With a stunned expression, Long Feijian fell to the ground on his butt.

He was the owner of the Innate Sword Bone, and it was also after the Ten Thousand Sword Sect's destruction that he began to cultivate.

"Could this baby be me? It can't be." Long Feijian's face turned pale.

How could the Heavenly Emperor be so kind to him after persecuting him in every way?

The Heavenly Emperor had even planned to make him ascend the throne in the future.

Because of Long Feijian's condition, most cultivators around him looked sympathetically at him.

They were also shocked.

It was well known that Brother Long Feijian had a grudge against the Heavenly Emperor and always wanted to kill him.

Long Feijian stared blankly at the screen.

Lin Yan held the baby in his arms and calmly said, "This baby is as imposing as a dragon. Since he is an orphan of the Ten Thousand Sword Sect, he should be called Long Feijian."

The weapon artefact next to Lin Yan overlooked his terrible sense of naming people; instead, she spoke with a heavy tone, "What do you mean by what you just said?… You want to train a successor to the throne and close that Bronze Gate?"


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Lin Yan didn't refute but nodded, "When I close that Bronze Gate, the source of the power of the Phaseless Devil will be cut off. At that time, as long as there is a stronger Heavenly Emperor on the Lingxuan Continent, it will be enough to exterminate the Phaseless Devil."

Hearing his words, the weapon artefact frowned, "But what about yourself? Have you thought about yourself?"

"It's nothing but death."

Lin Yan looked relaxed and said weakly, "I'm a bit tired. I want to take a good rest."

(On The Lingxuan Continent)

"No, Heavenly Emperor, you are not allowed to die."

"The Lingxuan Continent still needs you. You must live."

"His Highness is tired. The loneliness of not being understood and sitting alone on that cold throne for tens of thousands of years …no one understands him. If it were me, I would also feel tired."

Many people were already in tears when they heard Lin Yan's words.

The invincible Heavenly Emperor has suppressed everything and indifferently sat alone on the throne.

However, it never crossed their minds that the Heavenly Emperor was tired.

He was the Heavenly Emperor; his strength was invincible, yet he was still human.

He had his feelings, attachments, and desires...

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But since he sat on the Heavenly Emperor's throne, this seemed to have nothing to do with him anymore.

What was left for him was nothing but loneliness.

Any person would find it difficult to live in such a situation.


(On The Lingxuan continent)


The Demon Queen, surrounded by blazing flames and carrying the faint shadow of a phoenix on her body, violently shattered the two immortal weapons that had trapped her.

"All the Demon Saints return to the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom."

The Demon Queen issued an order as she glanced at the Demon Saints around her.

Their faces looked terrified, and they couldn't help but ask, "What about you, Your Highness?"

The Demon Queen's body flames grew more intense; "Of course, I'll save him, so what if he enters that Bronze Gate? ...Watch me smash that Bronze Gate."

Many Demon Saints immediately roared, "We are determined to save the Heavenly Emperor along with the Queen. The Heavenly Emperor is our benefactor."

However, the Demon Queen would not allow them to speak any further.

With a direct wave of her hand, she teleported all these Demon Saints back to the Ten Thousand Demons Kingdom while a cold and stern voice rang in their ears, "All of you return, and don't leave the Ten Thousand Demons Kingdom without my order."

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"Your Highness!"

One by one, the Demon Saints burst into tears.

After the Demon Queen left, they knew she might never return.

Her gaze was directed at Xiao Yanran and a few others at the side as she casually teleported the Demon Saints.

Xiao Yanran and others looked as if they had lost their souls at this point. Their faces were pale with lifeless eyes.



Their bodies revealed only endless despair.

"Desperate my a$$, cheer up everyone! We don't know whether Big Stone is alive or dead. He might still be waiting for us. Besides, even if he's dead, we should accompany him to death rather than wait here."

Ultimately, her stern voice woke up Xiao Yanran, Xiao Mei, and even Teng Gang.

"Yes, that's right, Husband might still be waiting for me." Xiao Mei's desperate face shone with renewed determination.

It was the same with Xiao Yanran.

Although Teng Gang had already fallen once as an immortal, his body was like a blazing flame.

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Since he was immortal, he forced himself to restore strength to the Immortal Realm. His realm may fall permanently as a result of this move.

Teng Gang burned down the immortal origin and roared furiously, "Let's go get Big Brother back! ...No matter what, we must get him back!"

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