The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me
The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me

The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me

내게 주인공은 살인이다

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The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me novel is a popular light novel covering Action, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Backstage. 259 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Regressor, Reincarnator, Possessor, Traveler, or Predestined. I will hunt down the protagonists that exist in the countless worlds and absorb their abilities.

Here lies the protagonist.

The continent’s hope.
The hero who will save the world.
The hero who currently has a hole through his chest!

With the Spirit of Earth, freed the Dwarfs and gained their trust.
Purified the contaminated Forest of Spirits and became the Fairies’ benefactor.
Resealed the Ancient Stone statues found in one of the ruins.
Exterminated the giant sea serpent that emerged from the sea.
Defeated the 47th Demon Lord of the underworld…

“Aside from assaults and murders there were other death related incidents as well as vandalism, arson, and etc…”

“S-spare me…”


This was the protagonist.
But now he has died by my hands.

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  • FireboltGT

    I was bored recently, so when I saw this novel in my library. I was like "Woah, wasn't this such a good novel when I read it before.", so I read it again. But, it was bad? Not the premise, it was really good, I loved seeing different protagonists and the way the MC will use his smarts to kill them. But, the harem and the later chapters were mediocre. The only thing I liked in the later chapters is the tower arc. If you have nothing to read, read this I guess, just make sure to shut your brain off. It isn't a bad novel, just mediocre.

  • NewListSorted

    The novel has a interesting concept and Story, The new ways he counters the protagonist is cool, but the story gets less interesting for me after 200 chapters

  • Mrvenator

    Good premise but mediocre writing.

  • MiuraNana

    What kind of mc have suspicious relationships not have a harem tag? Where's the harem tag?! The women literally throw themselves at him and would die if he told them. I didn't read this for the cringe stuff! In my observations, even if he didn't reciprocate any feelings for them but he's veeery close to them. Cuddling with little clothes and getting drunk together (Taylor), spicy scenes and one sided flirting (Seol Jungyeon), skinship and connected souls (Yekaterina), and crossing dimensions (Aracelli). I don't know if there's still more (love interests) since I will be dropping this~ 104


      Theres an empress, magic academia headmaster, and the girl hes been looking for since the beginning It is sad that its not harem and i feel bad for all those women

  • zaya_

    the novel is really good so far

  • SainturielMendoza

    Very interesting except the last part. I almost fell asleep when reading it even i just started lol. I could keep up reading the first half then got bored when I'm nearing the ending.

      • Day_dreamer

        How do u know it got worst if u dropped mid-novel? U commented that u were dropping thus at 104 above cause harem bruh

      • MiuraNana

        Idk why I need to explain it to you thoroughly but I will. It became less thrilling and was more focused on stabilizing his personal relationships and his guild. But after meaningful interactions with women, my eyes started to hurt. It would've better if he was not surrounded with women, even in his guild. Some of the characters could have been in other genders to be more interesting. I may be biased since I'm not fan of multiple love interests, complicated relationships, and was born with ovaries. So obviously, this kind of set up does not spark joy, at the very least.

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  • sociopath

    Omniscient reader viewpoint, btw I recommend it if you didnt already read it

  • Thersuse

    Started reading this while stacking chapter on Author's POV and I'm at vol 3 HAHAHA it's good for me but there's some veryyyyy vague events that happened in the story like the one with cheonma,wish they make it a little bit clearer so that in could have another wholesome chapter

  • Antisocial_boy

    An incredible read, too bad the ending was very ambiguous and didn't have a proper romance And I liked the fact that the author turned him into a real 'protagonist' In the end, it's a shame that the end was kind of dubious and didn't confirm or deny the romance and I wanted Arcelline (the best girl) so badly to stay with the MC and I pray in my heart that it happened.

  • Rimuru_Simp

    Oh yeh it end been two year since I seriously start reading novel and this the one that got me hook tbh it too short like seriously it could be way longer and am interested about the dragon the reason why it go around saving world etc etc and the ending is similar to orv even though I didn't read orv