The Spearmaster and the Black Cat
The Spearmaster and the Black Cat

The Spearmaster and the Black Cat

Stranger & Black Cat

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The Spearmaster and the Black Cat novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Ecchi genres. Written by the Author Kenkō. 397 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


After a tear in reality pulls Kagari Shuya into a white room he discovers a futuristic interface for reincarnating in a different world. After looking through the different races and skills he unlocks a new race, Lucivault, a type of vampire with none of its characteristic weaknesses. All set to start his life in a new world, Shuya is confused to discover that he is enveloped in darkness. As it turns out something went wrong when he was transported and instead of appearing where he was supposed to, he appeared in an underground cave. Shuya faces untold dangers, runs for his life, before finding his way out of the underground world. After escaping he meets his Shishou and begins to learn to fight with a spear. There is also a cute black cat named Rollo.

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  • Dashruto

    It could of been amazing but Harem yet again ruins a story. The MC creates a unique race and becomes a true ancestor yet instead of wanting a strong family he wants to be around beautiful women. The world is flushed out and the fights are detailed but the MC is just an annoying p*rv who now hesitates to fight women.

  • angelicdemon

    We understand the dogs have big weird scary mouths filled with teeth but you don't need to tell us that everytime they are mentioned. Also I hate that when they said slug the translator just wrote "slug = centipede" as a side note instead of just writing that to begin with. It's stupid, when your translating you don't just put everything they say exactly because then you get broken speech and inconsistency in what's said. You need to also interpret the language, some things mean very similar things in one language while when they are translated are completely different. This just feels like some cr*ppy google translate job and it sucks because it makes the story look bad without really giving it a chance, so sadly im just dropping it because the translation is just bad. I wanted something with longer chapters and this has that but you just can't understand half of what's happening. I wanted to give it a chance even after seeing the comments but I just can't keep reading.

  • VeerenPrashar

    Translation is done really bad, it is only slightly better than mtl. I have to spend about double time to read but still it is not to the level where I can’t even understand what is written. Translator commented about author using difficult words but still…….

  • Pancho_Uy

    I don't know if it is because of the translation but I find it extremely difficult to read. Half of the sentences don't make sense at all. It's a pitty

  • Invigrid


  • Diavolock

    My god the writing and plot declined quickly halfway through i read up to chap 260 but it hasnt been good since 200 and before

    Edited: 6mo
  • lnwUser109809

    MC be like - even though she tried to kill me, its ok because i am a beta simp japanese mc who will do anything for women.

    • legends_assemble

      'Little' bit of Simping is okay, but being a 'Beta', it's a disaster. Intolerable. Thanks for warning :)

    • senadsmajlovic99

      thanks bro, i didnt waste time reading that because of your comment , thats the most hated mc charracteristic in my eyes !

  • Devang98

    Padhai kar

  • asgrd

    kya haal hai bahi ? aur sab maja ma ? ha ?

    • DeyX70

      Kese ho bhai?

  • Krishna_Jha

    why the heck did the author make him so poweful i mean literally he is a vampire and got almost all the vampire's abilities but doesn't have any weaknesses. How the hell does it make sense. And to further annoy the reader he has literally got a D*ick for his brain.