The Tutorial Is Too Hard

The Tutorial Is Too Hard

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The Tutorial Is Too Hard novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Gandara. 380 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


On a normal boring day, a message appears, inviting him to a Tutorial.

A tale about Lee Ho Jae and his escape from the Tutorial.

But he just happened to choose the hardest possible difficulty: Hell.

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    • Sauron
      Feb 27, 2021

      The Reason is because of the 195.5 etc. chapters, wich are countdown as hole Chapter in the Total Nummer of Chapters

  • D3V0NSL33PY
    Feb 16, 2021

    just came back finished all 30 chapters i waited on well....i'll be back in about half a year :(

  • Jackobl
    Feb 12, 2021

    the website 'novelupdates' has translations without the weird censoring for those who get annoyed by it. Can't vouch for later chapters, but the first few are alright.

  • JayGalla
    Feb 01, 2021

    Why is the 60ty floor in the early chapters

    • Ayo
      Feb 02, 2021

      That is the present time and the part when he's in the earlier floors is a flashback.

    • MrKhonsu
      Feb 02, 2021

      yeah, even in the mid 10's or 20's i found one. I think there's a little error

  • MrCandy
    Jan 14, 2021

    damn, i caught up again... -,- i'll be back in a year for the next release

  • Diavolock
    Dec 21, 2020

    What the heck happened to chapter 184? there is so many omitted letters and its a bother to read.

    • ProximusRel Admin
      Dec 21, 2020

      Didn't see any problem? Is there a problem with your browser?

      • Diavolock
        Dec 21, 2020

        No. Someone else is having the same problem in the comments. Many words that have 'ti' in them are having the 'ti' part omitted such as tile and time. these errors extend from chapter 184-187 but are not found anywhere else.

  • Diavolock
    Dec 08, 2020

    Warning; the words are sometimes annoying, as there is a weird censor on cuss words, but the censor extends to parts of words so the word assimilate looks like a.s.similate, and this just makes me irate for no reason. The novel itself is pretty good though.

    • Langy15
      Jan 24, 2021

      Yeah, the censoring in the middle of words was kinda weird and annoying, but I got used to it after the first 50 chapters or so.

  • Alexdono
    Dec 02, 2020

    why does a tutorial have a difficulty level!?

    • Diavolock
      Dec 17, 2020

      why not? besides, tutorial is not necessarily the direct meaning of what is happening, think more of like a guide that shapes the lives of the people who partake in it. A harder guide means more guidance.

  • BlueSkyzFate
    Nov 19, 2020

    Who the heck would choose "hell" as a tutorial????

    • Diavolock
      Dec 21, 2020

      i just got there and had to spend a solid five minutes of thinking to understand each word

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I like the story but the chapters confuse me so much, chapter 50 starts with him being in the 60th floor already like tf did i forget to read that he skipped 54 floors? Idk what happened but the chapters got messed up even the later chapters say that he is on the 11th floor even though i havent read him being in the 8th floor. Can this be fixed?

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it was so good that it actually left me speechless exept for
give me my 44 chap and
all the other sites either dont have it or are s#it translations

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Damn so good
Its just that why not be under a god?
It kinda annoying,mc always choose his pride and always want to backstab the other god,I mean why cant he be grateful
I prefer if he becomes apostle and later the god he serve will die and he become god

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eh not the best but mc is really trying to understand how abilities work.Maybe not a very good story but worth reading.
+good character development
+no nonsense innocence

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It got worse and worse. After some time I just browsed the stat increase at the end of the floors and then I just decided to quit............

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Prologue/Summary doesn't give a explainion like is the tutorial a dungeon? Or is his situation in a VR GAME? Or is it just real life? Is he in the modern world or is he from a advance civilization?. Srsly the author doesn't give a damn about explaining where his at and EVEN bothered referencing games like Portal or movies when I or some readers haven't even played or watched those. This is only my opinion and I'm only at chapter 2. For you people don't really know how to critique a story and only noticed the GOOD parts and ignore the stuff that you didn't understand and just go straight forward rate it 5 stars

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Slow translation.

That's the only negative thing I can tell about this story.
The author has a thousand new idea to give original test to the MC and his emotions and thoughts are well depicted.
Waiting for the novel to finish (around 30 chapters left I think) before reading it all over again.
Honestly, I read dozens of novels (probably more) and let's be honest many of these stories ended up disappointing or highly repeatitive but not this story.
Raw gem waiting right here

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damn.. i caught up.. now i wait..

uh, thats a little empty.. ok.. as with many of these translations, theres some.. meh translators.. but this is alot better than some of the other ones ive suffered through.. but thats it, just some translation errors.. its an awesome series.. <3

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Não sou bom em críticas mas para qualquer brasileiro interessado aqui vai minha opinião
O crescimento do personagem é de certa forma rápido já que em 300 capítulos ele tem o poder que em outras novels se vê na metade para o final da obra mas a escrita do autor é um pouco lenta o que faz parecer que passou muito tempo.O mc tem uma personalidade teimosa,solitária,agressiva e um pouco dependente de algumas pessoas que ele considera importante.O único ponto negativo da história do meu ponto de vista é que o mc tem alguns momentos em que tem problemas psicológicos não é ruim considerando sua situação mas pessoalmente acho chato.obrigado por ler

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Great read.. Really liked the personality of MC..Not giving any spoilers,but MC reminds me of Weed from Legendary Moonlight Sculptor in a way he grinds his Skill Level even when resting.. Storyline, character development, all points are noteworthy..

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Fantastic story. I love how it combines the ideas of a hero that is growing in strength and one that is strong beyond all belief. It also does a good job of showing skill improvement without feeling like that is all that matters. There are an absurd number of author's notes in the early chapters, but they become less common after a while.

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