The Regressor and the Blind Saint

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Chapter 41 15 days ago

Alright i have went throught the trouble of reading the MTL and completed it here are my thoughts. First of, loved it the story and the dynamic between the mc and saintess is great, through out the story they both learn from each other and grow as people, the author seem to have put a lot of effort and thought on the world however it was not executed properly. Characters other than the mc and saintess lacked substance and felt hollow, it's very much linear and follow the same pattern of the mc and saintess going to a new, met new people, there is trouble, and demon king clues which repeated quite a lot and made the story bit boring. There was lack of depth in the story but since this was the first work of author i will let him cut some slack. If you are reading simply for romance then it's 5/5.

Chapter 21 17 days ago

Mid Read over half the story and feel like I've wasted the last couple of hours of my life. Feel like Story doesn't go anywhere and I physically can't handle the goofyness of the mc

  • kevintortan01

    Thanks for the 4 stars at least, most people would try and put 1 star just because they don't like it. So I appreciate it.

    • El_Vlady

      I hate it when people rate novels 1 star do. In short. -don't like how edgy some chapters are, especially the middle chapters. -I feel like there was some wasted potential in developing the characters and world as it just becomes an info dump. (I understand my review might have been harsh but I just dislike the direction of the story) -These are my only nitpicks, but other than that I think it's worth a shot to read.

      Edited: 5d
Chapter 3 18 days ago

This is a heartwarming romance novel with great character developments. The MC, to put it jokingly, is someone who is originally selfish and cruel, but got converted into a lovable simp after realizing the greatness of the Saint's onlyfans. The MC used up his 2 weeks free trail of onlyfans, so he embarked on a journey for 4 years to make himself great and worthy to stand by her side. All the while without the Saintess knowing who he was. Doesn't this just sound like a simp suffering from parasocial relationships? Well, all jokes aside, the MC is actually very well written. Without spoiling the plot, he is a cruel hearted and selfish person who is finally able to be reformed at the end of his life by coincidentally meeting the sentence. During that time, he also realized how much the Saintess suffered and decided to help her if he ever lived. While the first 15 or so chapters might be boring to some, it's because the author is spending time building up the MC focusing on his character development. While doing this, the author also made sure to introduce the Saintess' character and also build up the power system a little bit. After that part, from what I can see on what is currently translated, it's going to be a pretty great and sweet romance between the MC and the Saintess. The side characters currently introduced in the translated chapters are pretty good, though I cannot really give an accurate judgement right now due to the heavy focus on the MC's development. This novel will mainly focus on the development of the MC and the Saintess. The other things that happened are just gonna be the incentives that triggers further development from the both of them. This is gonna be a great romance novel, go read it.

Chapter 42 18 days ago

One of my favorite reads so far. I wasn't really a fan of the story at the start but that changes quite fast. The story is amazing and the emotions shown are pretty cute. Yes you guys might get diabetes from this

Chapter 6 20 days ago

In my opinion this extremely fun story with rendering, misunderstanding and very cute that kind of story that you feel a warmth in your heart for the cuteness

Chapter 41 21 days ago

I love it. Definitely one of my favourites on this platform. The romance is good and there is also enough action for it to not be completely boring, sadly the release is very slow

Chapter 41 22 days ago

Stellar opening, I couldn't say more it's just amazing, not really a fan of romance but this one really stands out from the rest. Simply a masterpiece

Chapter 41 22 days ago

I love this novel so far. The emotions and thoughts of the characters feel super realistic and character depth and development is amazing. Also, I love the romantic subplot. It doesn't come out of nowhere and actually develops naturally. I feel like kicking my legs and rolling around while reading this lol.

Chapter 23 23 days ago

Not a fan of romance novels but this one sticks out a lot. The plot feels refreshing from the cultivation and mana power systems I've been reading for a while . 5/5 recommended

Chapter 41 24 days ago

Definitely one of the best romance novels I have ever seen, the story is sweet and the main characters are everything I could wish for, more people should read this!!!