The Strongest Gene

The Strongest Gene

Gien Tối Cường

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The Strongest Gene novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author -90°. 880 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Chen Feng, of modern earth, had suffered bad luck since birth. After finding the legendary “lucky artifact,” his bad luck peaked and he became the only person killed in an earthquake. By a twist of fate, he found himself transmigrated into a different and magical world! A world much larger than earth. A world only partially explored due to the dangers within. A world where human civilization centered around genes. In this world, human beings possessed all sorts of abilities due to genetic fusion. Some went on to create world-changing technologies with their mysterious genetic abilities, while others went on to become undefeated genetic warriors with their combat genetic abilities. How will Chen Feng fare in this new world?

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      Sep 17, 2020

      Thank you for your attention. Missing chapters have been identified and added. It may take a few hours to go live.

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Y’all ok some dump crap the MC is basically a man made female dog. First thought he was smart. He become stupid in front a women. What the hell with every novel. Every smart MC become dump ass in front of female

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One of the finest quality novel i ever read..... total worth of time....this novel has everything.... training, planning, improving, betrayal, adventure, action, mistry, and deep plots..... although sometimes sudden emerge of villains got in my nerve like devil race suddenly came.....gods pop out suddenly and so on but overall it's ok. The history expect of story is weak.. there are no proper details about the historical events. Power up and ability discription also very poor, like MCs eye ability..there is no specific use of it. There are many mistakes But you will enjoy story for sure.

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MC is clever and loyal to the love interest. I like the sense of humor in the novel too. One of the best novels that I've read until finished since I usually drop a novel real fast. But this novel makes me read until the end.

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