The Primordial Record
Chapter 817: Unexpected Discovery

Such rapid advancement was I'm uncountable advantage in what was going to come next.

Rowan would have likely had to spend decades before this inspiration to evolve into a higher state if he had not delved deeper into the mysteries of the soul and the difference between a mortal and an immortal.

Which coincidentally would be the level he would attain when he moved to the Fifth Supreme Circle with his bloodline of Sheol.

At that time his bloodline would also go through another evolution from mortal to immortal, alongside his Tree of Desire bloodline, and he also planned to ascend his Ouroboros bloodline straight to the Fifth Supreme Circle in that same time.

If he evolved into a third-dimensional entity at the same time, that would simply become the icing on the cake.

At that time the difference between his present self and his future would be as different as the flame of a candle compared to the fires of a volcano.

It was the reason he needed his enemies to know his present state and wrongfully measure his power levels, and he was willing to make himself bait.

There was no way Rowan would be hiding such a massive power-up and he planned to set the stage properly when he began.

He wanted to kill all Reflections of his father, and so he was worried about the last face among the four Reflections. Without that knowledge, he could not move forward too quickly, but time was not with him and so he had to take the risk.

With the first pass of this consciousness of Rowan through the minds of the Earth gods, he confirmed that of these Earth gods, 13,259 of them were irreversibly corrupted.

After years of suffering countless tortures, they did not break down but became a warped version of their masters, delighting in inflicting the same pain on others and going out of their way to betray and corrupt others who were struggling to escape this captor's leash.

It was fascinating that some of the acts performed by these Earth gods had even shocked the nobles of Trion. They had a unique perspective as victims of torture and therefore could inject a level of depravity into the games for their masters that made Rowan feel a bit of chill.

Rowan quietly extinguished their life force, he did this without causing them pain, Trion was already filled with nothing but pain, and he was channeling all his rage to the true culprit of these atrocities.

He collected their Soul energies and channeled the life force into the millions of mortals inside the Crystal Leviathan.

Most of these mortals looked normal on the surface, but a life of abuse and shoddy treatments had left most of them with scars that would never fade, their bloodline foundations had been crippled, and their Spirits damaged. It was remarkable how much they had endured through the abuse.

Rowan was reminded once again, that although he had suffered in the hands of his father, he was not the only one who had felt the brunt of their unhealthy presence. For so long his actions and the life of trillions of people had been affected by the seeds of evil they spread throughout the universe.

It was time he put it all to an end.

The life force from these malevolent Earth gods to these mortals was a small payment for the suffering they had endured. This life force would cleanse all the wounds in their bodies and Spirits and would go a long way to pacify their mental traumas.

For now, this was the best he could do, when he finished with the creation of the gods, then the next step in settling these people would begin.

Rowan spent several hours going through every detail of the life of the Earth gods and when he was done, he discovered that if he decided not to take any risk in selecting who was assured of becoming gods, only 106 were capable of this feat.

If he wanted to risk the life of some potential candidate, then he would expect only 353 Earth gods to survive the process, and although he was sure that every single Earth god that was here, if given the chance to become gods, even with nearly a hundred percent guarantee that it would lead to their deaths, most of agree to take it.

Rowan had greater plans for these people and so he would not risk it, there would be only 106 gods born on this day.

Rowan awoke the remaining Earth gods from slumber and summoned the selected candidates to his side, still asleep he collected all their souls and brought them to his Dimension.


The second strand of consciousness entered the Spirit Guise of Boreas on the throne and he stayed still for a brief moment as he read through all the events that had transpired in his absence.

The left hand of Boreas twitched and Rowan looked at it with surprise, he was in the body that was equal to a Major God, it was impossible for it to just move for no reason.

That movement came from a memory and it was surprising to Rowan that there was almost no connection with him and that memory, as if there was a spot in his mind that he had forgotten.

However, his powerful consciousness did not take long for him to make the link between this simple twitch and something else that had occurred to him when he was a mortal inside the Nexus.

Rowan rubbed his brows in surprise, 'My left limb I sacrificed in order to escape Lamia is still in play?'

He was mildly interested in this unknown factor, but he placed it aside, he had lost that limb when he could not truly control his essence and although it held a considerable amount of his bloodline like Vraegar, it was useless to him at this time.

He merely had an evolved Ouroboros Bloodline at that time and it was still an Empyrean bloodline that was corrupted by Chaos.

Rowan suddenly went still.

Chaos! Caine! His bloodline still had remnants. Although no longer linked with him, it was still a connection that these two Eldritch beings could take to find him.

Rowan frowned before accounting for the fact that perhaps the war ahead might reveal some unknown players. It was a good thing that he had caught a hint of their possible interference, he would only have to adjust his plans.

His perception swept outside the Vault of Hekaton, and he smiled in satisfaction. Another bait he had placed had borne fruit and caught an unexpected big fish.

After he killed Boreas, Rowan had laid hidden evidence to show that this god had been slaughtered. One of the signs he kept was a minute energy of Ohrox, the Demon King.

He was placing a subterfuge in the event that what happened here would be found by the gods of Trion, and he would use the presence of a Demon King to twist the narrative.

What he had not expected was that he would catch an elusive prey that seemingly had no weakness and a strong connection with the gods of Trion.

Rowan had seen the Webs of Minerva surrounding the Vault of Hekaton, and with the manner it interacted with the destructive energy around the area, and having the Infernal Spark and Soul of a Demon King inside of him, he had unexpectedly discovered that Minerva was a Demon.

Chapter 817: Unexpected Discovery
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