The Rise of Otaku

Chapter 313: Yi Hu’s broken heart

Chapter 313: Chapter 313: Yi Hu’s broken heart

After thinking about it, a scary possibility appeared in Zhou Yu’s mind. Could it be the cross-dressing prince Bai Mo? In fact, he also showed his face in the second season and was edited to the promotional video. If this guy indeed fell in love with Bai Mo, oh my god!

The more he thought about it, the more likely it was. Other people may not be like this, because as long as they checked it, you would find out Bai Mo’s reputation. However, this legendary flying silly bird was able to reach this level of stupidity, maybe after he fell in love, he did not check the specific information of Bai Mo.

“Hey silly bird, can I ask you a question, is the person you fall in love with Bai Mo?”

“You are a silly bird, your whole family is silly! Oh no, except Miss Bai. My future father-in-law, you are right, can you let Miss Bai come out to meet me?”

After Zhou Yu finally confirmed, he only had a bitter smile. Brother, I really had no words for you. Why didn’t you check the information on the person you loved? The cross-dressing prince was not a nobody. After all, he has won the Peerless Moe battle, and it was specifically explained in the behind-the-scenes video of the second season. How could you still fall in love with him?

The most tragic thing was that the curse on Bai Mo has been removed. Now what Bai Mo dressed was a set of gender-neutral clothes. He was no longer that cross-dressing prince.

Little Muli and the other two girls had already burst out laughing. The other two were still okay, in order to save Yi Hu some faces, they turned around to giggled secretly. But Firefly couldn’t control her laugh at all. She was holding her stomach and rolling on the ground. The violent laughter even attracted the king of thieves, who was guarding outside

How should I explain this bad news to this fool? Zhou Yu was in a dilemma.

Bai Mo was still sleeping in the refrigerator castle. Since he slept in the ice coffin, this kid had more and more problems. He would sleep during the day and then get up late in the evening, acting more and more like a vampire. In addition, his skin became fairer, and his already high appearance value almost reached 100 points.

Zhou Yu didn’t expect that the ice coffin would have this extra effect, but only people like Bai Mo, who had a cold body, could use it. If other people used it, they might not be able to wake up.

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“Alas, Yi Hu, I really don’t have the heart to tell you this news, but to wake you up, I will tell the truth. Bai Mo is indeed my child, but he is a man, but because of a curse, he was forced to dress women’s clot- Hey! Hey! Buddy? Don’t pass out! Silly bird!? Ambulance! No, wait, Yuna! Quick!”

Before Zhou Yu even finished, Yi Hu’s mouth was already covered with foam and he had already passed out. Zhou Yu didn’t know if it was because he tied him up too tightly, or the news was too shocking. But this was also the best solution. After all, better bad now than worse later.

At night, under the treatment of Yuna, Yi Hu finally woke up. However, his mind was still in a mess, and obviously no longer had the kind of cleverness he had before, actually, he might become even sillier. He just sat there staring at Zhou Yu’s family eating dinner.

“Little Muli, go and wake up Bai Mo, this kid is getting lazier and lazier.”

His daily routine has completely changed, and it also gave Zhou Yu some headaches because when everyone was eating dinner, it was breakfast for Bai Mo. When he was hungry at night, the twin chefs were already asleep, so eventually, he had to trouble his dad to cook.

Upon hearing Bai Mo’s name, the petrified Yi Hu finally responded, staring at the refrigerator castle. After a while, being led by Xiao Muli, our Bai Mo finally appeared.

Looking at him from the back, long, straight, and black hair, dressed in white, he looked like a fairy in white. There was still a hairpiece on his head, adding a little extra charm. Looking at him from the front, exquisite face and soft skin, saying that he was like a woman was not an inappropriate comment at all, because, in terms of face value, Bai Mo was even higher than little Muli.

There were many boys who were prettier than girls, but there were hardly any boys who were prettier than female idols.

Yi Hu didn’t make any noise. Probably, he still fantasized in his heart that Maybe Zhou Yu was lying? How could he be a man when he looked like this? Even if there were many such idols in the Fallen City, he had never seen anyone like this. Probably Zhou Yu didn’t want to accept him as his son-in-law, so he wanted to fool him.

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Yes, it must be so!

However, it was a pity that as soon as Bai Mo talked, it instantly destroyed all the dreams in Yi Hu’s mind. Although Bai Mo could also make a very feminine voice, and the voice of a cold and elegant Queen was quite easy for him to make, he would only do it if it was a work. Normally, he would not have that kind of voice.

“Who is this? Is he the new resident?”

Bai Mo did not know that this was his admirer, and Zhou Yu also prohibited little Muli from speaking out. Judging by Bai Mo’s temperament, there would definitely be a snowstorm on the spot if she said it, and then it would be impossible for Yi Hu to see Bai Mo again in the future.

Alas, it was such an unfortunate thing that Bai Mo had a face that could easily turn people into gay.

Zhou Yu glanced at Yi Hu with worry. This kid must be really heartbroken. What if he turned into an extreme fan or a hater because of this incident, it would be very troublesome.

Yi Hu’s combat ability wasn’t that scary. There were many people who could defeat him in Luhua city. However, his lightness skill was very unique, coupled with his mysterious camouflage skills, it would be really difficult to prevent him from causing troubles.

It was because of this worry that the King of thieves was guarding the inner city. In case Yi Hu really turned into an extreme fan, he would immediately be captured here and thrown into an upgraded prison to prevent future troubles.

Zhou Yu replied casually, “no, it is an old friend. He helped me retrieve the lost Virtual Card, so I am treating him to a meal to thank him.”

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Hearing what his father said, Bai Mo got up and picked up a jug to pour Yi Hu a glass of wine to express his gratitude. Yi Hu looked at the glass of wine in his hand, and his feeling was even more complicated.

Zhou Yu was a little nervous, and little Muli and other kids also looked at them nervously, among them Lou Baobao was the most excited. This girl also joined the fallen faction and her Fujoshi disease (extremely obsessed with BL) was very severe. Seeing that something was about to happen between two boys in front of her, her eyes sparkled with excitement.

After a while, Yi Hu suddenly picked up the glass and drank it, and with a relieved smile, he said, “Ha ha ha ha, this time I really made a huge mistake. I really don’t know how to tell my parents, since I have already promised them to bring my wife back to meet them. Alas, Brother Bai, your face really gave people the wrong idea easily.”

Zhou Yu and other people didn’t say anything, because they felt that it would worsen the situation, but since Yi Hu personally said it, it seemed like he decided to let it go. It seemed like it was a good ending.

But unexpectedly, Bai Mo didn’t seem surprised about what he said.

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