The Return Of The God Level Assassin (WN)
Chapter 897: HOW PUNCTUAL

SHEN JI YUN felt like his mind just blanked for a second. He heard the words Luo Yan said clearly. But fully understanding it was another matter altogether. Many would think that he was just exaggerating thing. But could they blame him when he had never imagined that the word 'jealous' would come out of Luo Yan's mouth?

The other just seemed so... put together? It's like Luo Yan always had a good grasp of any situation he was in. Even when Shen Ji Yun confessed to him, the other still maintained his cool. It's like he could never feel flustered. If Shen Ji Yun didn't see how genuinely happy Luo Yan was back then, he might have thought that the other agreed to his confession only because he was taking pity on him.

And yet now, Luo Yan was telling him that he was jealous. The confusion he felt at first slowly turned into an ecstatic feeling. He almost couldn't contain his happiness. But he still tried to maintain a calm expression. Although the moment he spoke, it showed just how far he was from being calm.

"You were j-jealous?"

Yes, he even stuttered saying that.

Luo Yan smiled. "I was. Didn't you see how hard I was trying to block Li Xu Min from looking at you?"

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Shen Ji Yun tried to remember the things that happened earlier. But all he could think of was Luo Yan having a good conversation with those two from team Celestials. He couldn't even imagine that that was actually him being jealous.

Luo Yan chuckled when he saw the confusion on Shen Ji Yun's face. Knowing him, the other was probably analyzing in which part did he show his jealousy.

"What, does Brother Ji Yun not believe me?" he asked, acting as if he's offended.

"No, no, not that," Shen Ji Yun quickly said in a panic. "I- It just seemed so unlike you. I mean, you always seemed to be... in control of everything."

Luo Yan was a bit surprised hearing that. Did he really seem that way? Well, maybe because mentally, he was much older than Shen Ji Yun. Not only that, in terms of life experience, he was also much ahead. So that's why, in the other's eyes, he must have seem like he was always put together.

He raised his hand and put it on Shen Ji Yun's cheek. "I'm not a robot, Brother Ji Yun. It may seem like I'm always calm and collected, but I'm really quite emotional. I just have more control over it. But believe me, deep inside, there's a kid there already raging." Then he pinched the other's cheek. "And since I like you so much, seeing another person blatantly showing their admiration to you in front of me, it's only natural for me to get jealous. I'm only human after all."

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Shen Ji Yun blushed from ear to ear. Hearing Luo Yan said this in such an upfront way makes his heart beat faster. He felt so giddy, it's like there's a ton of butterflies fluttering in his stomach. He was so happy that he wanted to jump up and down like a silly kid. How could he not when he could feel just how much the other truly liked him?

So, without much thought, he said the first thing that came to his mind, "I really want to kiss you right now." Then, as if only realizing what he just said, he flusteredly tried to explain, "I- I mean- that—ahm—"

"Go ahead. My lips are always free for Brother Ji Yun to kiss," Luo Yan said with a tempting smile.

And so, Shen Ji Yun being helpless against such a temptation, could only lower his head and give Luo Yan a long and deep kiss.

As happy as Shen Ji Yun was yesterday, today he had to face something serious. And that was his meeting with Luo Ren. Since the other already knew about his relationship with Luo Yan, he was definitely planning to talk to him about it.

Their meeting time was after lunch but Shen Ji Yun went there an hour early. It's better than being late. After all, this was an important meeting. He could already tell that it would be vastly different from his talk with Luo Jin.

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No offense to that little guy, but Luo Ren would be a much tougher opponent compared to him. Maybe because Luo Jin was much more straightforward with his feelings. If he didn't like something, he could easily show it. Just like a kid with no filter. Based on what he observed about Luo Ren, he was definitely nothing like that.

The other was more like a person full of bad water in his stomach. In short, a typical blackbelly who could thrash his opponent with just a smile.

Shen Ji Yun knew that Luo Ren probably also wasn't too happy with his relationship with Luo Yan. But because he loved his brother, he decided to tolerate him. Shen Ji Yun really didn't know what he should say to the other. All he could do was to be honest with his feelings.

And then he could only hope that his sincerity would reach the other.

He looked around as he was waiting. Their meeting place was a floating restaurant that was composed of several floating private rooms. Shen Ji Yun reserved one of those rooms and was now waiting inside. There were teas and traditional snacks already on the table.

As the time neared for Luo Ren to appear, his nerves were getting more and more frayed. Showing just how nervous he was.

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After waiting for 30 more minutes, the door to the private room finally opened and an elf with Luo Ren's face walked in. The other raised his brow when he saw him already sitting inside.

"Oh, you're here early," Luo Ren said. "How punctual."

Despite the other saying such a compliment, Shen Ji Yun couldn't feel it at all. The way Luo Ren said it felt more like he was judging him than complimenting him. If his avatar could only sweat, his back would probably be soaked by now.

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