The Rise of the Black Plain
The Rise of the Black Plain

The Rise of the Black Plain

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The Rise of the Black Plain novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author RVN_1998. 1530 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Minos Stuart is an ordinary young nobleman with average talent and a few possibilities for his future. Still, when he was about to start his cultivation journey, he was seriously injured, left in a nearly dead state!

But due to a turnaround in fate, Minos receives an opportunity of one in one billion when he was recognized by a fragment of the soul from an ancient specialist in the Spiritual World.

With this opportunity, Minos will have a new path to follow, full of dangers and adventures, while he will gather the strength to fulfill a promise and his own desires!


Notice: This is a fantasy story and, as such, is not related to any fact of reality.

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  • Carnage0P 12

    Am I the only one who read this title as 'rise of the back pain'

  • ffrom 1

    Very good book. But too much details... almost about everything. I do not really need to know how the wormholes compressing the space and laws and all theory about it when there is a fight between 2 cultivators. Just want to follow the story and action. Anyway i recommend this Novel

  • Arkifex 2

    Dropped this sh*t in 7 minutes. Beyond Awful. Stereotypical get lucky enough to be qualified for an inheritance from a godly deity.

  • Celestial_Rio 5

    Imma read this lol

  • Awesome1 2

    Sure sometimes reading is pain

    • JayleeDnim2 2

      That's normal for these kinds of novels.

  • Old_Taoist 4

    Reading this is rising my back pain

  • Reze_786 2

    I’ve only read 4 chapters so not a review. A lot of irregularities with MC and story. If u think about it from the other peoples perspective i.e butler you’d assume the 15yr old boy who was 9 when he fell into a coma would know nothing remotely useful on sustaining land and expect to be immature. Whilst we know he’s received an inheritance he’s acting all mature and able to give instructions on rejuvenating his land the day after his coma. As the butler or anyone for that matter would surely question it. On top of the fact the butler seeming fine on his personality. The MC tells him straight off the bat he’s got an inheritance. Like bruh no build up or relevant character building slowly showing his “mature” state. Sorry for the rambling

  • IWantYouToHateMe 3

    How bad is the harem and sh*t in this one?

  • dominoz 6

    The rise of the 'Back Pain'

  • Youngf0x 2

    Up to chapter 473. The story is promising, the main character is smart and I love kingdom building-which is a main topic in this novel.There are some things that dont make sense like how his forces advance so much in power in a short time as if they were the mc but i can forgive that kind of details is a novel after all. But my only complaint is the hard-core harem. Up to 473 he has several mistresses and the description of their "interaction" is too explicit even i blush after reading so many times how someones "little sister" is destroyed by the mc furious rod, jajajaja by now I find myself skipping these chapters, yes the author devotes a whole chapter to describe these scenes that occur too often. A good novel that I will probably drop due to the explicit harem