The Return Of The God Level Assassin (WN)

BUT as a filial son, Luo Yan still had to protect his father's 'honor'. He was about to clear the director's misunderstanding but Luo Jin beat him to it.

"This guy is surnamed 'Shen'. He's not part of the family," Luo Jin said with an underlying annoyed tone. This was already the second time the other was mistaken as their brother. Shen Ji Yun and Luo Yan weren't in a relationship yet. Being mistaken as that guy's brother was something he just couldn't swallow. "He's a... friend."

He almost bit out that 'friend' part. He couldn't believe that there would come a time when he would actually call Shen Ji Yun his friend. But as many said, it's better to chose the lesser evil.

What he didn't know was because of the way he said it, he just sounded like a villain half-brother who couldn't accept his illegitimate brother. Which in turn made the director's impression even worse.

Seeing the slight frown on the director's face, Luo Yan knew that what Luo Jin said just made the matter worse. So, before anyone could add more fuel to the fire, he quickly said;

"Ah Jin, you should have said it more calmly. Denying it so vehemently like that, it's like you're trying to hide some scandalous thing. The director might misunderstand and think that Brother Ji Yun is our illegitimate brother."

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He said that as if he's teasing Luo Jin. He chose to say it that way because if he said it a serious manner, it might seem like he was also trying to hide something. So, it's better to treat it as a joke.

"What illegitimate brother?" Luo Jin said with an incredulous expression on his face. "Only people who loved dog blood dramas would think that way, okay? I'm sure the director is not like that."

Yang Lanfen felt heat rising up on her face. She felt like her old face would burn because of embarrassment. Especially so when she saw the amused smile on the face of President Luo as well as the other young man who looked exactly like him. The only one who didn't have much reaction was the other tall young man. In fact, the other didn't have an expression on his face at all.

Remembering that she was suddenly called a person who loved dog blood dramas, albeit not directly, she felt embarrassed again. Now that she thought about it, she shouldn't really have jumped to conclusion like that.

Well, it's true that she had been watching a melodrama this past month. Could she have been really affected by that? She felt goosebumps just thinking about it.

"I apologize for my sons' playfulness," Luo Wei Tian said in an apologetic tone.

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"It's fine. It's good for kids to be energetic," Yang Lanfen said with a smile. She had experienced a lot in life, so she's already a pro in controlling her expression. That's why despite her embarrassment, none of it showed on her face. "Forgive my late introduction, I'm Yang Lanfen, the director of this orphanage."

Although the others probably already knew who she was. As evidence of President Luo calling him 'Miss Yang' and even one of the boys referring to her as the director, it's still polite to properly introduce herself.

Just as she did, the four boys also introduced themselves one by one. The young man who looked almost identical to President Luo was named Luo Ren, the one who indirectly called her as someone who liked watching dog blood dramas was named Luo Jin, the one who she thought was an illegitimate child was called Shen Ji Yun, and lastly;

"Hello director, I'm Luo Yan. I'm very happy to be here," the beautiful boy said. Then, he smiled, his peach-blossom eyes looking at her with undisguised joy.

Yang Lanfen was startled. Not just because of the other's name but because of that familiar smile. It all reminded her of that child.

A child that was taken too early from this world.

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Yang Lanfen stared at the teenager named Luo Yan. The other was playing with the younger kids at the small playground that was at the back of the farmhouse. It's already been three hours since the Luo family, as well as that young man named Shen Ji Yun, arrived here. And she still couldn't shake off the feeling of familiarity she felt when Luo Yan introduced himself.

She thought that it was just because of the same name. But the more she observed the other, the more similarities she noticed. It's not just the way he smiled. Even the small actions like tilting his head or the way he always stared straight at the person he's talking to. It's just all so similar.

It's like she was directly looking at that child.

She shook her head. What was she thinking? Maybe it's because that child's birthday was yesterday. That's why she couldn't help but think of him. That's why she's projecting like this. Especially since she found out that the other also had the same birthday as that child.

Yang Lanfen once again looked at the playground. Luo Yan was happily playing with the kids while Luo Jin had a constipated expression while being pulled here and there by the other kids. The eldest brother of the two was sitting not far away under the shade of a tree, being surrounded by the older kids.

She unconsciously smiled seeing the three siblings.

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No matter if Luo Yan was similar to that child, it didn't really matter in this current situation. The fact of the matter was, he's a kind boy who chose to celebrate his birthday by spending time with the children in this orphanage. That's already a huge check on her book.

Thinking of unreasonable things might just cloud her judgment. With one last look at the playground, she turned around and went back to the farmhouse. She opened the backdoor and walked into the kitchen.

There, the first thing she saw was the handsome blue-eyed young man wearing a frilly pink apron. Seeing it made her automatically smile. And the thing that made it even funnier was the fact that President Luo was wearing the same apron as well.

The Return Of The God Level Assassin (WN) Chapter 864: A FAMILIAR SMILE
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