The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me
Chapter 183: Tutorial Tower (74th Floor)

Malea was someone who was talented in strategizing. She always managed to come up with a strategy or find a solution to solve all the riddles with ease. Because of this, her climb had never been hindered even due to special circumstances.

However, even with her talent, Malea couldn’t help but admire Yoo Seodam’s way of climbing the tower. He was someone who enjoyed pushing the rules of the tower through ‘tricks’.

For example, when they were facing the boss monster ‘Kacrium’ on the 45th floor.

"Yes? The three of us should have stood there?”


Most of the bosses inside the tower could only be killed after breaking their ‘specific attack pattern'. It's never possible to attack and kill them by attacking them randomly. However, as long as the challengers were able to figure out those ‘patterns’ it was possible to kill them with only basic combat techniques. Therefore, no matter how many strong players grouped together, they wouldn’t be able to kill the boss if they did not have the minimum number of challengers required to beat the boss.

For example, Kacrium was an eagle monster which was proficient in welding electricity and required a total of ten people to beat it. One person would be in charge of aggro dispersion while nine others would be in charge of breaking its pattern.

“Did you know that Kacrium uses ‘Electric Blast’ at regular intervals?”


Electric Blast, surprisingly, did little damage if it landed a direct hit on a human. But if the attack hit the ground, it would release a tremendous current that was capable of burning a human to a crisp. Breaking this pattern was easy. The challengers simply had to let three people stand simultaneously on a ‘pillar' which would appear somewhere on the map.

When humans stood side by side, electricity would be transferred to the pillar through them, and the pillar would absorb the electricity. If the pillar matched Kacrium’s skin color, the boss would receive the same amount of damage it had attacked with.

Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that because the challenger had to move from one pillar to the next in accordance with Kacrium's skin colour. But overall, it was still easy. However, since ten or more people were required to defeat this boss, it should have been a very difficult task for Yoo Seodam, who was mainly climbing the tower as a solo player.

“If you use this special ‘human lightning rod’ made of monster leather, you can absorb and transfer any amount of electricity.”


By throwing a lightning rod at the right place and sticking it to the floor, Yoo Seodam successfully killed the Kacrium with just three people and was able to break through the 45th floor safely.

It wasn't just that. Every word he uttered, such as ‘we were going to climb three floors in a day’ or ‘we can pass through this boss monster without hunting’ shocked Malea. After all, it was common sense that every challenger who climbed the tower must follow the set rules and find a standard strategy to complete every challenge.

But, Yoo Seodam’s tricks defied all these common sense. In other words, his tricks were far from ‘classy’. That was the reality of a cold-hearted challenger Yoo Seodam who had climbed to the higher floors by himself.

“…I can see why you could climb by yourself.”

On the night they conquered the 45th floor, Malea laughed sadly as she ate the special pork rice cake dumpling. While she was looking at Yoo Seodam—who ate with his face almost buried in a bowl larger than his face—and Aracelli—who ate quietly—she suddenly realized that it was a very happy thing to eat with someone.

“Aracelli, if you want, you could easily be a chef!”


Aracelli never spoke with food in her mouth. It seems like she did it to be polite. She was so good at cooking that she managed to create something amazing despite Yoo Seodam's bizarre request to add pork to her rice cake dumpling.

She was skilled with magic, her personality was good, her appearance was top-notch, and she could also cook. She was skilled at almost everything. She was extremely knowledgeable and very considerate. She was such a talented beauty that it was easier to count things she could not do rather than things she could do.

“Marry me! Aracelli!”

“I can’t!!”

“It’s a joke, it’s a joke.”

Malea chuckled as she saw Aracelli wrap her arms around her chest with a genuinely troubled look. She always gave such cute reactions that Malea could not help but have fun teasing her.

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At the same, Yoo Seodam looked at Malea with a strange expression on his face. In his mind, he was sighing as Malea probably wouldn’t ever know that Aracelli was older than her.

“Now let’s go to sleep. We are going to the 46th floor early tomorrow morning. It's pretty difficult here. There are a lot of areas I can't help with, so you have to work things out on your own. But don’t be nervous.”

Malea smiled as she looked at Yoo Seodam who looked like he was worried about her well-being.

“Because I know how to do it, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

So far, Yoo Seodam had tried to help Malea numerous times, but most of the time, Malea could overcome the obstacle on her own before he could even help her. He couldn’t help but acknowledge her. After all, half of the strategies he devised came from the thoughts of Malea who was from the future.

“Then see you tomorrow.”

Yoo Seodam spoke as he crawled into the tent with Aracelli right behind him. Seeing a man and a woman sleeping together, Malea used to worry that something would happen in the middle of the night. But the two of them were really just hugging and sleeping honestly. It seemed that they were satisfied just with each other’s presence.

Malea lay her body in the sleeping bag inside her tent. While sleeping like this, she could not help but crave to see the stars. However, in this place, she couldn’t do so. The stars were hidden because of the ceiling of the tower. When was the last time she saw stars? She couldn't even remember.

‘I want to see the stars again……’

She closed her eyes and imagined numerous blinking stars on her head. She counted every single imaginary star on her head, before she finally fell asleep.

* * *

The next day, when she opened her eyes, a lot of things had changed. It was because the guild master of Wings of Heaven Guild, Alfly, visited their camp together with twelve level 5 members.

“… Yoo Seodam, it has been awhile.”

"Oh! The crying guy from the 10th floor has really grown up! By the way, why did you bring twelve bread shuttles? Is one in charge of pizza bread while the other is in charge of cream bread?”

“Don’t be rude. Now, I’m a full-fledged guild master.”

“Full-fledged guild master? I’m pretty sure you’ll freaking out again soon. It has been a while since we met, should I remind you of what happened in the past?"

When Yoo Seodam raised his fist, Alfly flinched for a moment before he smiled. He knew that Yoo Seodam wouldn’t be able to stand against Wigen who had already passed the 70th floor. That fact alone would become a strong shield for Alfly.

"I come all the way here to say this, Yoo Seodam, hand over those girls to us.”

Alfly said as he glared at the girls behind Yoo Seodam with bloodshot eyes. Malea was standing nervously while Aracelli did not even bother getting up from her seat. She continued to eat a piece of bread without paying any mind to Alfly’s words.

“Those two women have humiliated our guild. We want our right to vengeance. You are familiar with the ‘Law of Vengeance’, right?”

There were numerous ‘laws' in the giant tower. It was a law made by humans, not by administrators or fairies. A law created by challengers to protect themselves within a tower which was filled with malice and chaos. As a result, there were many ridiculous laws… Most of them were laws which existed for the strong to bully the weak.

Just like right now.

Yoo Seodam simply smiled at Alfly’s words before looking at the sky above.

[Currently, the protagonist is attacking the 74th floor.]

[‘Ending' is not far away!]

[Hurry up and hunt the protagonist!]

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Wigen was definitely strong. He entered the tower as an ‘irregular’ with monstrous talent, so even without any equipment, he could still show tremendous power.

If Yoo Seodam had a fair one-on-one fight against Wigen, who had reached level 7, based purely on strength, Seodam would certainly lose.

But, was Alfly aware that Wigen couldn't come downstairs?

If Wigen decided to come down while challenging the 74th floor, he would have to start again from the 70th floor. He wasn’t a great person who would take such a loss just to take care of Wings of Heaven Guild. His mind was set on moving forward for his own interests, and Wings of Heaven Guild were merely tools for him that would help him achieve those ‘interests'.

"Well… Since things have come to this, it’s even better. Since, I was just about to search for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean by ‘what do you mean’? The time has come.”

At that moment, a system message, that was only visible to Alfly, popped out in front of his eyes. This method of communication using the ‘system message' was a ‘cheat’ given to Wings of Heaven Guild and Wigen by the fairy.

[Alfly. Go down to the 34th floor right now and get the ‘Plant Fossil’.]

[I also need Bon Jaeger’s ‘Rusthorn Horn’ on the 41st floor and the ‘Dry Well’ on the 19th floor, so prepare all of it and send it to me through the ‘Tutorial Express Mail’.]

[That’s all.]

Wigen, who had reached the 74th floor, was in constant need for ‘materials’ from the lower floors. Those materials were essential for him to carry out the ‘hints’ he received from the tutorial fairy.

Unlike Yoo Seodam, who climbed the tower using tricks, Wigen was able to break through all floors with ease by using these cheats.

“Hey, wait a minute… Can I do it later?”

Alfly bit his lips tightly. How could he just leave when his targets, whom he had found after much trouble, were finally in front of him?

[No! Get those items right away. You have three hours.]

“Ca…can’t you delay the attack a little?”

[Since when did I have to look after you?]


In the end, Alfly was just an errand boy who had to deliver materials Wigen needed to climb the tower. He was nothing more, nothing less. Although Alfly was also well aware of this fact, he tried to avoid reality. He had done many things for him so far, so he had hoped that one day Wigen would understand his situation and help him.

However, since Wigen was a man who pursued only his own interests, in the end, an errand boy was only an errand boy, and if Alfly did not listen to him, Wigen would force him to do it through a high-hand approach.


And because Alfly was well aware of the fact, he had no choice but to step away now.

"You are lucky… I've got some work to do now, so I'll come back next time. Be prepared.”


Yoo Seodam said so with a grin plastered on his face and put one of his hands on Alfly’s shoulder.

“But… I don’t think I ever said that I would let you go?”

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"What did you say?"

“I have to hold on to you, because by doing so, Wigen will be in a lot of trouble.”


Originally, this was something Yoo Seodam planned to do once he arrived on the 56th floor with Malea and Aracelli. However, now that Alfly had come to him with his own legs, there was no way he would let this chance pass just like that.

“So, shall we go on a date or have a little fun together?”

Yoo Seodam raised his fist, and Alfly's face turned pale.

* * *

“There is no answer.”

Meanwhile, on the 74th floor, Wigen and his party member, together with the fairy in charge of that floor, were staring into the air with anxious faces. The fairy on this floor was one of the fairies who was on the ‘Wigen Line' and had taught Wigen everything he needed to do to get through this floor. But they needed the help from the lower floors to execute it.

That was the reason Wigen supported the Wings of Heaven Guild.

However, for some reason, Wigen had lost contact with them.

[Remaining time to attack – 00:09:14]

Only 9 minutes were left from the allotted time to clear this floor. With only that much time left, it was impossible to clear the floor with a normal method, so Wigen used the ‘cheat' that the fairy gave him… But, he couldn't even do that now.

[Stigmata of the Cold Ice is puzzled.]

[Stigmata of the Sharp Eagle is angry.]

[Stigmata of the Running Blue Horse is frustrated.]

The number of stigmata or administrators contracted to Wigen right now was as many as 100. They only had one purpose. It was to have the challenger they contracted to reach the highest floor in the most spectacular way.

But now, the challenger they were contracted to was close to failing the challenge without doing anything. It was the most humiliating disgrace that an administrator could face. Wigen's fatal failure would soon result in their ‘class' dropping.

Some administrators still wanted to wait, believing that Wigen would pass in some strange way.

[Time’s up!]

[Failed to attack the dungeon!]

Eventually, 9 minutes passed and Wigen was kicked out from the floor. All the administrators who were watching him began to get angry. As a result, some of the ‘protection' Wigen got from them were erased, and when these ‘protection's disappeared, Wigen’s expression darkened.

Till now, Wigen had thought that he had completely separated himself from his emotions because he had never felt any feelings whether it be anger or sadness. He had pursued only the most efficient way.

However, by meeting one man, his trust in himself was shattered.

‘Yoo Seodam… It is you again…'

If something happened to the Wings of Heaven Guild downstairs, there was no way Yoo Seodam was not involved in it. After all, there was only one person except him in this giant tower that could touch such a huge guild.

‘I should have killed him back then.’

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Wigen grit his teeth and clenched his fists tightly in anger.

‘The next time we meet, I will definitely kill you.’

The Protagonists Are Murdered by Me Chapter 183: Tutorial Tower (74th Floor)
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