SHEN JI YUN turned towards the direction of the voice and his world almost stopped spinning. Luo Yan was wearing a stylish silvery-white long coat over a baby-blue turtle neck and fitted black pants. His long white hair was in a high ponytail with some wisp on both sides of his face, making him look like a 3D animated character.

He was staring like a love-struck teenager while Luo Yan was running towards him. In his eyes, there were pink flowers floating around the other. It's like everything just became pink and fluffy and sweet.

"What do you think?" Luo Yan asked as he stood in front of Shen Ji Yun, turning around on the spot so the other could see his full outfit. "Does it look good on me?"

Instead of answering, Shen Ji Yun just continued to stare. Seeing the other's reaction, Luo Yan couldn't help but chuckle.

"I must really look good because Brother Ji Yun can't seem to take his eyes off of me," he said in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

Shen Ji Yun seemed to have returned to his senses when he heard what Luo Yan said. Then he reached out and held Luo Yan's hand. He also said in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Yan Yan, as expected, we should just call Bai Ze."

This time, Luo Yan also couldn't help but laughed out loud. Seriously, how could this man be so adorable? He squeezed the other's cheek. "Didn't I say that you don't have to worry about me taking interest in another person?"

"That's not what I'm worried about," Shen Ji Yun grumbled. "What if that Song woman take a liking to you?"

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That last part he said with a bit more force. That's why Duan Yu, who's standing just a couple of steps away from the two, heard it. So, he couldn't help but interject;

"As I've said earlier, there's nothing for you to worry about. Noctis here is not Li Li's type."

YUN's expression suddenly changed. But it's not in the way that Duan Yu expected. He expected the other to at least let out a sigh of relief but instead YUN looked like he wanted to pick a fight with him. The expression on his face was like asking 'why wouldn't Noctis be her type?!'.

Duan Yu shook his head. Now he knew what's it like to see someone blinded by love. But the fact that he would see it from YUN was the most unexpected of all.

Noctis' reaction was a bit more to the normal side. Well, at least normal according to the other's standard.

"Because you're her type?" Noctis asked with that innocent tone as if he knew nothing of the world.

Duan Yu only smiled as a response.

Luo Yan looked at the other and a flash of interest appeared in his eyes. That smile only confirmed his conjecture that there was indeed something between Uriel and Song Liuli.

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It's not just because the two looked close that's why he suspected it. It's kind of hard to explain. Because the two never did anything excessive, unlike him and Shen Ji Yun. It's just the atmosphere between the two. It's very subtle but for someone like him with great observation skills, he could still see it. And the fact that Uriel didn't even deny anything already said a lot.

Now that he was about 90% certain that the two really had that kind of relationship, it surprised him a bit. Maybe because he would have never thought that the two were actually each other's type. They probably really liked each other if that was the case.

"Can we start now?" another voice suddenly said, ending the silence after Uriel didn't respond to Luo Yan's question.

They all turned to the direction of the voice and saw Song Liuli. The other was wearing modern clothes like Luo Yan and the color scheme was also similar to what he's wearing. Silvery-white, baby-blue, and black. Anyone who would see them would think that they were wearing couple outfits.

Because of this, Shen Ji Yun's face scrunched up once again. He and Luo Yan hadn't even worn a couple outfit like this and yet this woman get to pair up with his rabbit this way?

Song Liuli, who suddenly felt a prickling gaze, turned to YUN. And when she did, she almost jumped in shock. How could she not when the other was sending her a deathly glare? She almost wanted to ask if she actually accidentally killed his dog or something that's why he's looking at her like that.

Duan Yu stepped between her and YUN in a timely manner though, so she no longer felt that stabbing gaze. She nodded. As expected, Ah Yu was still the best.

Luo Yan, of course, also noticed Shen Ji Yun's 'killer stare'. Knowing the other, he already had a good idea why he's acting that way. So, he hooked his little finger with Shen Ji Yun's little finger and whispered;

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"We can buy a couple costume after this. What do you think, Brother Ji Yun?"

And just like that, the dark clouds surrounding Shen Ji Yun disappeared and spring immediately came. He glanced down at Luo Yan, excitement and happiness obvious in his amethyst eyes. "Okay."

"Shall we shoot your scene together first so you can leave quickly after you're done?" Duan Yu asked the two who were suddenly in their own bubbly pink world again.

Luo Yan nodded. "I have no problem with that."

Then, the recording finally began.

The set was already changed to that of the coffee shop they were promoting. From the outside to the interior, it was completely a carbon copy. Because it was Christmas themed, there were snow outside and the place was filled with Christmas decorations.

Inside, Song Liuli was sitting on a table beside the window. She was looking outside and watching the snow with an anxious expression. Then, she lifted the mug she's holding and took a sip.

Luo Yan knew that that was his cue. He opened the door of the coffee shop and walked inside.

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