has s*x with others

  • Angelo28

    Why emma?

  • Lbeast

    Chapter 25: Sweet home Alabama🎸🎸

  • VinKiyotaka

    Blewwwwww MC is d*ck , chosen son of heaven , dog blood